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The Healing Pool Nuiduin (History and Today)

- - - - - healing history nuiduin pool today

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Decardo Imier

Decardo Imier

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This is the story behind the Healing Pool Nuiduin located in Tel'mar and Guarded by the Knights of Virtue. I have added this post here as i had it stored on my HD and thought it only right to do so after the loss of the F4G posts.
I have posted it here as the majority of the RP forums including my own Guild are now here.

And so the future of the Healing Pool can continue......

21st-March-2004, 14:12

Decardo was searching through all the books and scrolls Megan had been collecting when one scroll in particular caught his eye. It was stained with a purple ink and looked pretty old..but most noticeable was the fact that the ink that had been spilt on it revealed a hidden watermark. Clearing the table of the other books and scrolls Decardo unrolled the parchment. Studying the page it showed a small map of some woodland with a river running through it with the words Terorl Skitas being barely legible. At the base of the page was in the word “ within lies the Temple of Knowledge at the top of the mountain.“

Carefully rolling the scroll back up he sat down and began to make plans.

Next morning Decardo sent word to his companions seeking them to come to Tel’mar that noon and headed off to find Cherry to explain what he thought he had found. After a few moments with Cherry both of them had begun to understand the implications of what they had discovered and the value of locating such a resource as the Temple of Knowledge. The only mystery was the watermark ankh on the paper. This possibly implicated some virtuous knowledge was contained therein, or perhaps the scroll belonged to some Virtuous Order.

As the sun rose to its fullest the companions began to arrive in Tel’mar on their horses all looking puzzled why they had been called. They stabled their mounts and headed to the Great hall where they stood waiting. Cherry soon appeared with her ever watchful shadow ‘Decardo’ one step behind. Even in the safety of the walls of Tel’mar he was always alert and watchful. Cherry welcomed them as always and asked them to be seated, then set to explaining what had been discovered and its possible implications to them.

With the sun beginning to set the companions agreed an expedition would be mounted to seek this Temple of Knowledge. Megan was tasked to lay a route to where they thought it lay within the lands of ill-shapen and they would set off at first light. The companions then headed to prepare their equipment for the journey ahead of them.

At first light the Cherry stepped into the warmth of the morning sun to be greeted by her warriors sat a horse in full valorite and ice white, the sight always brought a smile to her lips. Individually the companions were so different and not also compatible but arrayed in their colours they looked so perfect……..

After a brief exchange of pleasentries Cherry summoned forth her gift and opened a portal the Shrine of Honour as directed by Megan. The Companions headed off into the rift created by the portal to the lands of illshenar.

After a brief canter through the woodland they came to a river and followed its bank upstream. As the travelled there before them rose the mountain they were looking for, before long they were at its base. The place was a sight to behold this indeed was what they were looking for. For carved into the rock base was an entrance inside the rock with steps leading therein. The companions looked at each other, smiles and looks of apprehension crossed their faces. Some took a few moments to loosen weapons and check armour straps. Then without warning Aragorn urged his horse forward into the darkness followed closely by Gildram. Quickly the rest followed.

The inside was once a of fine construction, barracks, study rooms, and common rooms were layed out before them as they travelled deeper therein. The remains of the once proud men who kept this place free from evil rose to give battle but they were no match for the trained arms of Aragorn and Gildram.

As they travelled deeper the creature grew more foul Blood Elementals were abound, and the hell dogs of Hyloth had a lair here it seems. Then from around the corner without warning came the thundering form of a Slayer. Its wrath knew no bounds as it clawed its way through armour and shields, the companions battled onwards as several fell to its viscious and often deadly attacks. Gildram and Decardo got themselves between the fallen and the foul beast, their weapons cleaving deep into its flesh whilst Cherry battled in her own way to weave her arcane arts to heal those mortally wounded. The battle drove on and the creature was despatched leaving Gildram and Decardo to check on their armour. The wounded then gathered their belongings and headed away from whence the beast came ever onwards into the depths of the mounatin.

