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[News] PaxLair Alliance - Respectful Comraderie

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The PaxLair [mechanical]Alliance has grown once again to be a great community of friends andcompanions built out of Respect for one another. This is absolutely wonderful. Any time in the Realm, people in the PaxLair Alliance on Chesapeake can use the [Alliance Chat System] to quickly reach people.


Many guilds are in the PaxLair Alliance. They are currently:


PaxOku Citizens

PaxOku Crafters Society

PaxLair City Felucca

The Citizens of Historic Dragons Watch

Museum of the Virtues

Whispering Rose Radio

Drunken Friars

PaxLair Reporters

North PaxLair Pole

PaxOku City Honor Guard

The Band

Kijustsu Anei Shame Guard

Paladins of Virtue

Army Of The Dragon

Kingdom Of RivenMyst

Legion of Virtues

Kaar Barashalu

Mages of the Infinity

Knights of Paxlair


If you are in one of these guilds, or your want to join one of these guilds to "connect" yourselves to the PaxLair Community with [real time communication] while in the Realm, just come to one of the Tuesday night PaxLair Meetings or visit the PaxLair Forums.


This [mechanical] alliance list does NOT mean we are not allied with other guilds within the Realm, such as United Tamers of Britannia. We work around the alliance connection issues and take ourselves one step above [god-given mechanics] by staying in very close contact through "other means" with our total list of friends and allies.


A true alliance is a group of people with similar goals and intentions. We support each other. We of PaxLair very much appreciate the friends we've made throughout the years and into the future.


Thank you my friends. Dragonspeed on your quests within the Realm. See you in the Realm.


Winfield, Governor of PaxLair Statehood



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