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The young Sorcerer toiled in his lab for the tenth hour straight this day, he had done so for as many days. The spell caster Led was finally nearing a breakthrough. All his hard work collecting obscure ingredients, blackrock, pixie wings, unicorn horns even the heart of an ethereal warrior, would finally pay off.


The was a creaking at the steps to his lab, "not another damned interruption" he grumbled. Moments later he heard a voice, speaking an arcane incantation, though he could not determine the words of power used. He wasn't truly alarmed until he saw the lock of the door, and even the bar locking it from the inside, release itself. Led shoved the blackrock aside but could not conceal his other substances when the door swung open, revealing the old wizard who had once been his master. The old wizard's gaze grew more baleful as he observed the substances of the laboratory. His eyes finally met the sorcerer's "I suppose this is where you tell me this isn't what it looks like." The sorcerer felt his ire rise at the old wizard's condescending sarcasm, "No, I assure you this is absolutely what it looks like." was his retort.


But the sorcerer's words were only to distract the wizard a moment, just long enough to reach for a bag of components - common components really, bought from stores and used for more common spells. The sorcerer chanted the words "Kal Xen Bal Beh", which would send a spirit to fight for him. The old man would not go lightly however, he began his own chant "An Ex Por" - a spell of paralysis - the sorcerer noted, a wise choice seeing how the wizard wouldn't be fast enough to prepare to dispel the spirit properly before it's halberd struck him. The spirit appeared and was immediately held in place by an unseen force, it's eyes burning red with hate and malice. The sorcerer was already preparing another spell "In Bal Nox", if he was quick he could keep the wizard from dispelling the spirit and the paralysis on it would end, ensuring the old wizard's doom. The old wizard was quick to recover, and charged forward with his own words fleeing his lips "In Nox." The sorcerer despite knowing of his former master's prowess kept his composure - that is until the poison set in. The sorcerer's mind exploded with pain and the words to the spell were lost to him. The old wizard's spell had a fierce potency to it, and was quickly draining him of life, having no cure potions in reach he searched his pouch for garlic, but found none - the pouch he had grabbed had only reagents for necromancy - he was doomed. He called to the spirits to heal him, but the effect was minimal and the wizard's follow-up was fast approaching. "Vas Ort Flam" and "Corp Por" the wizard spoke, and the powerful spells struck simultaneously, ending the sorcerer's life which was already weakened by the arcane poison and days of toil in the laboratory.


As the world around him turned gray and he rose up from his lifeless body he saw the wizard end the battle fully by dispelling the revenant which was only now beginning to break it's invisible bonds. The wizard turned back, and though Led knew the wizard was no medium and could not see him, he seemed to stare straight at him. "Led Zeppelin, I Duncan MacLeod, as High Councilor of Virtue, hereby expel you from the Legion of Virtues and label you Outcast for the crimes of Murder of sentient and noble beings of Ilshenar, and for assaulting a senior officer. I am obligated to inform you that although the evidence against you is sound, you may petition the Knights of Virtue for trial." With that the wizard turned towards the laboratory, and his next words were unexpected. With a look of great anger, he rose his hands into the air and spoke "Vas Corp Por" and summoned a pair of energy vortices into the room. The rampant entities tore through the lab, destroying the sorcerer's hard gathered ingredients and research notes. The now disembodied spirit fled, broken and embittered.

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