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Hide/Filter unwanted forums = Back

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is this supposed to be the place I can remove forums from my list. I am still not seeing that option any more.


Not trying to be a squeeky wheel just not sure I am looking in the right spot.


Thanks Adam for all that you do!

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At the bottom of that page I show "Misc Options" with subcatagories of:

-Message Editor Interface

-Forum skin

-Chatbox option: General options

-Chatbox option: Formatting options


Nothing about editing or choosing the spacific forums to view.

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This was working for me, but now my settings won't save. (The Oracle is haunting me!!!!! I can't make it go away!!! LOL)


I have all guild forums except for UO:F blocked, but now, starting at the REAP forum, nothing below that will save as blocked (so, none of the guilds below that will save the blocked setting, nor will the world news save as blocked). I highlight them all, hit save, get no error messages... but they're not saved, and when I go back in, they're all un-highlighted again.


Everything above the REAP guild maintains its settings.

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As an experiment, I tried adding JUST the REAP guild to my exclusions, and they won't save. Nothing starting at REAP will save as excluded.


Try resetting the exclusion list then redoing it again..

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OK, I clicked reset exclusions, saved. Went back, all exclusions were gone.


Highlighted all guilds but UO:F, all other games, and world news as exclusions. Hit save.


Still, only the top half of the selected items is saving - only now, it stops between "town crier" and "fireside table" under Europa guilds - a few entries above REAP, where it was previously stopping.


Is there a max to the number of exclusions that can be set? (Trying to think of reasons it would keep stopping saved exclusions in the middle of the list).

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