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Account for sale Chars on Baja and GL

- - - - - account baja chars gl sale

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Newbomb Turk

Newbomb Turk

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After much thought and time I have decided to sell my account.
If you have any interest please send an offer to. 483-577-924

Comes with a average size house on GL

This should be close to what I have.

68 month account

Nomad Blue on GL
120 Magery, Eval, SS, Resist, and Med. 105 Necro and some SW.
Suit is awesome its something like 69,70,70,70,75 with like 42 LMC and about 5 MR, DCI 20ish With max stats 225.

Euthanasia Red on GL
119-120 Archery, Tact, Anat, Resist, 90ish Hiding, about 90ish Healing.
Suit is great I think. Max HCI and almost max DCI. With 69/70/70/70/53 I think with quite a bit of 30 ish LMC max stats 255

Chronic Despair Blue on GL
Achery 120 with headdress, 95 anat and tact, GM Hiding, Stealth 85 and resist low cause I took of Ninja for resists..63/70/70/70/67 Suit has some LMC and such with Nice almost max DCI and HCI. This one is good to go in the field as long as you don't run into Para stuff. Maxed Stats 255

Newbomb Turk Blue on GL
With Suit all main skills are 105-115 and a total of 755 total skill. 70/70/53/70/73 and some MR and LMC Ring is Animal Lore +11, Animal Taming +14 FCR 2 Phys 5% Max Statt 255

Chronic Virtuoso Blue on GL
50/65/62/70/59 Bard skills listed below..Max Stat 255

Slim Blue on GL
70/67/70/70/65 With good amount of HCI and DCI 120 Fence, 110 tact, 115 anat, 98 resist, Heal 90, Pois 69 Max Stat 255

Stuff Maker Blue on GL
75-80 on Mining, tailoring, Blacksmithing, some arms lore and so on not mush to speak of just a mule I never used.

Chronic Apathy blue on Baja.
This one was my traveling Necro Mage. 64/70/63/61/75 This one is the one AZ and I could complete a Rat spawn alone.115 Magery, 111.8 Eval, 110 med, 115 SS and 100 Necro, 104 Resists With nice MR and LMC Max Stat 250

Hu Plung Pu blue on Baja
With Suit inc headdress 70/70/70/70/70 Anat 78,Arch 111, Hide 85, Ninja 57, Resist 75, Stealth 108, Tact 61. Good starter Stealth archer Needs more HCI and DCI for PVP But ok with a group in a spawn.

A lot of good scrolls eaten by many of the chars....

Other skills Disco 70, Music 100, Peace 87, Heal 71, Provo 85, Spellweave 83, Inscrip 91, Mining 81, Ninja 87, Mace Fighting 100, Pois 51, Bushido 105, Fishing 100, Carp 80, Parry 120, Wrest 85, Anat 100, Med 110

About 30+ mil in various banks
Many Ethies
All Super Slayer books and many weps
Mace and Shield Glasses x2
Some Soul Stone Frags
Full Soul Stone on Baja
Folded Steel reading Glasses
Pendant of the Magi 3
Tunic of Fire
Soulstone Token 2
Advance Token 1
Taming Tali
Orny's 3
Spirit of the Totum 2
Fey legs 2
Bane legs 1
Crystalline Ring
Stitcher Mitts 2
Ember Legs 3
Blades of Righteous
Carapace 4 ish
Keeonean's Chain Mail
Crimson Cincture about 5-6
Jackel's Collar 2
Vile Rings 2
Hat of the Magi
Hunter Headdress 2
Storm Grips
Umbra Robe
Quite a few nice pieces of barbed leather sleeves and such
Barbed Gorget 17/21/21/21/11
War Fork HF 38, SSI 20% DI 40
Kryss HF 50, HLD 50, SSI 25
Assassin Spike HH 15, HF 50, HLD 48, HLL 38, DI 39
Pitchfork HSL 40, HF 44, HML 42, HCI 15, SSI 25
Crossbow Vel 43, HLD 30, SSI 40, DI 40
Magic Shortbow HL 50, FC 1, SSI 35, DI 36
Comp Bow HLD 38, HLL 36, HL 40, SSI 25, DI 40
Heavy Cross HSL 44, HF 38, HLL 42, SSI 25, DI 39
Crossbow HL 44, HLD 46, HLA 44, HCI 13, SSI 40
Magic Short HMA 38, HCI 12, SSI 35
Comp Bow HL 50, HCI 15, SSI 35
Crossbow HMA 44, SSI 40 DI 36
a lot of each reg regs.
Etc. Ect. Ect.

Not much junk and very little cratfing stuff.

Thanks for looking and feel free to ICQ any questions to 483-577-924

Newbomb Turk

Newbomb Turk

    Advanced Member

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  • 62 posts

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