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New cloak of humility graphics

- - - - - cloak graphics humility

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source taken from UO U.Hall forum, thread

Grimm Omen (UO Lead Artist), responds to questions regarding the cloak of humility:

I have to say, great job to GrimmOmen and CatHat and the other artists on fixing up the graphics for the cloak
While I still prefer the normal cloak, the new cloak of humility seems more like the stype of the original UO graphics. Was it made differently than the other more recent item and creature artwork? If so, is there any chance of improving the graphics for other SE-ML items and creatures and the other virtue set pieces? Many of the other items and creatures could use an improvement too, such as the rune beetles which sometimes seem to have "holes" on their backs where you can see completely through them, and the armor that sometimes goes through other pieces of clothing.

Grimm Omen:
Thanks for the compliments. Yes, the whole armor of the virues was done differently than the the art of UOSE and UOML. I think that there's a definate possibility that many graphics will get upgraded though it will happen over a rather long period of time. As the opportunity fits in our schedule, we would love to fix some of the outstanding issues with the graphics. Some of them are in need of a fix-up.


Yeah...I think it's still a bit...starchy.....real stiff....it doesn't drape over the back of the mount like the normal cloaks do.....it's better....but..not quite it.....

Grimm Omen:
Agreed. I know, you're saying "Whaa?" But yes, I agree. I actually had on my list of todos "Fix COH on horseback." But unfortunately, I ran out of time. I would have loved to fix the stiffness of it as well, but the way I had rigged kept it from haveing a more cloth-like appearance. And since the rigging defines the movement, changing the rig would have required a complete redo which we just didn't have the time to do this go-around. LOL - I heard about it from my animator. lol. But oh well, you learn as you go.




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One prob Grimm didn't note there - was that if you fit it too closely to the horse's butt shape in the 2d client - then when you ride an other mount -Ostard, Beetle, Swampdragon, Cu or anything new in the future it winds up looking even more misfitting on their paticular backsides.

Also - considering the date in which the original cloaks were made and the capabilites of software - i wonder if they were rigged or if they ran off of multiple morph targets manipulated with slider for end positions. That or even more old school tactics like just plain hand drawing many frames and jiggling the cell. Ack.

I can see why the original dev's never did many cloaks in their 2d legacy art.

:grin: :grin: :grin: folks ought to be nice to Grimm about this one.


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Dave "CatHat" Brown

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