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Banned for using an already used Legacy Token code

- - - - - banned code legacy token

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In before the lock. Seriously, too many people spectulating too wildly for this to ever be resolved.


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As I was reading Tabbs post, I could only think how much I liked this community more than the uohall community, as her summary is the typical BS that goes on there... Then I read on down some more, and found ours starting to do the same..

All this guy was doing was going on a forum where they thought they may be able to find someone else who may have gone through the same ordeal. Not going on there for sympathy, not going on there saying "EA is horrible! they suck for banning me" Just advice.. Jesus! This is why the community over there blows.. You cant get a mature conversation out there without a bunch of tools ruining it and accusing them of foul play.

The last thing we need is OUR users doing the same thing.

Tabbs is just posting an issue that could have happened to anyone. She is reporting something that appears to be newsworthy. No bias, no accusations.

Lets leave it at that. Stop the uhall behaviour here.



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They clearly wanted help.. and those 2 things i said would help.

It would be lovely of them to make a post when its cleared to say what the problem was to prevent others to happen in the same situation.. Since their situation got pretty bad after all those posts.

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Queen Mum

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Aye Gnomy, it would be true community support if the powers that are suppose to let us know such things. A simple response like .. the issue was resolved and it was something we need not worry about concerning our own accounts.

And since the OP did take it to the proper channels as suggested, I agree this thread is hanging on by a thin string .... so before the locky snaps lets just say ...

*thank you Tabbs for bringing the OP topic to our attention*


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