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Eric the Red rode into New Haven. His adversary insisted on meeting with him, but Eric would only meet him on neutral ground. Otherwise the two would probably try and kill each other.


The Shadow sat at one of the tables overlooking the center of town. Sitting on the table was one of his chessboards.


"I didn't come to play games, Shadow! You said you had information for me."


The Shadow pointed at the chair across from him. Eric sat reluctantly, his eyes went to the chessboard. He noticed new pieces, people from other shards have made their way in.


The Shadow smiled as he noticed Eric studying the board, "I've been around."


"So I've heard."

"Magincia is under attack."

"So I've heard."


Eric leaned back as he took that in. "Why do you care? Why.." there was a flash across his face, "You don't know who they are! They are a threat to your plans!"

"No need to be smug, Eric. What's the old saying, The enemy of my enemy.."

"Is still better than you."

"Eric, we must set aside our differences. You need my knowledge, my unique perspective in this. You need someone that knows evil."

"I think I know it fairly well."

The Shadow laughed, "You flatter yourself! You're like a child that just learned the alphabet and considers himself a writer. Perhaps I should have gone directly to Winfield. He will listen to me."

"Then go to him. He's a good man, I'm sure he will listen."

"And Lake Superior? Your son?"

"What about them?"

"You activities of late have put you in a position to share my knowledge with the other shards. Even as we speak, my astral form is there..inside the rift! I've been watching the attackers.. learning."

"Fine! What have you learned?"

"The demons seem to be coming out of the rift."

"We know.."

"AND.. I've seen some go back in."

"Going back? Why? Are they.."

"Looking for something? Perhaps. Now.. the rift has gotten taller. Why?"

Eric thought for a moment, "The weakening of the barrier between our dimensions?"

"A possibility. Or, do they need a bigger rift in order to move something bigger thru?"

"Bigger? Like.." Eric froze just contemplating the thought of a three story tall demon. They were having enough trouble with the Dark Fathers.


"That's why I came to you. Now go. Tell your friends."


Eric got up and quietly left. He gave a last glance back before recalling out. He left to check out his friends on Europa. Perhaps Decardo could make some use out of the information. He would have to find the High Council and let them know. If there is a huge demon on the way, better to know in advance.

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