And so their journey brought them to a long flight of stairs, they knew they had to head upwards to the top of the mountain so up they went. Most noticeable was the change in the walls, the colour of the rock changed and gave of a faint blue hue lighting the hallway. Walking along its length they were greeted by the afternoon sun as it opened to reveal a great chamber that was open to the suns rays. A smile greeted the companions faces for they knew looking about they had reached their goal.

Whilst the wounded were taken care of by Cherry the rest set to searching the book shelves and taking in the spectacular view. As the library was at the top of a waterfall, the entire complex was breathtaking. At its height this structure would have been one of the wonders of the world, and now its all but forgotten.

Looking about Decardo noticed they were missing Aragorn, Decardo gave warning that Aragorn was missing and the companions set about searching for him in case ill had befallen him. Then he was discovered sat down on a ledge his back to the afternoon sun reading a book intently oblivious to the world around him. As the others approached he looked up and told them what held him so transfixed. The book spoke of a pool of healing that lay somewhere beneath the area of the shrine of justice. This pool was called the ‘Pool of Vitality’ and according to what was written within its pages would cure the flesh and even the mind given time. Cherry instructed the book to be taken and carefully wrapped to protect it along with a few other books they on its journey back to Tel’mar.

Cherry looked up at the fading sun, and directed the companions to pack up their belongings and make ready to return to Tel’mar. Without a word they set about making ready and once more ventured into the depths the fading warmth of the sun behind them …………………..

21st-March-2004, 14:35
It took them till dawn the following day to make their way back to Tel’mar cause of the wounded and the loss of mounts but all returned safely which is what matters.

That evening they sat down to discuss the book, it spoke of this sacred pool but did not provide any clues to give a more specific location of where it could be found. It could be in a hidden cave or something, for it definitely was not to be found upon the surface they all knew this area well and none of them had come across anything even remotely close to what was described in the book. It seems they would need help in deciphering the exact location of this pool.

Several ideas were suggested and the companions agreed to try several avenues. They would seek a sage of renown to also read the book to see if he picks out anything differently. Also they would see if they could locate a diviner of water, perhaps he could give a more precise location of this pool they believed to be underground.

And so they set off with their ideas in mind …………………..

23rd-March-2004, 14:00
Several days had passed and they were still no nearer to finding a water diviner. Cherry gazed across her desk and out of the window as the light began to fade, smiling as she watched the golden haze of the last sunlight shimmer across Tel'Mar. Somewhere out there lay hidden the Pool of Vitality...

With a sudden determination she reached up to a dusty shelf and took down a bundle of vellom sheets. With the practised hand of a scribe she carefully wrote out a number of notices which read as follows.

Citizens: let it be known that the Knights of Virtue are seeking the services of a person with the ability to divine the presence of water, to aid them in a quest. If you possess this skill or know of someone who does please send pigeons to the following box number: 161 973 662

Signed Cherry (The Voice, Knights of Virtue)

Having completed a batch of notices Cherry headed off to Trinsic. Followed by Decardo and Megan, Cherry pasted the notices throughout Trinsic; at the entrance gate, outside the jail and outside the bank...........whereever she thought they would be seen. Having completed this task Cherry returned to Tel'Mar for the evening.

29th-March-2004, 12:12
Decardo was walking through the Main Gates to the City of Honour when he ran into an old friend Zenith, now the Canon of Virtue. After a brief exchange of pleasentries the pair headed away to the battlements, Zenith knew of Decardos skill with weapons and had a few views to discuss with him.

Upon on the battlements the wind rustling by the pair engaged in a few maneuvers testing the measure of each other, before they tried a few vollies.Just as the pair were beginning to sweat one of the Guard turned up...Tattersail.

Quickly Decardo and Zenith took on an innocent stance and began to talk of this Quest the Companions of KoV were on to find the Pool of Vitality,for the pair did not want to end up in jail.

