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The sounds metal scrapping across stone echoed through the small tower. A small pale elven hand appeared around the side of the lager door attempting to better its grip and push it open. The grating sound of stone and metal continued echoing for five or so minutes after she managed to push it far enough for her frail body to slip through.


The light kissed the pale face of the woman for the first time in years. Blue eyes look around with a mixture of sadness and relief. “ Freedom.. But at what cost.” The woman flopped to the ground. “He hasn’t let me go.. I still feel his icy grip on my heart and his evil still rips at my soul.” She turned to look back at he vine covered tower and wondered. Was anyone left? Did anyone notice when she went missing from Myth? Was her home in Pax still standing? She glanced down at her wedding band was he still… with them… These questions plagued her heart as well as her mind. That is when she noticed tears falling down and melting into the bodice of her tattered green velvet dress. She just let them flow tears of anger fear sadness and finally tears of happiness and joy.


She sat there under the bright warm sun for hours relishing her freedom (real or not) for the better part of the afternoon before a sound from the tower snapped her back to reality. It had been the door she heard it scrapping across the floor once more and then a click, but who closed it? She glanced at the now closed metal door and decided it was better for her not to go see who or what else woke up with her. “Time to leave this place.” She pulled herself up slowly and started to walk to the south. South was the safety of Pax Lair and the warm fire of the Ladies of the Lair. She hoped.

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The late afternoon sun was strong as it pierced the canopy of the large Yew trees. She stumbled and tripped a long the path as if she where an infant learning to walk for the first time. She sighed heavily as her velvet green dress snagged and ripped on a bramble bush. With a heavy sigh she flopped down to the ground in frustration, tears of anger and shame leaked from the once proud woman pale blue eyes. His words echoed through her body and made her soul cry out in defeated anger.


Had his will been stronger then hers? Was she really like all those broken souls that she used to pity; had her sister been correct. Was kindness and compassion truly a dreamer’s path? Which was truth and which was the nightmare. She could no longer see her path clearly. Her tears threatened to flood her soft pale cheeks once more. In this moment she could feel the icy kiss of the vampire on her throat. She could clearly hear his words burning in her ears. “I will break you Paladin. I will make you mine and when I am done you will give me you heart and soul willingly.” His cold breath burning her skin as he traced her jaw line, and the collar he had put on his new pet was to ensure she would not run from him.



As these memories flooded back into her mind she recalled her act of selfless compassion when she took the place of her half brother’s wife as pet to the evil creature. She nodded to herself. “It was the right thing to do.” She softly told herself. Her thought rested on her family. She missed her brothers and wished just to hear her sister’s voice. What she wouldn’t give to tell Kyann she was sorry for ignoring her words of doubting her wisdom. She screamed the scream of a wounded soul as her tears of self pity streamed down her face. Soon she was asleep the brambles and low bushes hiding her sleeping form from view.


In her nightmare she could see the light and hear her mother call to her. “Jalesa Hope! Get up!” Every time she stood up and started to run she could feel him and then arm snake around her waste pulling her back to him. She could see the figures moving around her in darkness, blocking the light. Holding her in place as the light got seemingly distant. She could now hear the laughter of her master and her father clearly. They laughed at her pain they mocked her heart. They broke her heart but her soul… NO! Not her soul! She fought to stand she fought to breath she would be the victor. She had to be.


People traveling the roads that night could hear the moans and screams of a creature in pain, yet their fears and memories of the evil that still lingers in those woods kept them from venturing in. Through out the night the sounds of this creature would ripe at their hearts and souls. It seemed to be screaming for mercy, but the pleas seemed to fall on deaf ears.

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Kyann looked up to the ceiling of the summoning room of her Tower, staring at something that was not there, words of power became a faint whisper as they trailed off to nothing...


Eyes flared with a red glow ever so briefly as a snarl came to her lips.




fool... will you never learn...


Eyes refocusing Kyann looks around her work room for what she needs.


Her gaze locks on a talisman she had made on this journey back, her hand shoots out palm up as the trinket flies across the room into it.


Words of power once again escape her lips barely heard.




She stares into the summoning circle that dominates the center of her work room, the star inside it begins glow a blood red matching the shine from her eyes.


An image begins to form in the middle of the star, then comes sharply into focus as a young man dressed in the livery of a Knight of Paxlair appears in the center of the star.

His blond hair stirs briefly as if still touched by the breeze of the sunny field he was just in.

The look of surprise fades from his face along with every other emotion he has ever felt.

The book of Paladin he had been studying falls from his nerveless fingers and vanishes in a burst of fire as it strikes the star beneath his feet.


Kyann looks at her half brother with disdain, and start invoking again.

After a few minutes she holds up the trinket above her head says a few words of power followed by a great flash of lightning striking her hand which is followed almost immediately by a flash of light that fills the great chamber then goes out.

Kyann lowers the mangled remains of her now empty hand and intones: JASON I BANISH YOU, I have removed the link that bound you here, JASON you are no longer welcome here now or ever again, I send you back to the Abyss that spawned you.


With a scream only heard when a soul is ripped from a unwilling body Jason's image begins to waver then fades out as the scream fades with it.


This time dear sister you will not drag him down with you, for he is now forever out of your reach.


Out of our reach...


One single tear drops unnoticed to the floor of the chamber as Kyann turns and quickly steps on the teleporter to the roof of her tower.


As Kyann appears she strides towards the center of the roof screaming MOTHER, AGELESS, SHE IS BACK, BE WARNED, seek your own safety...


A slowly healing hand wraps around a great black staff as it appears in it.

Electricity plays across the roof, fire swirls in a great circle around it.

Kyann intones I close this tower, I bind this tower, let any fool who tries to enter her seal there own fate...


Then in a flash of fire she vanishes thinking there is much to do.

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