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*comforts Kimmy*   Dont blame it on Esc.. he is dellusional..   He dont see where the real beauty lies..


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oh man, when I was a kid that was like an insult. They used to say


"Your mother sat on a wank stain"


Hmm and I was just told from my Dad back in the days:

"Seriously, Dorthe.. You were suppose to be a stain on the sheets and now your a stain on my conscience!"

Or how about this one "Dorthe, next time I see your Mother, I swear I will slap her SO hard across the face, cause you cant possible come from my loins!"


Yeah.. my dad lubs me! =)

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I hope that's paint on you and not a tan.


I decided after lots of thought that I wasn't spending a penny on some stupid costume so I went in my work clothes.




Yeah, I went as a rapist. Wasn't the best way to introduce myself, and let's be honest, "Rapey" isn't the sort of nickname you want to pick up.

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Me getting a picture taken with some chick I met at the Renaissance Fair. I do not have my Templar cloak on though otherwise someone would have had to pick me up to turn me over every 30 minutes, I would have been cooked by the end of the day.. Was hot enough as it was. :cool

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And as of cheese cake I might have to contest with "the best" because when I use to live in another state, NY, to mention there were these Greek people that came over here years ago and I don't think that thing could ever be beat!... Also seeing the recipe is go to be a LOT older than them and they are about 60 something years old!

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