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The Protectorate Coronation

- - - - - coronation protectorate

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Halister Marner

Halister Marner


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Throughout countless ages, of times long lost and forgotten, to the vivid memories of our cherished past, there have been events that shape and define the world around us.

These events, regardless of their origins and intent, are often scrawled in parchment and in memory, forever idealized as a marker in the pathways of history.

It is with honor that I have the chance to report on such an event, to provide the people of Britannia with an account of a celebration with few equals.

The Britannian Protectorate coronation is a ceremony to crown the Protectorates new leader, an organization of virtuous kingdoms and guilds that follow the ideals and guidelines of Lord British. The ceremony started off with startling support, over seventy Britannians crowded and pressed into the ivory throne room of Nujelm. Seated in a row behind an ornate throne were the leaders of several realms and kingdoms, their eyes locked on a man draped in dark armor seated beside a humble monk.

Posted Image

Many encouraging words were exchanged amongst those gathered, and feelings of anticipation permeated the room. In a short while, the commotion was transformed into an immaculate silence, as the basso tones of the monk echoed off the walls. The ceremony had begun.

Posted Image

The crowd maintained its silent vigil as the monk finished his ritual, the ceremony continuing seamlessly as the crown was placed upon the new Regent of the Protectorates head. The Regent of the Protectorate, Lord Adrien Garnier soon addressed the crowds, pledging his loyalty and service to all gathered, as they returned the gesture in turn.

Posted Image

As the ceremony neared its end, the crowd broke out into loud cheers, jarring several people as the silence was shattered by a barrage of celebration.

Cries of "Long live the Protectorate!" "Hail Lord Regent Garnier!" brought the crowd to its feet, as several soldiers brandished their blades in excitement. This moment was truly an impressive display of devotion and pride.

Shortly after the cheers faded, Lord Garnier announced that those assembled were invited to a large banquet and royal tournament to be held in honor of the newly formed Protectorate.

Posted Image

After those who were seated finished their luxurious meals, the crowds were ushered into the arena, to watch the events that would conclude the nights festivities.

Posted Image

Through sweat and blood many of the Protectorates most valorous soldiers clashed together in honorable combat, eventually leading to a final bout, in which Sarian of the Moonglow Town Council fought Lord Niall McStravick of Sanctus. While the warriors of Sanctus are renowned for their battle prowess, Sarian's blade felled his opponent, causing Lord Garnier to stop the match and award the victory to Sarian of Moonglow.

Due to the magnitude of these events, sometimes the forces of fate weave mysterious and unpredictable patterns. While jousts rarely imitate the results of unmounted combat, the final bout of the jousts mirrored that of the previous tournament. Sarian of Moonglow and Lord Niall McStravick of Sanctus had once again met on the battlefield.

As fate surely works in unpredictable ways, at times this is not the case. Once again proving his battle prowess, Sarian of Moonglow bested his opponent in the joust, claiming both victories in an unprecedented and shocking turn of events.

It is through trials and tribulations such as these that legends are born, and due to the nature of the event, events that test even the greatest of champions are bound to occur. In a shocking display, the Sosarian joust champion and nearly undefeated jouster, Lord Isk of Magincia stepped down from the crowds to challenge the recently victorious Sarian.

In a jousting match that would be told in tales for years to come, Sarian of Moonglow defeated Lord Isk of Magincia, causing some of the crowd to erupt in a fury of applause, while others sat shocked at the event that had just transpired.

Posted Image

Events such as these are what inspire bards to sing, poets to write, and historians to record. A meshing of many Britannians working towards a common goal can inspire the faith and hope of a realm, giving birth to a thousand ideas, a thousand memories, and a thousand pages of history.


~ Halister Marner ~

[[On an OOC note, I just want to congratulate the entire group of roleplayers on Atlantic for such an incredible showing, numbering over 70 players at its peak, and nearly 90 individual players over the course of the night, this was truly a spectacular event, and a testament to the longevity and presence of Atlantic's roleplay community.]]

Lord Havok

Lord Havok

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Amazing pictures Halister, it looked like a great event and Atlantic should be proud for showing such unity in their rp community! I had not realized how big Atlantic's rp community was!

Good Job & Thanks for Sharing!


"The greatest trick the Devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn't exist"
-Charles Baudelaire




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A good time indeed.