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Where's the Invasion Finale...or Word of It?

- - - - - finaleor invasion word

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There is one HECK of a foobar going on over at Stratics as to who,what,where when and how.

Seems the finale didnt finalise,Jeremy didnt fulfil her role,and Draconi has been abducted by aliens from somewhere over the rainbow.
Here are just a few of the coments posted ,and finally 2 responses from the Communuity Co-ordinator.

Ill post a mix of positive/negative to maintain the balance.

You will have to make your own minds up :P

Connor Graham started the thread with a reasonable enough question

They've had a little over an hour now to come up with a well worded explanation as to what happened to the invasion finale...


Where is it?


Origin Shard News Reporter,

As I stated in the other thread....are we SURE they are still working off of Cali time? Remember they are en route to VA.....who's still in Cali? We know Jeremy is in Texas....but what about the others? WHERE are they? On a plane? Or...what? It's all a mess with the team right now I"m sure they don't know weather to scratch their watch or wind their....you know...*chuckles*

Give it some time.


Fran Furysays

Well it's 12:30 on the east coast

I understand what your saying though Larisa, the whole team is probably scattered and very busy packing up,moving,maybe some are unpacking etc.

I know Grim posted this morning in another thread. It is understandable to want an explanation or reason or anything on the topic of what happened to the invasion from someone official. Although I doubt we will get the great,well worded long explanation many are asking for..I mean, have we ever got that?


Connor Graham ,again ,quite rightly points out

'As I stated in the other thread....are we SURE they are still working off of Cali time?"

If they're not on Cali time, then all that means is they've had 3 hours to come up with an excuse instead of 1.

"It's all a mess with the team right now"

I understand that, but they ARE a business after all, and even with a move, someone's holding down the fort on both ends just in case something goes wrong.

Ya know, like things that were supposed to happen but didn't?

We've been patient all weekend long, and EA knows better than to give us a specified time and not deliver on it. For the first time in a LONG time I'm extremely disappointed in the team. Someone had to be there to flip the switch and turn the finale on, and when it didn't happen, that someone should have been sending up red flags, shooting off the flare gun, dialing 911, calling out the Nat'l Guard, and moving to defcon 1, as they KNEW they'd told us a specific time frame.

I'd just like to know why we're still looking at the same scenery, or what's left of it anwyay, in Magincia 2~ days AFTER the END of the original 24 hour time we were given.

I think we're all owed an explanation, if not an apology.


Staying positive,Larisaresponded to Fran Fury

*Laughs* I don't think so!

I just...I know people are frusterated...and maybe the 24 hour thing shouldn't have been posted if they knew this weekend was going to be hectic...maybe they really WANTED to do it this weekend but lost track of time....who knows.

Yes it would be nice for someone..ANYONE...to come on here and say "Hey...sorry guys...." I don't even wanna KNOW what happened...why it's late....I'd just like something from someone. I know alot of people are not as forgiving as me....but a simple "Hey guys we're sorry...this weekend was crazy we'll get to this as soon as we can"

This is why Jeremy HATES posting specific times...cus what did everyone do this weekend? Or ALMOST everyone? *sits patiently by the moongate waiting....*

Hopefully we'll hear something soon. *crosses fingers*


pallas started off amused by it all

LOL even if things were hectic you'd think ONE DEV might... just might... have noticed by logging into UO that the finale was not under way.

Oddly, no one answered this weekend. No one noticed. Hm... maybe they were having a WoW of a good time? Just something to consider...

This is another reason why I feel most of the UO team (including Jeremy) are not very dedicated to UO. If they did not notice ppl were wondering why nothing was actually going on... well, that's just pathetic. Maybe if they, you know, LOGGED IN AND PLAYED they might have picked up on this.

His tune changed a little later though after Jeremy responded with


I think we are being ignored , or Draconi blew himself up....

The former is not true; I'm beginning to get a bit worried about the latter.

E. Jeremy Dalberg
UO Community Coordinator
EA Mythic


This caused severely hot flames but not the type people were hpoping for in game :P

Desperado got in first to ask

If the former is not true, why post in other threads over the weekend (Sunday) and then again today before this post, but never say a word in regards to the invasion until now? Just curious as to your reasoning behind that and to how you can construe it to not be ignoring your customers...

Lady Sounder gave a reasonable explanation as to what may of happened

Sounds like from her post that she hasn't heard from Draconi herself and doesn't know what the heck is going on.


pallas came back all guns blazing in response to Jeremy

If this passes as humor I think you might wish to look into some classes.

Also... you took basically all day to respond and yet, amazingly, you ALSO did not answer what is going on. Color me unsurprised.