Zenith was curious of the Order for he had seen them within Trisnic but had not heard of Tel'mar nor had he met Cherry the 'Voice' of the Order. They agreed now would be the perfect time to leave for Tel'mar before the guardsman saw through their story, and so they headed to Tel'mar.

Upon arrival in Tel'mar Zenith was met and introduced to Cherry and shortly thereafter the other companions who were returning from a Quest in Montar. The Order showed him around Tel'mar and the buildings Megan had worked on with the craftsmen she had hired.

.................. Before leaving Tel'mar Zenith agreed to help the Order try to locate this pool beneath the ground somewhere by speaking with his friends and searching the archives.

5th-April-2004, 07:10
Decardo returned to Tel'mar his mind awhirl, so much going on and so little time to make plans. The night had been a busy one, first the Vesper council had issued them a writ of war because of the Orders actions in protecting the people of Cove. They did not understand the actions were one of defense rarther than offensive.
Then the Orders Priest Alured had been overcome by some ancient fiend on the Isle of Reg Volom. And just as Decardo was getting his head round all the implications of these ill omens and how to combat each in turn, he finds we have some stranger hiding in Tel'mar who claims to be able to seek water. Its the one Aragorn claims as his own.

At this time Tel'mar is not the Sanctuary it was meant to be, and is not safe for strangers to visit at least without escort as twice already the forces of Vesper had used this place as a staging area to launch an attack on the Britainnians across the bay.

He sat down at Cherry's desk and began to formulate plans in his head and on paper well into the night . . . . . .

5th-April-2004, 15:14
Raven left Tel'mar in tears. She got the same reception gypsies have always gotten. Aragorn had told her that they were different but they weren't. She had been told she wasn't wanted there and told to leave. Decardo acted like he'd never met her before and they had been introduced to each other in Trinsic. Megan had proclaimed she was her friend but she never even acknowledged her while the others were treating her like dirt, the way people have always treated gypsies.

Raven had made a cure for Medric and was going to teach them about the herbs around their town. Aragorn had even talked about moving there so she could become a citizen and help the town. That was shattered. She had been slapped down and told to go away. Megan and Medric had been to their home and she told them she could divine water and even that had been forgotten.

She would find their pool and leave. She said she would help, but she would not stay for their abuse.

12th-April-2004, 14:28
I was in Tel'Mar with the other Knights, discussing plans for the evening,
when I noticed a woman stood by the Justice shrine. I went over to see if I
could be of any assistance I had not seen the woman in our town

When asked, the woman identified herself as the Keeper of the Temple of
Knowledge. She had heard that we had made a journey to the Temple of
Knowledge. I had accompanied the other Knights on this expedition so I was
aware of the journey she was referring to. The Keeper stated that she had
journeyed to Tel'Mar to reclaim the item we had taken while on this mission.

I took The Keeper over to talk to the other Knights. I explained to Cherry
that The Keeper was in Tel'Mar to take back the book we had taken from the
Temple of Knowledge. Cherry agreed that we should return the book.

Cherry asked The Keeper whether she knew anything about that was contained in the book. The Keeper told us 'the Pool of Vitality got it's name from it restorative powers. The Pool harnesses it's power from the lay lines that flow beneath the ground. Tel'Mar is a nexus as three cross here'.

Cherry asked The Keeper whether she would be able to locate The Pool of Vitality. The Keeper replied that she would locate it at a price. When Medric questioned her about the cost of this, The Keeper said she would locate it as long as our Order would assist either herself or one of her sisters once in the future. Myself and the other Knights agreed that this was a fair exchange for the information we required.

The Keeper then summoned an earth spirit and commanded it to seek water. The spirit wandered around for a moment and then finally stopped outside the barracks. The Keeper then confirmed that the Pool lies under the Barracks.

Cherry asked The Keeper what we should do next. She replied 'that is up to yourselves, I have answered your question.'

