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Shamen Specs

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The Shaman Taken from Shaman builds - WoWWiki - Your guide to the World of Warcraft

The Shaman is a healer - warrior - mage hybrid class, and as such, Shamans are considered one of the most versatile classes in the game. They are designed to enhance all parts of a party while not being particularly focused on any one aspect of the game. Depending upon how players choose to customize their character's talent points, they can specialize in offensive spellcasting, melee combat, or healing. Their primary support buffs come in the form of stationary totems, which when placed on the ground by the shaman, provide various benefits to party members, or offensive versus enemies within a totem's 20-yard (30 with talents) radius.

Solo PvE

The most common leveling talent tree is that of the Enhancement Shaman. Blue posts on the Blizzard Forums even state that this is the designers intent. It is very mana efficient and therefore suffers from the least downtime while dealing high amounts of damage. This is key against mobs.

This talent tree can also be chosen for leveling. Some even prefer it over Enhancement. At lower levels, down time can be a problem. Once Water Shield is learned, however, there is hardly any down time.


These builds aren't a good choice for leveling due to the low damage output. Although survivability becomes very high, battles will be drawn out and down time will be a big issue due to high mana costs.

Group PvE


Sometimes the most wanted, and most favored in a group. Because healers can be a hard find, a Resto Shaman can be substituted for any healing class. There are talents that increase healing, along with reduced mana costs, Resto Shaman can keep a party alive for a long battle. Due to the total of 4 possible totems out on the field to buff the party, any talent based Shaman is highly favored, since there are plenty of totems that serve for all classes in WOW. That is, melee attackers, mana users, and healers.


This talent tree can easily out DPS Restoration, but comes to a close tie with Elemental. With low mana costs and high damage output, Enhancement Shaman can serve as a strong DPS choice in any group. Along with damage reducing talents, a well geared Enhancement Shaman can be an off tank for a group with low armored clothies.


This talent tree is also a high damage out put tree that outperforms Restoration in DPS, but is really close with Enhancement. Elemental falls short to Enhancement for one main reason. Mana Efficiency. At low levels, Down time can be horrid, causing DPS to slip. At higher levels, this can no longer become a problem. But because this is a mana based talent tree, mana can disappear fast.


It uses very little mana and the talents allow for more damage, mana efficiency, and reduced damage taken. Enhancement Shamans can take out any cloth class if they get the first hit in. There is a problem for all Shaman, however. All are at a disadvantage to crowd control effects. Be sure to kill off your opponent before they become a problem.


Also very good in Battlegrounds, when you have the range. Being a caster makes it harder to survive against strong melee classes. With high damage output at the cost of mana, this talent tree can survive a few good battles with distance. Once an enemy gets within range (or out of range), then there are very few options available to survive. Spells are the main damage output here, making your melee damage very weak.


Although horribly weak in damage output, Resto Shamans have a much easier time surviving when they have an abundance of mana. But once your mana is gone, there is very little a Resto Shaman can do. But try this idea. Pair a Resto Shaman with a high DPS class (rogue, warrior) and keep them alive. They will do far more damage with no down time then you would. This works great in any PvP situation.


The Elemental Tree will cause the Shaman to become somewhat of a "Mail Armored Mage." You will have the Damage output close to a caster, but your survivability will be greater due to more armor and talents.

IMPORTANT! These Elemental builds go into Resto due to the reduction of mana costs and increased survivability. Both these properties complement Elemental very well. You can go into Enhancement, but it is an unlikely choice since the tree does not help any of your Elemental spells.

Leveling / 5-Man Instances
Elemental is not an easy leveling tree until level 40, when Elemental Mastery is available. Once level 40 has been hit, it is possible to respec to Elemental with this build 31/0/0. With this build, shaman can get in 3 Lightning Bolts (or a Chain Lightning for one instead) and a Shock before your target reaches you. This build allows reduced casting time and longer range on Lightning Bolt, more damage with spells, mana cost reduction with spells, a bit more mana regeneration, and more crits with spells, especially with Elemental Mastery. By the time you finish your talent points in this area, you will want them to look something like 41/0/20 You go into the Restoration Tree for reduced cast time on Healing Wave, reduced mana cost on totems, and higher crit chance of Lightning Spells. With these talents, your Lightning Spells have an 11% additional chance to crit, not including your own spell crit added in!


Raiding is much different to small groups and solo play. The hard bosses found in dungeons cause shaman to change their talents up a bit to fit both the raid members and the things needed to function in a raid. A build like this 41/0/20 is key to successful raiding. It uses talents like Elemental Precision, Improved Reincarnation, and Nature's Guidance. These talents, although look stupid at first, actually help you to function in a raid setting. Many high level bosses can resist the spells you dish out at them. With the improved hit chance, your spells are less likely to be resisted. The last 20 points are again used in Resto. These points allow for more crit chances on lightning spells, reduced mana cost of totems, and increased totem radius. These talents help both you and your raid function easier. A total of +16% spell hit is needed vs. lvl. 73 bosses. An elemental shaman always has at least +9% spell hit from Totem of Wrath and Elemental Precision.


