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(spoilers I guess....) Regarding Inu the Crone and, maybe, Moonglow

- - - - - crone guess inu moonglow spoilers

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Has Inu been in Moonglow long? Or was that just today?

(This is the LS shard but I suspect she's everywhere.)

Inu is in Moonglow, saying things, partly talking in nonsense, partly in what appears to be pig latin, and partly in anagrams.

Inu: The lights, they flash! It burns us!
Inu: Don't you see the hole?
Inu: The world is round
Inu: Mammering gull-catchers
Inu: Doom!
Inu: *jumps*
Inu: *frowns*
Inu: Spur-galled hempseeds!
Inu: Maybe.
Inu: Ymay onguetay isway onfoundedcay!
Inu: Dooooooom...
Inu: Istenlay otay emay!
Inu: *laughs*
Inu: Imetay itselfway allshay ebay entray andway orntay!
Inu: A machine, a very very big machine!
Inu: *hops*
Inu: Maybe...
Inu: Nooo
Inu: Dooooooom...
Inu: Half-faced mammets
Inu: Istenlay otay emay!

I don't know if I got everything or not. In fact, I KNOW I didn't get everything, because every once in awhile, she's ask me what I was looking at.

She did not obviously respond to any key words. She did not obviously respond to swear words or displays of anger.

-Galen's player


Kratos Aurion said :-

good find!

At least we know Inu's heeds in the past are always true. I guess we should stay away from moonglow for a little while

My findings

INU: Estructionday earsbay ownday onway usway
INU: Nooooo
INU: Imetay itselfway allshay ebay entray andway orntay!
INU: Maybe
INU: Maybe
INU: Mammering gull-catchers
INU: Doom!
INU: A machine, a very very big machine!
INU: Doom!
INU: Heytay arknessday illway engulfway usway
INU: Half-faced mammets
INU: Don't you see the hole?
INU: Mammering gull-catchers
INU: *cackles*
INU: *cackles madly*


No anagrams - just gibberish at times

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TopHousePlotter nailed it

Oh my gawd at last...something is finally happening in UO!!!

Tis long overdue!!! hopes it starts in ernest sooner than later...

Maybe this will stem the flow we have recently seen on these Boards of players leaving because they are bored senseless...


So come on UOForm members ,what is Inu babbling on about now ?




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You know what a good ending to Inu would be?

Draconis big boom skills *Snickers* *sneaks away again*

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Interesting reference to time being "rent and torn"... maybe villains from the past coming to visit again? Or Sosaria will be thrust into the 25th century, where we will all be slaughtered by laser guns? Okay, maybe not the latter...
Lord L'arr Hamerfeld




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No no, there will be a timewarp!
We will be thrown back to when trammel did not exist yet.
*nods sagely*

Or perhaps they will bring back timewarps in general, just for a sake of nostalgia!
"Mega ib urk, yuga ib nub urk.
Bud iv yuga ib urk den mega ib mudzj zmardur den yuga!
Hur hur!
(Bud yuga ib nub urk!)"
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Inu: Spur-galled hempseeds!

Sounds like ppl will be growing some "Weed"




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At last - content!


*head explodes with anticipationmay*


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