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To anybody that is planning to attend UO TOWN HALL.

- - - - - attend hall planning town uo

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I live in Norway myself and have no chanse of making it to the US and the UO Town Hall meeting this fall.

I'd like to encourage all the attendants to bring up the topics of Item duplication, Exploits and Account terminations.

Item duplication
I would belive that the fewest of Ultima Online players even know how to duplicate items. Even so we have experienced a mass-termination of accounts, seemingly with many innocent players cought up in the mess.
What has to be done is that EA/Mythic puts in further resourses to solve bugs that makes it possible to duplicate items, or a way to identify the items. If the items had been properly marked I'd bet at least half the accused exploiters had managed to stear away from the whole problem. As long as duplicated items looks just the same as the original there is no way for a player to tell what he's dealing with. And as long as it's possible to duplicate almost every item in the game (as I understand it) there's even less chanse of knowing for sure.
As long as anyone are allowed to set up their own vendors all across the realm, EA will have to make it safe for everybody to use.

UO has been up and running for ten years, but have had problems with exploits for the same duration. If EA wish to keep the statistics how they are today, then they will have to change their RoC and ToS instead. It is simply not good enough to first put everyone in danger of "taking part in exploiting the game", then tell everyone to buggar of when they come asking for help or perhaps only information on why their account has been terminated. The way this has been handled so far is extremely arrogant. Ms. Dalberg helps to settle my opinion.

The willingness of people to take secondhand protestations of innocence at face value appalls me

Account terminations
You recieve the following e-mail when you'r account gets terminated for Rules of Conduct ยง19 :

Service Terminated For Ultima Online Account: X

Your Ultima Online account has been permanently terminated from the Ultima Online service due to the following violation of the Rules of Conduct.

Violation: Exploitation of game properties/distributing exploitation of the Ultima Online service

Rules of Conduct: 19) You will not exploit any bug in the Ultima Online product or the Ultima Online Service. You will not intentionally use or share any bug found within Ultima Online, whether or not it grants an unfair advantage, is real or fictitious. You will not communicate the existence of any such bug (either directly or indirectly) to any other user of the Ultima Online Service. You will report any such exploit using the bug reporting methods as described by the Ultima Online Service at ORIGIN - Ultima Online - Main.

The Rules of Conduct clearly defines that this behavior and activity is not permitted on the Ultima Online service, and require that you immediately cease all illegal game activity. Should the situation continue, your account will be immediately and permanently closed.

Please understand that Electronic Arts must take the absolute position of prohibiting the use of any and all possible exploits – this is the only way to provide consistency as a service. Some may have more of an impact on the game than others, but any form of exploitation is still exploitation – taking advantage of a game flaw or deficiency is strictly prohibited. Please understand that any additional violations could and likely will lead to the immediate termination of this Ultima Online account.

If you feel that this termination is unwarranted, or if you wish to dispute the claims of this email, we ask that you please visit the Account Administration site at http://eamembers.custhelp.com so that they can review any possible discrepancies of this event.

The Account Admin team is also available at that site should you have any general questions or concerns about the rule or its enforcement in the game, as we feel it is important to understand the rule completely before returning to the game world.

The e-mail states that the accused has used exploits or distributed information about exploits. In many of the recent cases the account has not been terminated for useing- or distributeing exploits, but for being in possession of items that others have made by useing exploits. This alone should be enough for most of the players to have their charges dropped.
Also the e-mail states that the account will get terminated if the situation continues. Now this brings up a dilemma because;
  • Everybody got insta-terminated. Probably even before the e-mail was distributed. This leaves no chanse to dispute the claims.
  • Many of the accused doesnt know exactly what they have done, wich makes it hard to dispute the claim.
  • No one gets to discuss their cases with any EA employees.
  • Everybody is told to stop talking- and expressing their opinions about it.

This leaves EA in a very good possition (from their own point of view) as nobody has the chanse to make a liable dispute, and simply has to accept the fact that they won't be heared or informed. Multiple hundreds of dollars spent, no way of getting it back whether you'r in fact innocent, or not.

This is all very frustrating for the ones involved, and not by any meens helpfull in solving the matter at hand; In-game bugs. Nor does it help the community growing haveing some players banned and leaving the rest in fear of being banned the next time. Also it ruines the whole multiplayer aspect of the game if the players can't buy and sell items between them. One player may focus on training skills, another on crafting, PVE or PVP. Either way you would probably have to buy an item sooner or later.

Thank you for reading. Please consider bringing it up.

Lolindir Calmil, Europa
Banjih, Siege Perilous



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Hello Norway,

I will be attending the Austin, TX Town Hall meeting with many others that I'm acquainted with in-game/online. I am sure that this will will be one of the first areas of (brief) discussion, as a HOT topic, which will be addressed by Jeremy D.

These bannings have been widely discussed over the boards of UOForums and Stratics. I personally believe that the panic has gotten out of hand. If you are playing the game without scripting or dealing in bulks, your chances of being banned are virtually nill.

I certainly cannot answer for or against any of these banning since I do not know underlying circumstance, but as employees of EA, they certainly are not going to talk much about it. As a company, EA has the right to refuse or discontinue service to anyone, as they chose. Much like a bartender can refuse or discontinue service at their own discreation, so can EA, without dicussion. As a private contractor, I have the right to do business or not do business with whom I chose.

In EA's bannings, the only real legal question might be about whether some of these banned people, paid for service for several months and were terminated and not reimbursed for service that they did not receive. I'm sure that EA has that covered.

There was some discussion about a certain guild-house. My own speculation is that the owner might have friended someone of the guild to the house and certain items might have been stored there that the owner did not really know about. I learned years ago, to be very, very careful about friending others to houses, especially if there are (friended) containers there.

But yes, We will find out what we can at the Town Hall and give you what information that they are willing or ARE able to give.

Check this article for some good information on these questions.


Good Journies!

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