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The Tarnished Jewel

- - - - - jewel tarnished

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Our story begins with the destruction of Magincia. As most know the Moongate which at one time transported people from all over turned into a black gate transporting demons and evil creatures, from where nobody really knows.

And in spite of everyone’s heroic attempt to save Magincia, her destruction was brought about and now lies in ruins. Not only ruins of building, but people lives that once was the lifeblood of the great proud city of Magincia.

Most of the survivors are now housed by the city of Trinsic. In which not only are the lives of the Magincian’s forever changed but also the good people of Trinsic. And we can not forget nor would one story be a story without the mix of evil and chaos.

[NOTE: This board needs some help. If you see in any of the catagories where an event or person/group needs to be added to the info, please send me a message and I will get it posted. The purpose of this board is to pull all the stories and events together in one place, so it will be much more informational of whats is happened/happening in game.]

Dates of Activity:
January 1, 2008 - July 9, 2008



Active Participants:
[for more information on the characters click on Who's Who in the Divided Lands]
Who's Who in the Divided Lands
Bert Ramsey - ToM
IronHorse -F*V
Lilith Mauvais - VTC
Mariah Kranthar - VTC
Lady Leeda - Seat of Honor, City Of Trinsic - F*V
Phineas Clark = ToM
Joseph Ward ToM
Thomas Minter - ToM
Magnus Koenig IV
Cressida - VTC
Racheal - ToM
Isak Tangretti - VoV, KPR, F*V
Elvin Archor - ED
Circe - VTC
Marc Anthony - VTC
Thranduil Graywolf Adjutant to Seat of Chaos
Galen Knighthawke, Seat of Valor, City of Jhelom
Piper Everwood
Jackson Seat of Honesty, City of Moonglow
Maggie Stweart Adjutant to Seat of Honor, Trinsic
Dragon Edge Seat of Humility, and the City of Magincia
Dakota Adjutant to the Seat of Sacrifice and City of Minoc
The Minion
Hideko - VTC
Jhaelrynna Syrda - RYT
Alton Du’rret - RYT
Cordelia Spencer - VTC
Gaius Marius - VTC
Landicine - TLC
[more to come]

Active Groups:
The High Council
Fordge of Virtue
Truth Love and Courage
Vesper Trading Company
The Grey Company
The Royal Guard

[more to come]

Relevant Message Boards:
[*note some of these events were done around the storyline and was not posted to the boards. Others events occured before the boards were started. Yellow are links to other boards]

CHAPTER ONE - From Maginic To Trinsic

Death Of MarGrave:
Margave as most know was one of the notorious leader of The Vesper Trading Company and was a council member at the Council of Sins. She was taken in to custody at the same time The Shadow completely disappeared. And while in Yew prison was killed by Galen Knighthawke. With her death Margrave’s spirit was bound to Galen and can not return as long as he lives.

The Journals:
After the death of Margrave, Lilith Mauvais came to Galen and told him about Margrave's journals And their connection to Margrave's research into Stygian Abyss (where Pyros is found). As most know the light demons used items of Pyros, Galen decided to look into it. He found several of the journals (except one that VTC got) and also took control of MarGrave’s spell book.

One journal led a group into the depths of Doom where Margrave had a secret cache, there that she bound a human soul to guard (Albin the Pale). In order to free Albin the Pale, three things had occur.

1. When MarGrave is dead
2. The third page is torn from the book
3. The Lost One is brought back into the fold.

One Journal was founded by Galen in Minotaur

The other journal was found by VTC in Grimswind Ruins

Exodus From Magincia

CHAPTER TWO - Nine Virtues, Nine Cities.

Trinsic City Of Refuges.
The Keg N Anchor -
With the flux of people in the city of Trinsic The Keg N Anchor is once again a thriving Tavern. With new hire such as Sam the Bartender and Racheal the Serving girl, brings some jobs to some of the refugees from Magnicia.
The Mines -
Others were employed by the mines. Getting ready for the building of the New Trinsic Governors Mansion. Some questioned the conditions and the pay that was given to those that were employed within the mines.
Current Affairs in Trinsic

Trade In Trinsic -
Trade was opend up in Trinsic, but under certain restrictions. One particular group became a very familar in bringing thier goods to Trinsic. In the beginning many did not realize what actualy lay behind the so called trades. It was later found out the VTC had thier own dark reasons for gaining the position of trade goods in Trinsic. So they sent in one of thier unknow by the name of Lilith Mauvais.
Ground Breaking For New Trinsic Governors Mansion
Message To Military Governor Ironhorse
Trinsic Naval Fleet
Territorial Waters of Trinsic
Delivery of Blankets
Thefts In Trinsic
Arrest Warrant Issued