Before The Keeper departed, Medric asked her 'What was the pool called before it took the name Vitality? You said it had another?'

The Keeper asked us whether we wanted to do another deal with her.

Medric said to The Keeper 'I will trade knowledge for knowledge.' to which The Keeper replied 'your young knowledge is of no use to the sisters'. Medric then replied ' Ah ... that you may think. But, I stand before you, a Knight of the Old Code, of the line from the court of Pendragon, tied to the Ancient Wyrm that holds the land together.

The Keeper replied 'It was called simply Nuduin, which means Life Spring'.

With that, The Keeper announced that her time in Tel'Mar was up. We promised to honour our contracts, and she was gone.

12th-April-2004, 15:51
Megan stared at the barracks with dismay... this was going to take a lot of work...

14th-April-2004, 23:31
Murky water collected in the bottom of the freshly dug pit, reflecting the image of those gathered in the barracks. Morphus had been digging for a long time, and his efforts had paid off; here was water, just as predicted…

‘So how do we tell if this is the fabled pool?’ asked Rohan as he gazed into the muddy water.

‘I’m not entirely sure…’, said Megan, looking around at the dusty mess in disapproval but with a slight smile, ‘though it had better be!’

‘Perhaps we need to actually taste it?’ suggested Rohan, and then after a slight pause, ‘Perhaps when it clears slightly…’.

Morphus began to filter some of the water, whilst explaining to the others what he planned to do to ensure the structural safety of the building now that the ground had been disturbed. He then tipped the water into a small glass pitcher and held it up to the lantern light.

‘Ah, thats not too bad,’ he said, turning the pitcher around in his hands and offering it over to the knights.

‘Shall I?’ Rohan took the pitcher, and took a small sip. ‘Tastes strange…’

The others looked on with concern. ‘How so? Are you alright?’ asked Megan.

‘I feel fine ma’am… in fact, I feel a lot better. My old wound on my arm… I cannot feel it anymore…’. Rohan smiled at the group, and pressed the pitcher onto Medric. ‘See for yourself!’

‘Then this could be seen as a positive test’, said Medric, as he lifted the pitcher for a drink. ‘It’s good’, he agreed, standing slightly straighter than before.

Megan and Morphus were both given the pitcher in turn to sample, agreeing with the others that this water was definitely different in some way. Plans would have to be made for the clearing of the surrounding area, and for the surrounding building. A busy time lay ahead…

20th-April-2004, 13:33
Decardo rode into the blue sphere in Illshaner and out the other side back in Trammel in the woods of Skara. Glancing about he activated the device on his belt and with a slight inward rush of air was gone in the blink of an eye.

Squinting against the brightness the midday sun, he glanced about Tel'mar, immediatly taking note of the new stone workings of what was the armoury. So the rumours he had heard in Trinsic were true they had discovered the pool and right below their noses all the time. Perhaps it was fate that had brought the Order to Tel'mar after they had left Spiritwood all them months ago.

Dismissing his steed he walked to the new workings brushing the travel dust from his clothes and stepped inside the walls. Pickaxes and shovels were strewn all about and earth had been piled high. Then he glimpsed his first sight of the excavated pool. The ripples along the surface gave of a slight sparkle from its crystal clear waters. Tel'mar was indeed blessed, now all that remains was to make ensure the Hamlet remained a sanctuary for all. A place anyone can come to rest and heal.

Returning to the Great Hall Decardo sat down and began to pen letters to the Healers Halls located within cities of Sosaria explaining the existence of the Pool of Vitality within Tel'mar, should they have need of its healing properties.
With each letter he attached a small detailed map of its location.

25th-April-2004, 20:00
Wandering slowly into the barracks Cherry caught her first glimpse of the excavated pool. The tall arches allowed shafts of sunlight to play across its surface, so it glittered magically. She approaced the water with purpose, driven by a recommendation made by Decardo and a stray comment made by that meddlesome reporter Rita Skeeter in one of her daily reports.

