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Codemasters Online Connect '08 Interview

- - - - - 08 codemasters connect interview online

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Posted on IGN.com March 12, 2008 on their RPG Vault site. by -- Richard Aihoshi - 'Jonric'

- As the entire massively multiplayer online game sector continues to expand, it's clear that the community elements are becoming even more important. Here in North America, fan events have been part of the landscape for some years. There have also been others in different parts of the world, although we've tended not to see or hear as much about them. This is easy enough to understand since they've generally been aimed at national, regional or even local target audiences. So, Codemasters Online Connect 2008 instantly stood out as at least a little different when it was announced since the company currently operates a total of four releases from three developers, and has signed another project in progress at a fourth studio. In addition, we know the respective player bases differ in their geographical distributions from one project to the next.

Click here to read the full article

I picked a few 'bits out'

Jonric: To introduce Connect, what are the basic facts about your event, and what are the highlights you have planned that are likely to interest our readers?

Ed Relf:
Codemasters Online Connect '08 is our first global community event. It's being held in Birmingham, UK on March 14 and 15, 2008. The actual location is Omega Sektor, the world's biggest indoor gaming center; with its awesome set-up of 400-plus PCs and very cool environments, it's the perfect launch pad for our event.

Samantha Russell:
There will be a LOT going on over the two days, including key announcements for some of our MMO titles, notably a major one regarding The Lord of the Rings Online to be made by Turbine on Friday.

....In addition to all that, we've got a full LARP team on duty to run real-life action role-playing events for our guests with mystery, intrigue and fighting!

Jonric: What about Turbine and The Lord of the Rings Online? What will be happening that's related to this game?

Ed Relf:
Turbine are also our special guests at Connect 08. Especially for the event, they have a major global announcement they will make. It's big news for all LOTRO players, and we're sure it will get people talking. Furthermore, you might expect to see sneak peeks at what they've got lined up for future updates. With presentations, roundtable chats and opportunities to chat with them, we're sure attendees at the event will be brimming with new information by the time they leave.

Samantha Russell
We'll be running events in and out of LOTRO at Connect, so players who are with us and those who aren't can meet up in game and join in the fun.


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