Phineas Clark - Being from Magincia Phineas was unhappy the way things were going in the rebuilding of Magincia and start recruiting into a group that wanted to take the rebuilding into thier own hands. The few that did join the group were not happy with the way things were going in Trinsic at all. Many time you would find Phineas at Keg N Anchor passing out brochures about his group. After several times of too many ales, he would start preaching his way, after several times of being escorted out of the Keg N Anchor to Trinsic Jail to sleep it off. He was nolonge served at the Keg N Anchor. This only added to his frustration.
Iron Horse's Raid.
Bucs Den Bath House...
Buc's Den Raid

Home Coming AT Buc's Den:
Home Again
Buc’s Den

The Meeting:
After Mariah being away for long time she meets her fellow member Cressida. It here at the The Peg Leg Inn the first plans of chaos are layed out. After discussing a particular plan, she took a map of Trinsic City with her and carefully planned out a surprize assassination,
Old Friends.
The Dark Night

The Murder Of Joseph Ward - Joseph Ward (Joe the Guard) grew up in the city of Trinsic and dreamed of being a paladin. learning the skills to be able to get his first job in The Trinsic Guard. Starting out on night job each night he would follow his assigned path. Alsoat this time he had met a very sweet young girl named Rachel who worked and the Keg N Anchor, whom he was becoming quite fond of. It was upon one these night shifts after leaving the Keg N Anchor to have dinner with Racheal that he was murdered.

It was Racheal who had found young Joe on her way to the Provisoners to pick up some items for the Keg N Anchor. After some investigation of the surrounding area, there was found a few articules in a bag including one of Phineas Clark's brochures. Phineas Clark was rounded up and taken for questioning, but for lack of real evidence he was released.
A Building In Vesper.

Black Rock:
Mr Minter now handled the trade of VTC, with Cressida also known as a member of VTC, her constant companion being a dark wisp, decided to bring in some black market items. Upon one occasion brought in a crate blackrock. She was apprehended and the shipment of black was confiscated. While under interview in the Trinsic jail, she created a kind of spell that helped her escape for time being.
The Swamp Near Trinsic
Lord Admiral's Report to the Govenor of Trinsic
The Arrest of Cressida
A Note to Dragon Edge & Dakota & Maggie

Reading Of The Will -
Beatriz, Margrave's long lost sister, did a will reading and passed out several items Margrave wanted passed out among a very strange mix of a crowd which included not only VTC, but certain ones of the Royal Guard and Galen Knighthawk. VTC's ownership was split between 5 parties: The Minion, Lara Demonsinger, Cordelia Spencer, Mariah, and Kessandra. There was also the mentioning of a conncetion between VTC and the Dark Lady. The reading of the will was conducted in Zento Tokono as it was neutral territory.
The Will
Note to IronHorse
Meeting with Anexior Bolt of Ingot Empornium
Fleet Orders 3/11/08
The Heist
On A Slow Ship Heading North...
Request for Arrest Warrant
The Crown and the City of Trinsic vs. Cressida
Arrest Warrants issued
Notification of Commendation
Charges to be read
Cressida Custody Hearing Results
Pleased With The Result
New Alliance member

Chapter 5 - Jeholm
VTC split up into 4 groups to deliver special packages in certian locations of Jeholm. Each package contained a bomb. Royal Guard recieved news of this, but did not know the locations of the packages. The object of this was would the VTC sucessfully deliver the packages and not get caught or would the Royal Guard be able to stop it and capture members of VTC.

The Golden Surprise
A ship docked in Bucs Den...
A Message to the High Council

After the Jeholm failed attempt. This begins with the capture of Mia, Sal and Mariah. Mia escaped , but detained crazy ole Sal and Mariah
The Prisoner
Special Pies
The Disappearance of Rachael
A Surprise in Trisnic!!!

Skara Brea
A building in Vesper...

A Tale of Deceit in Moonglow

The Burning

Death of a True Brit!!!


VTC important mission!!
The Treasure
Mission Accomplished

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High Council 8th Seat, Representing Spirituality , and the city of Skara Brae
Also a guild member of Truth, Love and Courage, TLC

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