How effective was the water from the Pool when removed from Tel'mar...? If its potency was as strong when removed over distance as it appeared to be whilst used directly from the source then the potential was worryingly dramatic.

Cherry reached into her back pack and took out a collection of small alchemical vials. Smiling to herself she thought how long it had been since she had utilised this skill of hers. Carefully she knelt beside the pool and reverantly filled each small vial with a sample of the water from the pool. She had thought hard about how to test the power of the water. And so in addition to the vials of water she additionally carried the same number of vials of blood...blood from a victim of the plague that was recently rife in Cove. She had previously tried mixing potions of greater healing with the blood samples and noticed little effect. The blood remained disease ridden. Now she would try the water from the Pool of Vitality on the blood samples at different locations and see if the strength of the water diminished over distance.

Beginning beside the Pool itself, Cherry carefully poured the contents of one water vial into a sample of the diseased blood. Barely daring to breath she watched spellbound as she gently swirled the two liquids together. After several moments she noticed the hue of the blood became healthier, signs of the disease removed. The water had performed as had been claimed in the ancient text. With barely concealed excitement Cherry collected up the remaining vials of water and blood and proceeded to different locations across Sosaria.

At each location she performed the same task of mixing blood and water, noting the results methodically on a sheet of vellom. On completion of the testing she swiftly returned to Tel'Mar to report her findings to her husband. Finding the town deserted she wrote a short note to Decardo and sent it swiftly to him by pigeon. It read simply:

My beloved Decardo,
I have performed a number of tests on the water from the Pool of Vitality at various locations across this land. It appears that the water has astonishing powers when used at its source in Tel'Mar, living up to the claims made in the ancient texts. However, when used elsewhere I find the water no more effective than a potion of greater healing. I can only speculate that the power of the water is somehow connected to the power of the ley lines threading through our peaceful town, and when the two are seperated the potency of the water diminishes. Those who wish to benefit from the waters curative powers will needs visit and recuperate within the vicinity of the Pool itself. I hope this news will be of great interest to you.

24th-August-2005, 06:45
Decardo stood within the elven circle of standing stones he could feel the power of the virtues. What the Knights of Tel'mar knew that most others did not was that the Shrines lay upon nexus of ley lines which harnessed the power of the earth in its raw pure form. Druidic Orders had also built standing stones through time upon where two or more such lines crossed. Thus it was possible to reach out across these lines to other standing circles of power and the nexus's at the shrine.

Decardo let his senses reach out in search of the one who was soul joined to him . . . . .

Out his senses ran like a racing beacon across the ley towards the shrine of Justice . . .


Many years had passed across the land....many things had changed.

The Hall of Healing in which flowed the miraculous healing waters of Nuiduin remained closed to outsiders. Word of why has not travelled out of Tel'mar from the Knights there.


The Priestess Ishtar De Lune has requested to speak with myself and the Lady of the Pool. It seems she is to travel to meet us in Tel'mar, she wishes to show us something.

With all that is going on it will be hard to find make time for us three to gather but i shall try.

What with all the things going on around the Courtiers of late it was late into the evening whilst we were sitting in the lower halls of the Tower of the Magi in Rhovanion. We saw a familiar figure step into view silouetted by the glowing radience of the moon, that of one of the Sisters of Nuiduin, Sister Ishtar De Lune.

