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UO Stratics... Why don't we update the info more often?

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Prince Caspian,whilst supporting the site has some queries to put forward

Let me preface this post by saying Stratics is, bar none, the most useful and info-packed online gaming resource around. The information at our fingertips far, far, FAR surpasses the official ultima online site.

But one thing I do notice is that we have an awful lot of legacy information around and a lot of missing new stuff.

For instance, here it is several years after Mondains Legacy, and we STILL don't have the Lumberjacking Essays/Skill Descriptions listing how to get the special wood. There's tons of information relating to skills that is dated at best, and downright wrong at worst. Wrong not because it was not researched, but wrong because nobody bothered to take down the old information and update it with the changes over the months.

Is it a lack of contributors? I will volunteer my time and writing talents to updating some of this info. While some of the essays are fantastic, many of them just are obsolete and are talking about a system gone over 5 years ago. How about updating?


JC the Builder's take on it is

The Stratics method of updating involves 2 different sets of people. The first is to write the actual content and essays. The second is for the person approving it to verify the information. This is why Stratics has had virtually no updates in a long time. There isn't as much enthusiasm to create/run UO websites like there used to be. So while some people will gladly submit updates there is no one to approve and post them. This method worked well back in 1998-2002 when there was a vibrant and eager website community for UO but it does not today.

The wiki method of submitting and verifying information works much better, especially for content heavy games like MMOs. That is why UOGuide is much more up to date. When a publish comes out it can take less than an hour for every necessary page to be updated by anyone who wishes to do so. But it is difficult to find people who even want to do this. So if it is difficult to find people wanting to keep a wiki up to date, what chances of finding twice the people to update Stratics? There isn't any, which is why Stratics is so out of date.

It also doesn't help that there isn't any UO updates to bring back excitement in 3 years. When I started UOGuide back in 2006 I was planning for the next expansion to really create a surge for the website. Here we are exactly 2 years later and I'm still waiting.


Stratics Communications Director and UO Associate Editor *zigzag* corrected the above poster

Close JC...but not totally accurate If someone submits some updated material, there are people to approve and post it. Me.

The reason we haven't had updates in a while is simple. For the most part, and excluding those people who have submitted material - and yes, I do have some yet that has NOT been posted - it is because, as you say, the general enthusiasm has left the building.

One other holdup has been the old technology we have had to work with. That has been fixed. All I need now are a few people dedicated to updating info, and we wont be 9000 + pages of old content =)


and the following input from

UO Community Coordinator

Sadly, we're all in the same boat on this one. UO is so complex that it takes a fair amount of pure grunt work to get updated info - even if you have access to the raw code.



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