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the game is not working acording to this page at the UO site:

- - - - - acording game page site uo working

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anders tells us the game is not working acording to this page at the UO site:

Some buying habits of players will have a more significant effect on NPC shopkeeper prices. This applies to all shards except for Siege Perilous and Mugen. (See Vex’s recent Team Comment for more details & insights on these changes.)
The more stackable items, excluding reagents, sold to a specific NPC shopkeeper, the lower the price that the shopkeeper will charge for those items. For every 1000 units bought from a player, the price will drop by 1 gold piece per unit.
The more stackable items, excluding reagents, purchased from a specific NPC shopkeeper, the higher the price that the shopkeeper will charge for those items. For every 1000 units sold to a player, the price will increase by 1 gold piece per unit.
Shopkeepers will always stock 500 of their respective items, and can always purchase up to 500 of their respective items in one transaction.)
NPC shopkeepers will ***** (always) ****** buy one of these types of items at 1 gold less per unit than what they charge for it. The minimum “sell price” is 2 gold and the minimum “buy price” is 1 gold.

this does not work and shop keepers are not buing at the proper rate

bolts of cloth sold to a player 172gp
bolts bought from a player 100gp

arrows sold to a player 25gp
arrows bought from a player 3gp

when will this start working properly?
why is it broken?

steps to recreat this error

1 log on to ultima online
2 recall to luna snonoma shard
3 goto the tailor shop
4 contact a NPC shopkeeper pay for a bolt of cloth (notice the price you pay)
5 contact a NPC shopkeeper sell a bolt of cloth (notice the price you recive)


BartofCats explains

its not an error... they "fixxed" it to stop people from buying at 1 NPC and then taking it to another NPC who was buying it for more than was being sold at. In other words... it stopped people from "abusing the system"


as does

UO Community Coordinator

All those old "Publish xx" pages are just patch notes - they were never intended to be kept up-to-date, they're just archives. So, yeah, most of them have been superceded.




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If you were around for it, people (myself included) used to go to feluca towns with packies, fill 5 packies full of bottles, and go to luna and sell them at a 15gp per bottle profit, because people would buy regs in luna and drive the alchemist prices up to insane levels.

You could easily make 300k per hour or so. It was about as profitable as farming trogs when we still had BoS that worked worth a crap.



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From an RP stand point, I view the player as a trader traveling from town to town selling and buying goods.




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I made a killing with leather and hides, back when you could use BOS to send a massive stack to the bank for free. Just recalled around the world buying the cheap stuff and sold it elsewhere for large profit.


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