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The moonlight shimmered across the snow covered ground as CK and Valmeer’s ethereal mounts prodded through the snow, in the distance the Yew winery loomed in the darkness but both men knew something was wrong as the sound of yelling and fighting rang out into the night. They pushed their mounts into a run and as they raced toward the fighting they saw a small fire was being put out by monks causing smoke to rise from one corner of the building.


A figure cloaked in black pulled a small blade from a monk and raced off into the night. Val peeled away from CK and took chase as the mage raced to help the fallen monk. It didn’t take long for the man on horse back to catch his prey.

“Halt!” Val screamed at the figure as he raced up along side of it

A dart was the cloaked figures only response and Val had to fall back sharply to keep from being hit in the face, the momentum forced the ethereal mount to rear and the man came crashing down to the ground. Instantly his Kyrss’s were in his hands as he came to his feet. The cloaked figure was on him in a flash with his Kyrss and dagger and the two danced a deadly dance, their blades glinting in the moonlight. Val worked his arms in fluid motion and his attacker matched him move for move, for the first time in years he knew he had met someone who was of equal skill. He smiled and the cloaked figure smiled back, he to was impressed. Truly if anyone had been watching they would have been in complete awe as the blades of the two combatants whirled so fast that the eye could not keep up with them, from time to time each man found an opening and steal would bite into armor or flesh but neither slowed nor stopped, to do so would mean death.

Val had the advantage though, his off hand weapon was longer and larger then the others dagger and more often then not it found its mark. He could tell that his opponent was being to tire from being hit by the Kyrss and when he did block with the dagger the small weapon wasn’t much of a defense. Knowing that he was in a fight he could not win the cloaked figure did a back flip to gain distance and sheathed his blades. Val did not attack, he had to much respect for the mans skill to kill him unarmed.


“It seems you have won the day master fencer, perhaps we can finish another time.” The cloaked figure chuckled

“Would love to” Val answered as a puff of smoke covered the man and he was gone.


He called his ethereal horse and started back to the winery, as the thrill of battle began to wear off he realized that he was tired and small wounds all along his ribs and arms trickled blood and burnt like fire. He shook it off as he always did and rushed back to CK. He found his friend talking with monks. The body of the monk who had been stabbed was covered with cloth and though the fire had not caused much damage there was a considerable damage to the building.

“Are you ok?” CK asked him taking notice of the mans wounds

“Aye, I’m fine but if I may be so bold. I don’t think we are dealing with common thieves” Val responded

“Indeed, I have little information to share, he covered his tracks well. These are professionals” CK told him

“Then perhaps it is time for us to step up our efforts” Val told him, locking eyes with his friend

“Aye, perhaps but only if we must” Ck answered and turned away. He had seen that look in his friend’s eye before, he once had carried it himself and he hoped it would not come to that.

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