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UOForums Holiday Deco Contest (2007/2008) ENTRY thread.

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I am really surprised that more people haven't entered the contest yet! Here is my entry.


Shard: Great Lakes

Facet: Fel (East side of Ice Isle right outside the werewolf cave)

Coordinates: 89.8'N 32.7'W

I can be contacted through a PM here or at bethcaldwell1123@yahoo.com


I am only posting 2D screenshots since parts of my house are still not there in KR. If anyone wants to stop over and see the place in KR, just let me know and I'll get you accessed. I hope you like my design and good luck to all who enter.









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The winter Holidays bring on lots of wonderful sounds, smells, tastes, and cherished memories. What better way to share these memories then to invite those you care for, and enjoy hanging out with, to visit your home and to see your dedicated workshop ...


I am proud to present ...


The Gingerbread Cookie Factory

Sonoma, Malas

Owner: Queen Mum

PM here or ICQ 168-812-018


One and all are welcome to stop by and enjoy passing the time away while having special treats baked daily by the chef ...




who diligently prepares goodies everyday found on the first floor...




while future chefs study the fine art of culinary and more on the second floor...




and Mum hopes to find time to relax a bit in her private quarters on the third floor...




because she knows tomorrow the Gingerbread Village Roof...




will be bustling again with activity and folks will stop by to enjoy the sweets and treats found at The Gingerbread Cookie Factory :D

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this is Bad Santa tower....Santa's bad brother who got sick of only the "good" people getting gifts...badsantatower1stfloor.jpg

he has his "Naughty list" beside him. I didn't realize that bad santa had trained his deer to crave human and elf flesh and I had made the mistake of putting the deer in the same room as my over night guests...and I woke to find them devoured and the deer very full and chewing on body parts.


A few deer even made it into the craft room.


On the roof I came to find his "Naughty Elf" who was the one who picked poor olga jewinkle's tower as their new home...


So I have bad santa in my home now and flesh eating deer. PLEASE DON"T FEED THE DEER!!!!!

Owner on the sign is Olga Jerwinkle (my alt) Tower's name is Bad Santa Tower located on Sonoma in Felucca of course!

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