Elemental has some talents that are taken to reduce DPS for a better chance for survivability. the build looks like this 40/0/21 Here, we are given Elemental Warding, Eye of the Storm, and Elemental Shields. You may also note that Totem of Wrath has disappeared for Nature's Swiftness. This increases survivability in the long run since it causes an instant nature spell (lightning or healing spell). This build is focused on keeping you fighting next to the tough guys for a long time, even though your damage has been dropped by a small amount.


This tree offers 2 key things. Great damage with zero down time. This tree will gives you the damage output of a rogue, while reducing more damage with high armor. Due to this tree being more of a melee side, most of your damage will be melee with a few spells. You will be able to dual wield, which offers more damage to your target.

Leveling / 5-Man Instances
This tree is based on melee damage compared to spell damage. There are two main theories when going this route.

1. Conserve mana for heals with zero down time, but longer battles.
2. Use Spells against enemies to shorten battles, but increase downtime.

Both are good, but some prefer one over the other. Leveling can be a little drawn out until level 40, when you are able to get Stormstrike and Dual Wield. These two talents will ultimately make leveling super easy. The build would look something like this 0/32/0. Once you are able to get Shamanistic Rage, you will almost never have downtime with an abundant regeneration rate of mana (at least until v2.4). You will finally end up with this build 18/43/0. This build goes into Elemental to greatly increase damage output and at the same time be more mana efficient. With this build, leveling will be a breeze.

Shaman are a major DPS class in raids. With a combination of strong melee attacks and spells, along with all the buffs that totems provide, a raiding shaman is a very strong class. Some of the damage reduced talents are taken out like Anticipation and Toughness. These are taken out because tanks should take most, if not, all damage. They are replaced with skills that give a hit rating, which is mandatory against high level bosses. These are Dual Wield Specialization and Nature's Guidance. A great Raiding Talent Spec would look something like this 0/44/17. This build focuses on greatly increasing the benefits on party members along with increasing your damage output.

Enhancement can be somewhat tricky in PvP. It has the ability to kill the enemy super fast with burst damage, but has no crowd control abilities to keep enemies away from them. Enhancement Shaman play key roles in PvP with their totems and excessive destruction of casters. Enhancement Shaman can take out any class, but they need to know what they are doing for every situation. Stay up close and personal on casters, while keeping a distance from hard melee hitters. This build 18/43/0. sacrfices your ability to survive by making you a deadly force with a combination of strong melee attacks with your hard hitting magic spells. If you would rather have survivability in your PvP build, you could take out the Elemental portion and substitude in Restoration with this build 0/46/15. These two builds are powerful in many PvP situations.


There is no leveling talent build here, since levelling a resto shaman is generally considered tedious at best. Using one of the other talent trees to level is suggested. One could, however, level a Resto shaman strictly through instance runs until ready to respec for a different purpose.

5-Man Instances / Raiding
Shamans are in high demand as healers for any group. A major issue for a Resto shaman is reducing threat from heals, so that aggro is not pulled from the tank to the healing shaman. Any Resto spec will focus on improved healing along with group support. The key talents here are Nature's Swiftness, Mana Tide Totem, and Earth Shield.

The basic Talent Build is 0/5/56, as Ancestral Knowledge is the only talent worth going outside the Resto tree for. Around 49-50 of the points in the Resto tree will be the same in most builds, with options in Improved Reincarnation, Healing Grace, and Nature's Guardian, if you have issues with wipe recovery, pulling aggro, or dying a lot, respectively.


Again, healers are in high demand, especially Shaman due to their totems. As stated before, Enhancement is the best way to go due to high damage output and reduced damage to yourself. You may think you are not helping as a healer because you do no damage, but in reality, Resto Spec servers a dual purpose.

1. You will be very hard to kill due to increased healing talents, which make you survive while you have mana.
2. An Enhancement shaman soloing players can be quite a challenge, sometimes producing little or no damage to the target. Imagine a Resto Shaman keeping a warrior up with heals. Warriors are meant to receive and dish out tons of physical damage. Because they do a lot more damage and they stay in combat longer with no cool down, the two of you will be invaluable.

A Healing PvP Spec would look sometihng like this 0/7/54. You will see that Healing Grace is removed, and in place is Improved Ghost Wolf. This is invaluable when you are unable to mount and you need a quick getaway. There isn't much change between the raiding spec and PvP spec, so you could possibly use the PvP Spec for both raids and PvP. This way you wont have to respec everytime you would rather raid instead of PvP and vise-versa.


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