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*Drums beat out a steady rhythm to the footfalls of troops pushing their way from the woods. Ronin and Ninja pour into the streets from the North as the Yomotsu Warriors flank the City to the South. One by one the doors of the Citizens homes are layed to splinters, as the contents of each are ransacked.*


*From the center of town a Trumpet can be heard, as Okimoto strides through bodies and rubble strewn about the street.*


"Have you found the Chest?" Okimoto removes his helm, then peers down at an ornate gold box in the hands of one of his men.


The man lowers his eyes and raises the offering to his Lord. Okimoto opens the box and swiftly pulls forth the parchment....unrolling it with a flick of his wrist. A smile curls across his lips, as his eyes scan the words with haste. Reaching the end, Okimoto places the parchment back into the box, and gently closes the lid....


With a nod of his head, a man hidden among the shadows steps forward, taking the box up in his hands, and placing it in a pack. "Make haste....and be sure that Tanaka of the Yomotsu Warriors receives that package by nightfall." Okimoto runs his hand along his blade..."I know you shall not fail me". The man nods, never raising his eyes to meet Okimoto's....then, as quickly as he appeared...he is gone.


*One by one Ninja slip into shadow as the remaining troops fall back to the woods. Okimoto raises his chin, looking over the City of PaxOku....then vanishes*







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