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Priest Specs

- - - - - priest specs

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The Priest Taken from Priest builds - WoWWiki - Your guide to the World of Warcraft
Priests are the masters of healing and preservation, restoring their wounded allies, shielding them in battle, and even resurrecting their fallen comrades. While they have a variety of protective and enhancement spells to bolster their allies, priests can also wreak terrible vengeance on their enemies, using the powers of shadow or holy light to destroy them. They are a diverse and powerful class, highly desirable in any group, capable of fulfilling multiple roles.

The priest is perhaps the best healing class in the game with a surprisingly strong damage potential as well (should the player choose to enhance this aspect of the class). Their ability to heal, avoid aggro, dispel buffs on enemies, dispel debuffs on their allies, and Resurrect fallen comrades makes them an important member of any group, whether it's PvP or PvE.

Leveling a Priest to 70
"What is the Best Leveling Spec?"

While leveling a priest to 70, it is recommended to specialize in the Shadow tree, as it has both efficient and effective damage spells and great survivability (through passive healing and damage reduction). A shadow build allows you to level more fluidly and is less prone to mistakes. Furthermore, the shadow priest's healing capabilities are perfectly sufficient for any non end-game instance.

However, especially since Patch 2.0.1, a holy centered priest can level quite acceptably as well.

In any build, Spirit Tap greatly enhances leveling speed.
"Should I use Blackout or Spirit Tap?"

For leveling purposes and solo PvE in general, Spirit Tap is often regarded the better choice, as it considerably reduces downtime, especially against mobs of lower level. If your emphasis is on PvP, Blackout normally is superior to Spirit Tap. Some players find the situational benefit of Blackout to be of greater value than the regeneration provided by Spirit Tap even for PvE or solo leveling. What will benefit you more will depend on your own play style. Note that Spirit Tap is activated only when you make the actual killing blow and therefore only really shines when you solo, while Blackout (albeit much more random) is valuable no matter if you solo or are in groups.

Spending Priest talent points to 70
As with any build for any class, the only "best" build is the one that you enjoy playing the most. However, many players who level a priest by doing solo quests will find something similar to the following to be very effective.

This guide will focus primarily on talents that will help you level a Priest through PvE combat, but an alternative talent build that favors PvP combat will also be suggested. There are a large number of possible effective talent builds, however, so mix and match to your own preference.

Levels 10 to 19
Spend all the talent points you get on early Shadow talents. Reducing downtime between combat is the primary consideration, as most of your quests will be in the "Kill x of y" format and the less time you spend drinking the faster you will level. You will be able to heal any group you are in without taking holy talents.

* Spirit Tap: A crucial talent for solo levelling, if you plan effectively maxing Spirit Tap as soon as possible will take care of most your mana regeneration needs while questing.
* Improved Shadow Word: Pain: The harder battles you fight will last longer than one application of Shadow Word: Pain, and if you fight multiple mobs at once your first action should be to SW:P all of them. Greatly increases the damage per mana (efficiency) of the spell.
* Shadow Focus: Allows you to reduce the chance your spells miss (are resisted). Three points will be all you need for most situations, unless you often fight mobs that are a few higher levels than you are.
o Alternative Blackout: Gives a chance to briefly stun a mob that you cast a Shadow spell on. If you plan to PvP at lower levels you will want this talent, but it is still useful in PvE.

Your talents at level 19:
* with Shadow Focus (more PvE)
* with Blackout (more PvP)

Levels 20 to 29
Stick with improving your damage-dealing Shadow abilities. You can still be the healer for any group you will be in. (See below for an alternative route from 21 to 39 that uses some Discipline and Holy Talents.)

* Mind Flay: An incredibly useful talent. Gives you a spell that does decent damage, has the best mana efficiency of any Priest attack, and its 50% movement speed snare effect will help both in keeping you from being hit and from keeping runners from aggroing other mobs. Take this right away at level 20, it will change the way you play your Priest.
* Improved Mind Blast: Reduces the cooldown of the highest DPS attack you have. Unless you have a lot of lag problems, only put 1 or 4 points into this talent. The Priest global cooldown is 1.5 seconds, so you want Mind Blast to have either a 6 second or a 7.5 second cooldown.
o Alternative Improved Psychic Scream: Reduces the cooldown on your fearing spell, so that you can use it more often on enemies. Can be nice in PvP, but mostly taken because it is a prerequisite for Silence.
* Shadow Reach: Allows you to attack targets from a greater distance, meaning more distance they have to cover before they start to bash on your Power Word: Shield.
* Shadow Weaving: The first of several Shadow tree talents that improve the overall dps done by shadow spells.

