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Changes to Solen Powder Quest...

- - - - - powder quest solen

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Queen Mum

Queen Mum

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Good or Bad?

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4 or 5??? at 10 stone limit? Who are they kidding? 50 stone limit, sure.

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Maybe they could have nerfed the bags or the quest, but not both together. Now they are both pretty pointless.

Chloe la Mare

Chloe la Mare

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agreed... no point in using them, might aswell recall to the bank >.<


Vesper Milita



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Thanks again Maddux!

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A quote from the FoF I would like to discuss...

Economics is one of my favorite subjects...

"Why was the Bag of Sending nerfed?"
The short answer is, to curb inflation. The longer answer involves some metaphors, so bear with me a moment.

UO's economy was designed on the "faucet/sink" model. Imagine a faucet that pours gold into the world. Now imagine various drains - "gold sinks" - that the gold flows away into. The goal of the system is for the level of gold in the world to remain approximately even, and that's done by adjusting the rate of the flow in and the size of the drains out.

In UO, the "faucets" are the various NPCs that give players gold - monsters you can loot, escorts or quests that give gold as a reward, etc. The drains are any NPC or system that takes gold away from players - the insurance system is a big one, as are player vendor fees. (Player-to-player trades are NOT sinks - moving the gold around within the world doesn't change the overall amount of money in it.)

The Bags of Sending were increasing the rate of flow of gold from monster loot - that faucet was pretty much cranked as wide as it would go. This has been overwhelming the drains and increasing the amount of money in the world, which lowers the actual value of gold - this is what economists mean by "inflation." Changing the Bags of Sending to make farming for gold less profitable will slow down that flow and hopefully slow down the rate of inflation - which will raise prices in the short run but lower them substantially in the long run, as the drains pull money out of the world and the actual value of gold goes up.

Now, MMO economics are far from an exact science, and the system will no doubt require further tweaking, but this is a step in the right direction."

Now, I think the BoS change IS bad, very bad... and I believe the reasoning in the quote about, the Quantity of gold in the economy having a direct effect on its overall worth, IS true...

and in Economics there are several ways to combat this "Inflationary" effect....

-Reducing Gold looted, IS one way of doing it...
But changing the way BoSes work does NOT accomplish this in any way... Reducing the amounts of Gold dropped as Loot, would do a much better job, IMO...

-Another way to drain gold out of this economy would be to increase "sinks" in the world... Pricing overall and items offered are two ways of doing that...

If they were to offer so called "Rare" items on NPC vendors thoughout the game world, they could "control" the economy better... By competing with the players for sales, you could Increase or Decrease pricing at will...

The Game NPC mechanics already works that way with common resources such as regular Wood or Iron ingots... as players purchase them the price rises... as players sell to them, the price goes down...

But, they NEVER offer Valorite ingots ever, in any quantity.... and IF I sell valorite ingots to them, they are as dumb as a rock and only offer me 7gps for each...

They could have been alittle creative in solving the Gold problems... Instead they Hacked BoSes... and caused Mega inflation on powders...




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Didn't realize that the powder quest was changed at all. Still get a 2:1 turn in ratio up 100 powders. As far as only getting 4-5 powder along with the BoS quest? Didn't bother me at all.:icon_neutral:

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