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Drachs Rares Discussion

- - - - - discussion drachs rares

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Hi there!

I thought I would take the reigns here somewhat and pioneer a discussion of rares surrounding the Drachenfels shard. I'll begin with a list of the Event Items, taken from http://boards.strati...sb=5&o=&fpart=1

Mask of the Orcish King

Algid (Red/Blue Elemental Slaying Sword) (1) ~350 mil
Brumal (Red/Blue Elemental Slaying Sword) (1) ~350 mil
Gladiator Collar (1) >500 Mil Offered (Sold For Undisclosed Amount)
Pirate's Hat (3) Each with differnt names 15-50 mil price sold for
Rusty Cutless (4) ~10-25 mil price sold for
Rusty Dagger (4) ~10-25 mil price sold for
Umbra Gladiator Sash (16) ~30 mil price sold for

A Dark Clockwork Contraption (4-6) (35 mil sold)
A Dark Power Crystal (3) (50 mil sold)
An Infectious Dagger (10) (5-15 mil sold for)
An Infectious Spear (10) (5-15 mil sold for)
Ancient Pile of Bones (10) (~25 mil sold for)
Ancient Tomb of Knowledge (2) (27 mil was sold for)
Blackrock shield (2) (Sold 40 mil, 120 mil Sold for the Enhanced One 44 resistance)
Blunt Gorget of Endurance (5) (~ 25 mil) (Dark Purple Studded Gorget)
Champion of Luna Sash (1) (Offered 45 mil)
Champion of Malas Sash (1) (35 mil)
Champion's Laurel Shield (Blessed) (1) (offered 450 mil No cap on Luck)
Gladiator of Luna Sash (15) (~15 mil)
Gladiator of Malas Sash (16) (~15 mil)
Ithilisis' Breast Plate (1) (500 mil sold for)
Ithilisis' Sting (1) (~ 200 mil)
Named Plates (100?) (?)
Shroud of Deceit (4) ~140-160 mil
Ten Lo's Enchanted Gauntlets (1) (?) ( Just like Gauntlet of Nobelty but 2 resistance weaker)

Bane of Hylolth (1) (ask gencore?)
Bones from a Failed Experiment (~5-8) (~10 Mil Sold For)
Captain's Headress (Same Stats as Headress Except +20 Swords) (3) (?)
Gladiator's Arms (+10 Dex, +10 Tactics, 65 Resistance) (1) (?)
Gladiator's Chest (Red Samuri Do, Mage Armor, 65 Rsist, +10 Parry, 10 Str, 5 HCI)(1) (?)
I Did Not Win The Gladiator Tournament (Robe) (13 :( i destroyed mine) (10-20)
Juka Related Clothing (Jukan War Wraps, Juka Mage Mantle, etc..) (?) (?)
The Protector (Light Grey Heater Shield, Self Repair +5, Spell Chan, 100 Luck, 15 DCI, 20% Physical Resistance, 10% Fire Resistance) (1) (?)

Well that's what's on record as far as Drachs is concerned. If anyone has any more information to contribute - No doubt Mystic Llama / Gencore can offer us quite a bit of help. Any ammendments sent in, I can forward to Victoria's Secret so that the official stratics list can be changed to suit current knowledge :grin:

If on the other hand you just wanna ask about pricing on certain items, or you want to sell or buy rares or event items on Drachenfels I don't see why this couldn't be a means to that end also :)

See you in Sosaria!



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Those are some crazy prices. but what is really worrying is that any of those could be destroyed by someone not knowing that they are rare. :)

And I expect that Mystic Llama/Gencore could help out with any info as he/she does know an awful lot.
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