Your talents at level 29:
* 4 points in Improved Mind Blast (more PvE)
* Full Blackout, Improved Psychic Scream (more PvP)

Levels 30 to 39
Continue to improve your damage output, and also start to heal yourself (and your group) as you dps. Group healing is still no problem for you, but be sure to run some instances so you can start practicing how to heal at later levels if you plan to go Holy down the road.

* Vampiric Embrace: This talent returns a portion of the damage you cause to you (and your group) as healing. Allows you to greatly reduce dependency on Power Word: Shield, in favor of taking and healing damage as you go.
* Focused Mind: Improves the mana efficiency of your bread-and-butter damage spells.
o Alternative Silence: Crucial PvP talent that again has some utility in PvE.
* Darkness: Increases overall Shadow damage by 10%.

Your talents at level 39:

* Full Shadow Weaving (more PvE)
* Silence, Improved Vampiric Embrace (more PvP)

Levels 40 to 49
Similar to the 30 to 39 section, you are still improving your shadow damage output and remain a viable party healer. PvE'ers will be picking up PvP road talents described above.

* Shadowform: The definitive Shadow Priest talent. Increases shadow damage done by 15%, reduces physical damage taken by 15%, and makes you look so much cooler.
* Misery: Boosts all spell damage taken by the target by up to 5%. This includes from other casters in your group. Lethal in PvP.
* Shadow Power: Improves crit rate for (right now) only Mind Blast. Primarily only useful in PvP.

Your talents at level 49:
* Full Focused Mind (more PvE)
* 2/5 Shadow Power (more PvP)

Levels 50 to 59
Beginning to branch out into the Discipline and Holy trees.

* Vampiric Touch: The crown of the Shadow tree. Similar to Vampiric Embrace, but for mana instead of health. Unlike Vampiric Embrace, it is a DoT instead of a simple debuff.
* Wand Specialization: Increases DPS done by wands.
* Improved Power Word: Shield: Makes it nearly impossible for mobs to chew through your shield.
* Improved Renew: An early Holy talent that makes an already-powerful HoT even better.

Your talents at 59:
* Improved Renew (more PvE)
* 3/5 Shadow Power (more PvP)

Levels 60 to 69
At this point, there are a huge number of possibilities. Many priests will respec at 60 to put points into Holy in order to improve their ability to heal Outland instances while still keeping points in Shadow to effectively level, among many other possible paths.

Maximizes damage output in PvE.

Talent Calculator - World of Warcraft

This build is very popular among Priests looking to heal on raids. It aims to improve the power of your healing while stretching your mana pool out for a long as possible using Inner Focus, Improved Healing, Mental Strength and Meditation so you can keep healing through the long fights in MC and BWL. Very hard to solo level with this build.

Talent Calculator - World of Warcraft

A heavy emphasis on the Shadow Tree gives you the maximum raw DPS. This build generates a lot of threat, and so is most suited for PvP. For tough instances try the Shadow Raider build below.

Talent Calculator - World of Warcraft


* Swap some points for Spirit Tap, this gives less DPS but longer killing in for example BGs before having to pause and drink again.
* Healing Focus. This is only 2 points and a huge 70% of a chance not to get casting interruption while healing, so vital to most Priests. The problem is that you can't heal while in Shadowform, so this talent isn't for those who don't like to shift out of face-melting mode occasionally. Furthermore, in many situations Martyrdom will allow casting without interruptions, anyway.

Holy Warrior
This build focuses on maximizing Holy damage. The DPS and DPM is not as good as the Shadow build, but healing is better. The basic build:
Talent Calculator - World of Warcraft

* Force of Will and Searing Light beef up the DPS of your main damage spells: Smite and Holy Fire.
* Martyrdom and Healing Focus improve your survivability against Rogues and Warriors.

Alternate Route: Levels 21 to 39
This build minimizes downtime between fights, but lengthens the fights themselves. Start with the level 19 PvE build from above and take Mind Flay. Then add Wand Specialization and after that Improved Renew. At level 28 your build should look like this:
Talent Calculator - World of Warcraft

After level 28, spend your points in the shadow tree like the shadow builds in this article. When you hit level 40, respec to get Shadowform.

How to use this build:

* At max range start with Power Word: Shield
* Pull with Holy Fire or Mind Blast, which ever does more dmg for your level.
* Start your Shadow Word: Pain DoT
* Do some more damage with Mind Flay, 1-2 applications should be good.
* (If you expect to take lots of damage, use Renew)
* Finally, use your wand until the mob is dead
* After five seconds of using your wand the spirit regen will start filling your mana.
* Spirit Tap will kick in when the mob is dead, which should return you to full mana by the time you reach the next mob

This way you can grind mobs and almost never stop for a mana break.

