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So now that the fast spawn rate in fel error has been fixed...

- - - - - error fast fel fixed rate spawn

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Yesterday Sarsmi asked

...can we talk about getting the spawn adjusted so it is faster as a benefit to hunting in fel? It's so agonizingly slooow now that I keep wishing a pk would show up and put me out of my misery.


Fayled Dreams wondered

hehehehe .... well ... hehehe .... k ...
... are ya still getting the proper double resources ?


I think so,[replies Sarsmi I killed a harpy earlier and got 100 feathers. I think that's double from what it normally is?


Lilac Crypt racked her brain to try remember some thing she had seen posted.

See, I swear that was an intended thing, but I'll be damned if I can find the post that said it was.

Something about keeping pvp areas challenging because.. ah hell, I can't even remember which dev posted it or when. It was half the danger in hunting there, cause you'd be engaged with spawn and the first pvper that showed would deal some serious damage. "The increased spawn rate in Felluca will..," and then my memory just craps out.

Near on seven years I've been at this game, six of them in Fel.. and the dungeon spawn was ALWAYS doubled. Insta spawn rates made for some very, very fast running on my part. Still does.

Now if things are being changed to shut down the 'faucet of gold' well.. poop. Bags of sending have already been nerfed. For anyone brave enough to actually run all the way in and out.. that's a pretty harsh switch.

There has to be some other thinking here, cause it makes no sense to me.


Lord Frodo linked us to the following statement ( I cant show the link ,atm, as reported in another thread .uo.com is having problems atm)

In order to provide incentives for some of Britannia’s braver citizens such that they have reason to spend more time in Felucca, we will institute several measures that are intended to increase the reward for adventuring in Felucca.

Felucca will have much of its spawn modified to include fewer monsters overall, yet a much higher percentage of medium to high-end monsters (liches, daemons, ancient wyrms, blood elementals, etc…), and far fewer low-end monsters (slimes, rats, snakes, headless’, etc…).

Mines, trees, sheep, will produce double the normal resources in Felucca, as will all creatures that produce leather or feather resources.
Monsters in Felucca will provide more fame and karma.


Dermott of LS summed up the quote.


So, in effect, that statement is saying that the spawn NUMBERS are not increased, but that it's slanted more towards higher end spawn.

Personally, I'd rather see them make systems like Factions into working, inviting systems that draw people in for the system itself than continue to try "carrot on a stick" lures to draw people over.

Fix Factions and let Felucca (and by extension PvP) stand on its OWN merits.


Jeremy replied

We can certainly look at the spawn rate overall, but this particular bug was affecting more than just Fel, and it was waaaay too much. (Anyone else get driven nuts by the library quest, because the critters in the desert would respawn before you had time to loot them?)

E. Jeremy Dalberg
UO Community Coordinator
EA Mythic


Jeremy's reply brought this response from Fox (Europa)

You might think it was waaaaay too much but the people paying the people paying your wages were OK with it and did you ever see one single complain about it? No.

If you did it to slow up scripters then you already did it with the BoS changes. Just put it back how it was and find something else to tinker with until you break it, preferably something in Tram.


Finally athos [uo] posted these findings for us

I think of the next story:

- At first, the spawn of Felucca was pretty fast, because of "risk vs reward".

- But when SE was introduced, the spawn rate of Felucca was lowered everywhere including champ spawn spot through an unkown bug.

- Players claimed about this. Speedman made a bandaid fix for it. He accelerated the rate of spawn not only in the champ spawn area but also in the entire subserver, but he commented only "Champ spawn monsters aren't spawning fast enough to let players kill them fast enough to advance the spawn. Let's speed it up", although he had the reasen to speed up the rate of spawn of the entire subserver.

- Wilki read the comment of speedman and thought that the dev had accelerated the spawn rate mistaken, so he had let the fix for the entire subserver off except the champ spawn aera. As a result, the spawn rate of the entire subserver except the champ spawn area is lowered than it was intended at first.

I think the fix of speedman was, so to say, a bandaid fix. And Wilki has fixed it so that the devs in future could control the rate of spawn at their will. Then we can request it to the new dev team so that the rate of spawning corresponds to the "risk vs reward".

Cf. Wilki's post and my post of this thread.

Here is the post by speedman when he fixed the spwan rate:

Lycaeum Net [October 2004]

Comment: Champ spawns are stupid slow. we have done 3 since the patch today. All of them take 3 times as long to complete. Not because they are harder, but u are constantly waiting on the critters to spawn. If you kill everything u have to wait for it to spawn again, which takes a few minutes. A Long few minutes which at the lower levels it resets the alter.

Planned or just something to slow us champ hunters down?

Leurocian: In case the SE team hasn't seen this thread, I'll forward it to them for investigation.

Comment: Been hunting around various spots and the spawn rate is incredibly slow. Tram, Fel, and Ish. Ed-This is on Napa

speedman: Thanks for reporting this! There is a problem with the spawning systems on the shards with the Samurai Empire publish (Lake Superior, Napa, Asuka and TC1 LS Test). We're looking into this problem and will let you know more later.


speedman: A fix for the spawner system was published tonight to TC1 LS Test, Lake Superior, Napa Valley and Asuka. This should fix the speed at which monsters spawn everywhere on the shard, not just with champion spawns.

Comment: Are you sure it's just SE cause I notice something like that on LA...

speedman: Yes, it's only the SE shards. Lake Austin hasn't been published with the Samurai Empire code yet so the spawner system is still functioning normally.



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