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Ghost at Britain Moongate

- - - - - britain ghost moongate

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    The Couch Hottie

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There's a ghost right now in Atlantic Brit Moongate. I'm on my way to check it out. My boyfriend says people are trying to talk to him.

There's one question we kept asking and he just kept answering with OOoooOOO. No one could make it out, not even necros.


This is what I saw so far until I had to go somewhere else...He was talking about some guy. Said something about Luna, and if he's not there try checking somewhere else. Don't really know who HE is.

*Who knows. I don't even really care. He was rambling on about Inu all last night too. Guards!!!

*He changes, so if he's not there, he might be at another.

*response to "Inu": Oh God not you too. Guards!!!

*Guards! I heard, him. He was talking to this guy that recalled in a place with a throne. (This is not the exact phrase, but should be really close, I think)


moongates: Yeah, but I'm freaked out by them now. GUARDS!!!

Guards: What the heck are we paying them for? I call but they never come.

Ghost: Gee, how observant of you.

OOoooOOoo: You're fake! I know you!!!

Luna: He changes, so if he's not there, he might be at another.

pixie: oh wow i talked to this little pixie when i was trying to find a shrine in ilshenar



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only places i know of with thrones are british castle and 2nd floor luna




  • Banned
  • PipPipPip
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Seek out Selcius the Royal Astronomer at the Moonglow telescope...

"It isn't over. Your footprints will never fade from Britannia. You shaped
a world of rich treasures and virtuous character. Children who idolized
you have grown into men and women who seek to walk your path.
That's your legacy, Lord British. It's a marvelous thing."



    The Couch Hottie

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I'm not really good at this. I found Selcius, but now I don't really know what to do hehe

We had a good conversation though :)

Oh and it's the first time I saw the telescope. Didn't even know there was one.


What are moongates?
*Moongates? I can elucidate upon their mechanism... if you so desire.

*Mechanisms are means to an end... sometimes, we do not know what begins the action... but only see it happening

Pls tell me how they work...
*Whatever is not deduced from this phenomena is a hypotheses, either mechanical or philosophical.

What action?
*You can find the gateways in many places... Once they were governed solely by the two moons?

Two moons?
*Do not be fooled! You may cover them with your thumbnail, but they are larger than you imagine

What is this telescope?
*The celestial harmony, even tempered with the inverse square law, still bodes for universal peace

Universal peace?
*Sulfuric hydragyrum... sanguine humor... stochastic harmony... curious.



    "Can Set Custom Title"

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Hehe i saw that ghost this morning on my way to Fel.I just went into automatic 'rezz' mode *cracks up *




    Advanced Member

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The one that Edo the Ghost mentions probably rambled around Luna and Brit, but ended up in a Tavern in Trinsic. When I visited him he was being completely tight lipped. Maybe it's the beer or he's just shy around elves.

When I went back to visit Edo another traveller mentioned that there was "A Pixie" talking away out by Old Oaks close to the Spirituality Shrine in Ilshenar. She loves "honey" and is quite delighted about everything good and golden. She seems to have run into the drunk in Trinsic, although I'm not sure of the connection.

When I visited Selcius at the Moonglow Telescope he referred my to another specialist on moongate named Hysbert (sp). Hysbert was quite talkative, but didn't want to tell me anything of Inu.
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