......The answer is simple: she is not doing her job well. *shrugs*

A forthcoming, TIMELY answer would have been nice.

Perhaps if some of the team logged into UO once in a while they might have noticed it themselves. Seriously, they are a business but yet there are very obvious issues with coordination, teamwork, and execution over at EAMthic with the UO team.


Which a reasonable person (read: not an EA employee) would have told their customers that there was a problem with the schedule and that every effort was being made to get it sorted out, followed by an apology for the delay and a promise to keep said customers updated with new information as it comes about. Of course, the above doesn't apply to anything related to EA, as its a reasonable process, which is something that EA doesn't understand as of yet.


Dante Signas tried to pour some calm on the situation

Well your damned if you do and damned if you don't with this crowd.

I'm sure she had good reason not to say anything till now.

The more pressing question now is are we getting it today or not.



Some one let Cellmate out to post

Malice123:I think we are being ignored , or Draconi blew himself up....
Jeremy: "The former is not true; I'm beginning to get a bit worried about the latter.

Reference: The Former:

Hmm, really? So, apart from the stalled Mag event finale, you remain blissfully unaware that there's no Salvage Bags on Oceania yet? A little item I and others have posted reference to in several threads over the past 4 or 5 days, including this one?
Not one word of acknowledgment, not a single "We're looking into it" or some other similar throw away, that at least tells people you have actually noticed that some paying subscribers have an issue? Not ignored? Merely overlooked? Unaware?

Let me tell you Jeremy, if it looks like a dog, smells like a dog, barks like a dog, bites like a dog and is often seen chasing cars...odds are it's a dog.

Reference: The Latter: How about this? Draconi went out with CatHat and a few other departing UO staffies for a farewell drink or ten...got wasted, some smart dude from Pandemic/Bioware spotted him in the bar, got him to sign-up to their MMO team and forced him to sign a NDA and now he's looking for someplace to rent in Vancouver?

I bet that bit where it hurts,but it sure brought a sharp toothed response back

I'm sorry if that was unclear - it's Draconi's event, and I can't find Draconi. (Not having an office at the moment makes this sort of thing a wee bit tricky.) When I run him down, I will wring an explanation out of him.

Cellmate, I have sent squads of assassins to slaughter the unsatisfactory shopkeepers. I believe you will find their replacements much more... cooperative.

(Why, yes, I'm feeling a bit bloody-minded today. Can't imagine why.)

E. Jeremy Dalberg
UO Community Coordinator
EA Mythic


Gheed responded to palls's rather harsh coments to support the dev's by saying

We did get a timely answer. Some folks need it spelled out for them though. She acknowledged another issue on the boards this weekend. I am very certain that in acknowledging the other issue, she did not miss the umpteen posts about the invasion fizzling out. Nor did she miss any of them today.

Her job as UO Community Coordinator does not make her property of stratics. Her employer probably has strict rules about discussing issues such as these before the properly notifying responsible parties for an assessment and time frame for the fix. Simply stating "Ya we know about it" would have only prompted another wave of fire.

Since she has not notified Draconi who seems to be MIA, mums the word until this is resolved. As for Draconi, well he is being relocated cross country away from friends and co-workers. He has put many late hours and weekends into this event thus far. Due to the overwhelming stress of his job atm, I could give a flying mongbat's rump if he decides to take a long weekend.

What's left of this team is making a very big change now. They are human. They can't just jump on a plane and land in their desks at VA to get right to work. Cut'em some slack and save yourself the frustration while your at it.


OP Connor though was mindful to say thanks to Jeremy's first response

Thank you for the update Jeremy. Please keep us posted as to when/if you do finally track him down.

Has anyone checked the Amish communites in Utah?


His mood changed some what after J's second post though

Cellmate, I have sent squads of assassins to slaughter the unsatisfactory shopkeepers. I believe you will find their replacements much more... cooperative.

And this would be on Oceania? You did send them off to the right place? Any heads-up on an ETA? Right now the Provisioners here are being every bit as belligerent and unhelpful as ever?

Oh and, if this is a fix in the pipeline(the situation remains Un-Salvageable as we speak) thanks for that.....finally.

Want to toss out an explanation as to why and how you managed to forget about this shard and the paying subscribers here for so long in the first place, particularly since you have posted to the very threads in which I and others have canvassed the issue?
Which is basically the total thrust of the issue, not the bags themselves, just the fact that one shard didn't get them, and remained that way for a week before even an acknowledgment from EAMythic that something was amiss. I call it being deliberately ignored, you may have another term.

