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Five on Friday, June 2nd, 2006

- - - - - 2006 2nd friday june

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Guest_The Purple Llama_*

Guest_The Purple Llama_*
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From UO.com

June 2, 2006

1. Any plans to change or get rid of insurance or maybe even bring something in where everyone has their items blessed?
Darkscribe: No. With all the planning we are doing for so many different things, changing the insurance system is pretty far down the list. If you don’t like insurance, please play on Siege or Mugen. There are plenty of folks there waiting to take your stuff.

2. Do you have any ideas on how we can get more players to play in Felucca?
Darkscribe: Yes. First off, we have to make PvP and combat more balanced and more fun. "One template rules all" or "one set of high-level items rules all" isn’t fun. Also, "one hit, one kill, battle over before you know what happened" isn’t a good experience. So, we want to first fix the core mechanics of PvP. After that, then we’ll deal with the "why PvP?" question.

3. Any plans to add content or spruce up existing content in the original lands (Britannia itself)?
Darkscribe: Yes. I will continue to drop hints until someone has to sweep them up. Follow the clues within the in-game story arc involving Inu. Soon, there will be puzzles to solve that will lead players to an amazing revelation. If players don’t reveal the secret, then they’ll hear about it from a press release a couple weeks later, but I’m betting on the players to find it first.

4. I like some of the changes for PvP in pub 40, but you left in one of the most glaring problems: hit procs like hit lower defense, mana leech, etc. Any plans to address those anytime soon?
MrTact: Yes, we want to look into those, we just ran out of time. My current thought is to scale the amount of the effect based on the speed of the weapon, so a consistent amount of the effect is applied regardless of how fast your weapon is.

5. Got any changes planned in Pub41 for Bushido?
MrTact: Most of the stuff that was originally scheduled for pub 41 has been pushed back to a later date. So, no.

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