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Is EA/Origin Trying To Shoo Away New Players?

- - - - - ea or origin players shoo

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I can't agree with your point of view Aurelius for the simple fact that UO has raked in $$$ (and continues to do so, at a lesser amount, but that amount is still LARGE). They have the money to do whatever they want with UO, but they ARE NOT SPENDING IT.

Personally, I don't care how they (EA/Mythic) want to spin the truth to make it sound "nice", but it's pretty clear to me that there are no intentions on moving forward with UO. They are content with where it's at (cash cow with the minimum vested back into it), and I don't think they would have a second thought about it if UO were to lose all it's subscriptions in a day.

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Thanks again Maddux!

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Warsong of LS

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I can kind of argee with many of your points in your post but...

there is only one reason that EA bought out Mythic.

it was for the WARHAMMER license that Mythic has. It is just that simple, EA wanted a WOW killer. And the warhammer license has millions of table top followers world wide. I know that I am one of them. :)

I was looking forward to Warhammer Online. Until EA bought out Mythic. Now I really have to think about it before I give my money to EA again. They have totally dropped the ball with UO. I still love the game, but I have grown to detest the company running it.

Buying Mythic has not made UO better imo. How can your company (Mythic) claim to "love" UO when just a few years ago, UO was a direct competitor? I am almost positive when EA bought Mythic, one of the conditions were that Mythic would have to maintain UO. EA only true online success.

Whats next is my own warped version:

EA to Mythic: Here’s your bucket of money for DAoC and Warhammer Online.

Mythic to EA: Great where do we sign.

EA to Mythic: Sign here, here, there, initial here...great just one more thing - you guys are in charge of UO now too.

Mythic: ahhhhh...looks at UO and all its outdated code. Ahhhh well....{Looks over at the buckets of money, looks back at UO} ...Hey! Its great to be here, just wait to you see what we have in store for you! It’s going to be fabulous! All hail the great and glorious EAMythic! Ignore the man behind the curtain! Obey me!


The folks from Mythic really have no vested interest in UO, they are more worried about DAoC and getting Warhammer out on time. So slowly we have seen old UO (pre-Mythic) personal leave and being replaced by Mythic personal brought in without a feel for for UO unique history.

Why has the leader/president or whatever the title of EAMythic is, Mark Jacobs, never addressed the UO player base? But he is always talking up Warhammer? How does this show that they "care" about UO?

It does not look that way to me. But I will enjoy the game with my original account. All other accounts have been closed. UO is still the deepest game out there. Too bad we have a company that can not see that.
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I always thought the players held the key to where this game should go next. Back in the day when I first started Ultima Online, there used to be an official forum on www.uo.com where you could even post your ideas... that is now gone, it seems, and no doubt has been for some time. To me that clearly shows that they no longer care what we want. And they don't seem to really know what they want, nor should it matter since we are the paying customers. If Richard Garriot still ran the show, I wonder...



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On second thought, no....Hopefully no one read my post during the 8 minutes it was up.

You guys are all absolutely right; I apologize.

-Galen's player

Galen, you made the following staement

to which Dip replied

Can you please support your statement ,thanks.

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