Far be it for one such as I to expect some sort of apology from your goodselves for the oversight and snub, but at the least it would show a tad of concern if a reason was proffered.


Some joined in with pallas's pov

Maybe Jeremy does not want to relocate to VA so she is giving EA a reason to terminate her employment?

As a former receptionist/secretary/office manager who handled all the dealings with customers I would been fired already.

er...I'm editing this so no one thinks I'm advocating Jeremy's dismissal because I certainly am not. Just saying I had to chime in even when I had no real info to give. And I had some UHall types.


Evilminion tried to lighten the mood

Cellmate, take a deep breath and repeat after me: "It's just a videogame... it's just a videogame..." If it's going to make you unhappy, then for pity's sake, just stop playing it and go knit something for a while. Or go outside and play with the dog. Or watch some TV. Read a book. Hit the local pub. Chat up a member of the opposite gender (or the same gender, if you swing that way). Play a little football. Or any of the other inordinate number of things there are to do in this massive world. Perhaps with a bit of fresh air and perspective, you won't give yourself a frothing ulcer over something as inconsequential as a virtual bag in an imaginary world.

As for myself, I just hope the missing dev is okay, and that everyone involved in this transition period -- whether they're going, staying, or changing companies -- gets through the experience as smoothly and with as little personal stress as possible. It's hard enough to face the prospect of rebuilding a team, let alone to bring the new folks up to speed on ten years' worth of legacy code: best of luck to you all!

With that said, of course, I still want cannons and a chance to blow holy hell out of what's left of Magincia...


It didnt work on pallas though

As a former receptionist/secretary/office manager who handled all the dealings with customers I would been fired already.

er...I'm editing this so no one thinks I'm advocating Jeremy's dismissal because I certainly am not. Just saying I had to chime in even when I had no real info to give. And I had some UHall types.


I supervise 11 group homes, the clients who reside in said homes, ALL the staff who work at these homes AND work as a liason for guardians, the county and the day providers.

They all expect on time answers, call backs and SERVICE. Even when I don't have an answer, I'm expected to give a call back to say where I am on it ASAP... ESPECIALLY when an issue arises out of the norm.

Forgive me if I'm not as dismissive as some of you. Jeremy has a 'cake' job where she answers questions when she wants at her own time. Seriously. What she does is not rocket science or overly taxing. Some of our fees go to pay her and if she's not doing her job I really feel like someone who CAN do an adequate job should be doing it.


Personally I am in agreement with bioras post which simply said.

Evilminion, I think that was one of the wisest posts I have ever read here. Well said.


As no more was posted yet from EA I shall give the some what cont.negative last post to the OP

Evilminion, you miss the point here. As I have said many times before, it's not the Bag or any other item you care to name...it's the fact that we all, as paying subscribers, should expect and feel entitled to the same treatment across the whole service, same money, same game, same world should mean equity for all that subscribe.
That clearly often isn't the case, and there may well be very good reasons for the fact we are not all given the same experience for our money.
An explanation of these possible reasons could easily prove satisfactory, but there is never one forthcoming.
In this particular case, the issue was raised when this addition to the game was first made..it has been repeated many times since, PMs sent, reported as a bug, all the usual things you would expect anyone to reasonably do to have it looked into.
Not a word from the 'powers that be' on it until today...over a week later.

By taking our money, EA does contract with us to provide the service, always maintaining the right to alter the service they provide or even cancel it.
My issue is that in fulfilling their end of the deal, I believe that they should at the least treat all paying subscribers equally or provide some reasonable explanations as to why that is not possible.
They never do that, and as I said in another related thread, now and then it gets up your nose that for no apparent good reason, some of us are treated as less than equal to others while still paying the same freight.

Just wait until the next expansion, if there will ever be another, and you will see history repeat itself in that there will be the usual Pre-Order baits dangled, sundry other enticements offered....but I can bet that it will apply only to those within Mainland USA and Canada...and you'll see and hear players from other places around the world almost begging to be included.
It has happened every time, much kicking and screaming and gnashing of teeth before whatever the deal is gets offered and available in Europe, Australia, New Zealand...you name it. It's the norm for EA's marketing people in the States, they simply can't see past North America.
This tiny item is merely another example of the same thing.

Edit: Worth adding that, as of a few minutes ago, almost 5 hours since the squads of Assassins were dispatched to slaughter the uncooperative shopkeepers, there's still not a Salvage bag to be bought on the shard. I expect there'll be no change to this until server up tomorrow...but that might have been stated by Jeremy, just to clarify how quickly the said Assassins were to be deployed...I did ask about an ETA nicely, you know, lol.




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Whilst I was busy putting this report together
Draconi has posted


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