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for Japanese speaking people-日本語を話す人のために

- - - - - japanese speaking

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This forum seems to be not so often used as expected. I'd like to use here for only-Japanese-speaking people.



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Re: FoF: A Patch Note Preview - 23 May 200
Originally Posted by Jiffydog View Post
The rewards sound nice, having the treasure maps, nets and sos's on the turn in list is a sad commentary on how worthless fishers and treasure hunters have become.
This is not how it is meant to be seen. Keep in mind that we have added Doom Arties, Powerscrolls (even 120s) and Stats Scrolls (even +25s), some of which are worth many millions. We simply added the items players are hoarding in ungodly amounts and taken into consideration what you all have been requesting be added for the turn ins.

Originally Posted by Lord Havok View Post
The idea of having a archery butte, if it works, seemed cool to me...for events and such.
Yes, it does

(トレハンマップや投網や SOS ボトルが交換アイテムになったため、釣り師やトレジャーハンターが役立たずになってしまったのが悲しい、という投稿に対して)

これはそういうつもりじゃないのよ。私たちが Doom AF や、パワスク(120 も含んでいるわ)、ステスク(+25 もよ)など、何百万ゴールドもの価値があるアイテムも交換リストに加えたことに留意して欲しいわ。私たちは、プレイヤーが極めて大量に補完しているアイテムを追加し、交換リストに加えて欲しいとリクエストしてきたものを考慮しただけよ。



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original post here

Re: FoF: A Patch Note Preview - 23 May 200
Originally Posted by DiP View Post
No offense, but is the turn in being use to "clean up" Sosaria?
Yes, it is. This is "Spring Cleaning 2008".

ええ、そうよ。これは「2008 年の大掃除」よ。


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original post here

Re: FoF: A Patch Note Preview - 23 May 200
Originally Posted by Calell View Post
Sakkarah, any chance you can shed some light on if the 'holiday items' part of turn-in will include pumpkins and candy from halloween?
Currently only the Xmas holiday items and Valentines gifts are included. I'm sure Jeremy will post the complete list of all turn in items at the appropriate time.

(「ホリディアイテム」 はハロウィンのカボチャやキャンディを含むか、という問いに対して)



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original post here

Re: FoF: A Patch Note Preview - 23 May 200
Originally Posted by BBWalker View Post
i forgot to say "thx" to ruin again rares!

i'm asking myself (but i didnt find an answer)...
"what do you have in mind when you chooce a new reward?"!!!!!!

god, there are so many items you can create and what you do? recycle!
No one wants to ruin rares, and me least of all considering I used to collect rares. But when an item is ultra-rare, then it shouldn't come as a surprise that many aren't aware it actually is player-owned in game. For example, if you look at vinecord sandals, only one of those existed and most people had no clue about them until they became massively duped. Had they never been duped, aside from a select few, nobody would have known about them, myself included. Also, most rares databases are outdated, so accurately determining what item is still rare, semi-rare or now common is not an easy task.

So to answer your question, when I select the items I want to give as a reward, I ask myself the following questions:

1. As a player, if I were given this, would I want to keep it or trash it?
2. Have players been asking for this specific thing?
3. Can this legally be obtained by other means in game?
4. Is this going to hurt crafters?
5. Is this causing PvP imbalances?
6. Is this a true rare?
7. Is the reward appropriate to the context it's being given in?
8. How much Dev/Art/QA time will be required to integrate this?

So often, it's not so much a matter of recycling, but rather giving players something they had been asking for a while. Archery buttes are a good example of that. If I can give people something I know they want and which will require minimal resources, I will do that rather than use a lot of Dev, Art and QA time to create something new that players may not necessarily want. And some things people ask for, we wont give yet because we want to make them craftable or already have specific plans on how we want to introduce them but haven't gotten to that yet.


だれもレアつぶしをしようと考えてはいないし、少なくとも私についていえば、私もレアコレクターよ。でも、あるアイテムが超レアの場合は、それは実際はゲーム内ではプレイヤーに所有されていることに多くの人が気づかなくても驚くに当たらないわ。たとえば、もし君が、一つしか存在しなくて、大量にデュープされるまではほとんどの人が何も知らない vinecord sandal を見たような場合ね。もしそれらがデュープされていなければ、ごく少数の限られた人たちを除いて、私を含めて誰もそれらのブドウのつるのサンダルのことを知らなかったでしょう。また、多くのレアアイテムデータベースは時代遅れになっているので、どのアイテムが未だレアであり、準レアであり、今は一般的なアイテムになってしまっているかということを、正確に決定するのはたやすい事柄ではないわ。


5.これは PvP のバランスを狂わせるか?
8.これを報酬としてゲーム内に統合するにあたり、開発者/グラフィック担当/QA チームにどの程度の負担が生じるか?

だから、しばしば、これはアイテムを使い回しているという問題ではなく、プレイヤーがこれまで望んできたものを彼らに与えるということなのよ。弓の的がそのよい例だわ。もし私がみんながそれを望んでいると知っていてかつ最小の人的資源を費消するだけでそれをみんなに与えられるのであれば、それをするでしょうね。開発者、グラフィック担当者と QA の時間を使って、プレイヤーたちが必ずしも望んでいないかも知れない何か新しいものを作りだす代わりにね。みんなが望んでいるようなアイテムでも私たちがまだみんなに与えようとしていないとしたら、それらを生産可能なものとしたいと思っているか、あるいはそれらを導入しようという計画はあるんだけどまだその具体策が定まっていないということね。

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