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2o7.net when using UO registration site?

- - - - - 2o7net registration site uo

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    Polar Bear Queen

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Hi all -

When I was editing some of my account information on the ultima-registration.com web site, I saw that the site was waiting for data to be transferred from the domain address 102.112.2o7.net. Since that's a suspicious looking domain name (made to look like an IP address), I looked it up. It is owned by a company called "Omniture" and their privacy policy indicates that they place cookies on behalf of their clients, who use them for "business optimization." (See: http://www.omniture.com/privacy/2o7)

Does anybody know who I can contact at EA to make sure that this is legit and not some scammer hijacking my session?

Does anybody else see data loading from that address when they use the UO registration site (you can see where data is loading from in the bottom left corner of your web browser)?

Yes, I'm a bit paranoid, but those who know me know why. :-/




    Former Owner

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Hmm not me, I only see EA/UO related domains
I'm using Firefox to, but haven't noticed that domain in the status area.



    Mindless Muse

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Ad-Aware catches 2o7.net spyware frequently for the last few years when i run it.
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    Advanced Member

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I suspect it's picking it up 'indirectly'.

You see the text at the bottom of the account management page, right most link is to 'Try AOL Free'? That page certainly uses Omniture.

Edit - Hah, it's actually not even that... if you look at the source for the EA account management page, you find :

"<!-- Start of Omniture tag: Please do not remove -->

<!-- SiteCatalyst code version: H.0.
Copyright 1997-2005 Omniture, Inc. More info available at http://www.omniture.com -->
<script language="javascript"><!--
/* Specify the Report Suite ID(s) to track here */
var s_account="eaeacom,eaplatformna,eaeabrandna,eaeacomna"
var s_imageDisableFlag=0
<script language="JavaScript" src="/webcore/omniture/s_code_remote_v02.js"></script>
<script language="JavaScript">
/* You may give each page an identifying name, server, and channel on
the next lines. */
s_ea.prop7="EA : : my account : account : Member Info"
s_ea.prop16="Unset : Unset : Unset : Unset"

Looks like EA are using Omniture to track people moving through their own website - not uncommon, a lot of companies collect data about how customers move through their pages.

Edit again ... And I ran a search on google for Omniture and Electronic Arts - first hit was a job vacancy at EA, part of the job description :

"Experience with Omniture (our Web Analytics tool) is a nice-to-have"

Nothing to worry about, but well spotted!



    Polar Bear Queen

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Thanks for the research, Aurelius! I stumbled across that as I was leaving for work and went into full-on paranoia mode!

I use Firefox and I'm on a Mac with OS X Leopard, so I was thinking spyware wasn't the most likely explanation, but you never know!

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