She was polite and well mannered as always, something i liked about the woman truth be told. After drinking her tea and telling us of events surrounding the Sisterhood since we last were there in Illshenar, she spoke to us of the true reason ebhind her visit. She was concerned for the Healing Pool in Tel'mar, for its dwelmer had been locked away now for many months. No longer was the Pools magical dwelmer accessible to all as was intended when the Sisterhood gifted the knowledge of its location to the Knights of Virtue. Then she spoke of a green stone, a magical stone. Her attention shifted from us both to Cherry directly. She reminded Cherry of her Oath as one of the foremost Healers in the land to Guard and Keep the Healing waters sacred to the Sisterhood in safe hands. With a small almost inaudible incantation the air shimmered before us and an image formed. It was a image of a rectangle almost crystalline stone which seemed to pulse slowly. Ishtar explained to Cherry that this stone was what drew the life blood of the land, the Ley to the waters running through the Pool. The stone was a foci, drawing upon any Ley that ran close to where ever it was placed. This was why the Healing Pool was so potent for the stone drew on the many Ley lines that channelled to the Shrine of Justice, for as we already knew the Shrine were situated upon the conjuction of many Ley lines. They gave these locations a name, they called them Nexus points.

She went onto explain that the Sisterhood were unhappy with the present situation. I intervened at this stage and made it known that on many occasions we had tried to speak with the few remaining Knights there but none seemed interested. On hearing this a frown broke out on Ishtar's forehead, and she stood up with adopting a firm stance. Then my mind is made up she spoke, we shall reclaim what is lost, the Lodestone shall be taken from Tel'mar. She took several steps away from the seating area and with a firm command of 'Come with Me' she opened a portal.

We arrived in Tel'mar, the place was as quiet as always. At least now the Shrines corruption had been stilled so we encountered no hostilities. Ishtar proceeded directly to the space between the walls that surrounded the Shrine and the walls of the Building that sheltered the Pool. She began to speak words of power...one by one the surface of the earth broke twice as Stone Elementals came forth. She commanded them to seek the Lodestone buried deep below the Building. With a snap of her fingers they began their work. The might of such creatures is known to me from the knowledge granted me by the Lady Jade and also by the occasional work of my beloved. Soon the Elementals re emerged and then with them the earth broke a third time as a feintly glowing green crystal came to the surface, the LodeStone.

Ishtar bent down and cupped the stone in her hands, turning towards Cherry she then did something unexpected. She said in soft tones.....( I will quote this so as not to misinterpret her words ).

Cherry, you have always honoured the Sisterhood and have remained true to the Geas we placed upon you never failing to answer the call of the Healer. The Priestess's of the Sisterhood have meditated upon the future and wish you to remain the Guardian. But now you know the true form of the nature the Pool took, the power did not come directly from the waters but from the Ley redirected by this stone. The Pool here will retain some of its power for a short time but that will eventually fade away as with all things created by man.

With that she handed the stone over to Cherry almost reverently and spoke again in the quiet tones she used a moment before.

Lady Cherry, take this stone and forever be its Guardian. Know that where ever it is placed it will always draw upon the Ley, the lifeforce of this land we all dwell in. It must be placed in contact with the earth to have an effect and its nature will always take on a healing role in some shape or form. Its exact nature will depend upon where it is placed.
Guard it well Cherry for it is one of the last remaining stones of its kind. In time perhaps you would consider returning with me to the Sisterhood. i know they would welcome one such as you.

With a smile and a slightly raised hand she vanished, and all that remained was the smell of freshly turned earth.

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Life is the Dance and Honor, the Dance is Death to those we oppose,
Honor is our salvation.
Without Honor the Dance is meaningless
forms and we are nothing.

Decardo Imier

Decardo Imier

    Knight of the Balance

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And so with time and many months of work the Lodestone is nurtured by Cherry. Slowly the crystal begins to grow as once more it beds itself into the Ley.

With the falling of Magincia Cherry managed to save many plants common and rare which she has planted around the Crystal. The essence of the Ley which once more has enfused the waters with its wondrous properties has served now in another way for it has reinvigorated the flora she has saved. So very quickly the plain Chamber has become a garden that inspires all who look upon it.

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Life is the Dance and Honor, the Dance is Death to those we oppose,
Honor is our salvation.
Without Honor the Dance is meaningless
forms and we are nothing.

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