Here is a talent tree Talent Calculator - World of Warcraft
PvE "Disc/shadow" Grinding Alternative

Talent Calculator - World of Warcraft

Level 70 Builds
Standard Healing Builds
Primary Disc/Holy

These are standard level 70 builds for a primary healers. These will largely suit both raids and 5-man content. It includes access to both Circle of Healing and the highest possible healing bonuses while keeping Meditation. It does not reach for any damage reduction and assumes maximum protection from the party or raid.

Talent Calculator - World of Warcraft

Talent Calculator - World of Warcraft (with Lightwell and Mental Agility)

Talent Calculator - World of Warcraft (with Lightwell and Improved Power Word: Shield)

Secondary Disc/Holy

A common build that complements a priest with a deep holy build as above. It gets a useful caster buff of Divine Spirit with Improved Divine Spirit and sacrifices Circle of Healing and healing bonuses. A guild with two priests raiding together will likely prefer for one of them to have this build. Still a capable tank healer and raid healer.

Talent Calculator - World of Warcraft

Talent Calculator - World of Warcraft (with Lightwell and Improved Power Word: Shield)

Support 40-Man Raid Healer

Talent Calculator - World of Warcraft

Talent Calculator - World of Warcraft (with more healing and less utility)

This build should not be widely used. Its main focus is enabling the support healer (as opposed to the main healers) in the raid to efficiently assist in healing the raid while the main healers heal the tanks. Since not many raids actually need support healers this build is very specialized for large raids. The build retains enough Holy talents to replace killed main healers for a short time.

* Caster Boosting - Using both the Improved Divine Spirit and Power Infusion talents these priests can improve the performance of any caster in the raid dramatically. This combined boost of spell damage and healing can boost a raid's DPS or healing dynamically as required during raid engagements.

* Improved Decursing - Decreased mana cost of decursing spells, combined with a larger mana bank make these priests decursing machines. When facing one of those pesky raid bosses or even trash, who take a fancy to debuffing the entire raid or large portions of it, these priests prove to be a valuable asset.


* These builds avoid Holy tree abilities that require a critical hit on the priest to proc, such as Blessed Recovery and Blessed Resilience. They also avoid offensive abilities, in particular Searing Light and Surge of Light. These are generally PvP talents.
* Critical heals are often a waste since they have a tendency to overheal, especially in raid situations with multiple healers. However, with Inspiration critical heals gain an important secondary effect. It's possible to spam low-rank heals to trigger the effect.
* A great deal of threat reduction is not usually necessary with expert tanking, but helpful in some encounters and will help deal with poor and undergeared tanks.
* Mental Agility gives a mana reduction on most of the spells affected by Absolution, but given the scarcity of useful low-tier talents in the Discipline tree, Absolution is a popular choice.
* Some priests choose to put extra points in Wand Specialization, but many guilds ask healing priests not to use their wands in a raid as doing so can delay healing at a critical moment.
* Lightwell has been changed to give a great deal more healing and Spirit of Redemption now lasts 15 seconds after death and increases spirit by 5%, so depending on your playstyle and the amount of Spirit you have these may be viable talents.

PvP "Face Melter"

This build is a pure PvP build. The build is only slightly viable for raiding, but in the new arena system, as well as normal PvP, it will truly "melt faces."

Talent Calculator - World of Warcraft


* Mana Burn and Silence are powerful tools. They are vital against healing classes.
* Silent Resolve's dispel resistance might be worthwhile against dispelling classes.
* Martyrdom could be useful in various situations.

Raid Shadow

The Shadow Priest is an extremely powerful group supporting spec, which deals steady damage and offers a lot of utility.

Talent Calculator - World of Warcraft


* The 4 points in Improved Mind Blast can be reallocated to any other talent due to Mind Blast having a large mana cost, one can, depending on ones mana pool and group, move the points to different talents, such as PvP talents.
* Unbreakable Will vs Wand: Normally, UW is preferable, but depending on the Priest's use of wands, the second one might be the better choice.
* Blackout vs Spirit Tap: Neither really qualifies for raid use. Both very occasionally proc in a raid environment, and as such, the decision mostly depends on what one prefers outside of raiding.
* Silence and Improved Psychic Scream are left out due to their largely limited raid use.


Talent Calculator - World of Warcraft

Designed for maximizing Holy damage, the build provides enormous and reliable damage (due to Holy damage not being subject to resistances). In addition the Priest retains their ability to heal, making them useful as a healer and DPS. The downsides are the lack of possible damage sustainability and utility. Unlike the shadow tree, which allows a priest a consistent and efficient damage output, the Smiter is able to quickly deal large amounts of holy damage.

Another powerful tool used by the holy warrior is the ability of Power Infusion. This becomes incredibly useful for buffing not only yourself for healing or attacking, but also as a utility for other spell casters in a party.

The major downsides of this build are the relatively high mana consumption (both healing and damage) and the vulnerability to interrupts. For these reasons a priest is expected to have decent gear before attempting this build.

Shadow Healer

Talent Calculator - World of Warcraft

This build is recommended for versatile priests, occupying good holes in group (as a dps healer, or as support healer, or as main healer, if none are present this is a decent healer spec), and giving survival to priest in soloing.

For this priest, it is well recommended to accumulate Spirit more than Intellect, even if just to rise duff their mana regen from talents.

Depending on what you do when not raiding/grouping, you can always switch Blackout for Spirit Tap.

* Strengths - The combination of damage output and good healing.

* Weaknesses - Small mana pool

UnHoly Shadow Mix

Talent Calculator - World of Warcraft

This build puts points across the board. The Discipline tree is taken as far as Inner Focus to provide that emergency heal with no mana cost. Since the chance of crit will be much higher a free Smite can be cast because of the talent Surge of Light from the Holy tree. The Shadow Tree is used to get Vampiric Embrace along with the improved version. An alternative would be to strip the points from Shadow Weaving and use them and one point from Improved Vampiric Embrace to get Silence

The standard method of playing would involve landing Vampiric Embrace followed by Shadow Word: Pain. If grouped then in between healing duties a Mind Flay can be used with refreshing VE and SW:P as needed on the main target.

Disc PvP Healer

(47/14/0) Talent Calculator - World of Warcraft

A build with increased survivability. Strong buffs, including Pain Suppression and Power Infusion. Mana Burn is the strongest spell to use against opponents if you get caught in a 1v1 situation. A .5 second Mass Dispel, as well as Improved Power Word: Shield, Reflective Shield, and Healing Focus make this a very effective healing build in PvP.

Common Disc PvP Healer (livelong build)

(41/20/0) Talent Calculator - World of Warcraft

This build seems to be the best current build for PvP priest healers as it allows you to take plenty of hits while still doing your job. This build is also the most popular among the 25th and up top rated priests in 2v2 3v3 and 5v5![citation needed]

Common Disc PvP Max Healer Build

WorldofWarcraft.com -> Info -> Classes -> Priest -> Talent Calculator

This build I find keeps me alive long enough to top charts in healing in battle grounds. for a more arena spec healer you should see the one above this one. This build is to max out your healing while keeping you alive. The high stats will keep you going for a long time the large mana pool should keep you going for a long time plus the additional bonus healing on yourself while taking damage. Reflect shield will almost kill anyone dealing damage to you. I find this vital when grouping with a friend especially a rogue with high burst damage because if another rogue sneaks up on you and they will then half damage put back on them plus your rogue friend will be able to finish them off with burst damage. Just keep shield up and inner fire at ALL times.

Multi-purpose PvP build

Talent Calculator - World of Warcraft

While this build leaves out the powerful 41-shadow-point Vampiric Touch ability and Misery, it incorporates Shadowform, Meditation, Inner Focus, Divine Spirit and Improved Divine Spirit, the latter four to try to prolong the priest's mana as long as possible. This build should be used for PvP battles, where a priest can damage and heal (secondary healer perhaps) concurrently. Shadowform here is debateable, due to its restrictions on healing while used, and can be switched (along with the 2 point Healing Focus) into the build to get Power Infusion if wanted. However, already with the discipline talents of Mental Strength, Matrydom, Improved Inner Fire, and the Divine Spirit talents, this build hopes to increase the survivablility and longevity of the priest while battling, at the same time leaving enough Shadow talents to increase the damage output of the priest.

* note: Spirit Tap/Blackout is also for the priest to choose.

Unorthodox Disc Priest Arena Build

Talent Calculator - World of Warcraft

Mainly the standard Discipline build but with more emphasis on 2v2 Arena PvP. The method of using a rank 1 Mind Flay to keep an opponent from kiting a less mobile partner and a rank 1 Shadow Word: Pain to procure Blackout make it extremely specialized. The addition of Improved Psychic Scream can be stacked with the effect from Vengeful Gladiator's Mooncloth Gloves (or any version of a priest's Arena Reward gloves,) reducing the cooldown on Psychic Scream to 23 seconds. The use of Power Infusion is noticeable when used to push damage as an opponent is near death and the addition of the priest's damage would end the match quicker. Despite the damage talents, the main focus of this build is to provide support by both healing and harassment towards an opponent's healer through a variety of interrupts, Mana Burns, and dispells. A Priest paired with a Rogue would see the most benefit from this build.


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