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Something terribly wrong with the invasion...? Causing lag!

- - - - - causing invasion lag terribly wrong

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As I played last night I noticed terrible lag and rubberbanding.I popped over to Stratics to see if any one else was experiencing the same ,and if a dev had any explanation.

Crysta had nailed the problem in her thread as I have posted below.

Today on LS... a lot of items have doubled up or been replaced on Magincia... every tree has a fresh new green canopy on it (including blackened ones), there are stacks of plants in some places, and a small group of plants and trees behind one of the houses has converted back into non-destructible items. There are trees that have 1 section unburned now, and everything that had been taken as rubble has all respawned (there are 11 rocks around our moongate now ). What went wrong?

I suggest bringing the shard down again and reverting to the last backup, cause this just doesn't feel right. Its like everything good and bad thats happened during the invasion has suddenly been reverted with no explanation.


Zym Dragon suggested

Maybe items are doubled up/re-spawning so everyone will have a better chance to get some rubble, once it's turned on?


Crysta's investigation continued,and she has found the problem

Yeah, its a second post by me rather than an edit, but I think its better to have this seperated.

I decided to go log onto Atlantic seeing as their shard was one of the few that I knew that actually had some massive holes in the buildings.


All of the buildings that were hit have been patched up, but still have all of the "destroyed building" stuff and displaced walls scattered around. Something is REEEEEEEALLY wrong. Kinda doubt that has anything to do with "better chances".

And if they don't take the shards down soon and revert to correct it, it will have been too long for them to be able to.


Basically all the rubble from the 'explosions' remains,while all the 'damage' has been repaired,thus presenting twice the amount of items.As Crysta points out we have the 'before and after' effects now in place which is causing serious problems.


Esmerelda just wants her 'morning glories' ...............odd girl *winks*

If I understood Draconi right, that few rubble pieces that spawned at the beginning of the invasion were only a test.
The real rubble action is about to begin I think, hence the 2 pairs of every plant and other items. Maybe rubble hasnĀ“t anything todo with magincia getting destroyed. It could be that we will still be able to defend magincia, even after the demons damaged the buildings and surrounding. And what would a successfull defended city be, if there were no walls left?

Oh! I nearly forgot!
Draconi! Bring on the rubble!!
*drools at the morning glories*


Crysta commented on some thing Draconi had implied previously

And if I understood him right, this event was supposed to have shard specific consequences for our actions or inactions. Guess what? Almost all of the ones in the past two weeks of the event just got reprieved.

Aside from the new deco, some burned plants, and the missing moongate, its as if the invasion just started today and absoloutely everything that has happened up to this point has vanished..


MaryForUo had her own opinion

Crysta, i really miss the point!

looks like you are taken care about someone
can get rubble like you get!
I think that everyone must have a chance to get rubble, like daemon blood tiles...artifact..etc...

dont you think so?


humm maybe you are talking about lag...
but i doubt it


If you;'re trying to say im angry because im greedy,its not that.. money is one of the things I don't really care about in game, an neither is protecting the rarity of anything I own. I'd love it if every person in the game could get as much rubble as they want.. its great for decoration. But doing so at the cost of reversing everything that's happened AND massively increasing lag just doesn't seem right. Besides, I doubt this was done on purpose anyway... Drac seemed to want to cause as much destruction as possible, not magically make it all better.

I see a few devs getting online today, seeing whats going on, and going into panic mode.


for some reason i feel that this was intentional (for the most part), perhaps not multiple tiles, but the restructuring of buildings, and replacing the already looted debris. Draconi said the first round of rubble was a test.....and he said the missing artwork on buildings was not rubble, nor intentional, shoddy workmanship i beleive he called it. I beleive that today they tried to implement some changes to the art to get it to look like it was intended, but had some unforseen side effects, I.E. multiple tiles of same artwork......but dont fret, if they went through all this trouble...it cant be too much longer till rubble is activated


Crysta carried on reporting her findings

I looked into it a bit more, and I was right.. every single item on the island has been doubled.. that is, a whole new layer of items was placed over the existing one. Try picking up something thats stuck to the ground.. before it would vanish before snapping back, but now there will be another copy of it still on the ground.

There's no way that they duplicated the entire island on purpose.


Napa is the same, terrible terrible lag. If you go into a building, o'man be ready for the ultimate in slooooooooooo motionnnnnnn.


So lag reported,and problem identified.


Can we get an official explanation as to what is up with the lag and doubled items please?
Crysta asks.

Draconi steps up to respond.

Just so everyone knows, something did go horribly wrong.

I won't insult anyones' intelligence by claiming it's too complex to explain, but wow, the factors involved in this kind of bug appearing are incredibly... unlikely. So, yeah, apparently the server decided to pull a fast one on us, and coincidentally, it's one of the same things that was once responsible for server rares :P

Anyways, we have a manual fix for it, and will be implementing it shortly. Since LS has done the honors, we'll test there first.

Your progress thus far has not been lost, nor will you be forced to start from scratch again. Each shard will have their individuality restored without a revert.

Sorry about that!
- Drac

Tim "Draconi" Cotten - UO Designer - EA Mythic


That seemed to please Crysta

Im guessing that means the server kept a record of what items happened to have been created new at server-up then? :P

Thanks Drac.. kinda figured it wasn't supposed to be happening. :P

and Larissa too

*Bows* Thank you very much Draconi....at least you won't have to revert Origin, nothing was missing! *grins* Just kidding.

Having a blast so far, this moongate thing is REALLY interesting, nice effects...anyone else notice ghosts appearing by the rift when the lightning strikes the ground???

Very cool stuff.


Everything seems to be back to how it was last night on LS now... not sure about the lag being less now or not (need to play more to see), but the extra item layer is gone. Thank you, Drac.





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yea ...i noticed the bad lag too Tabbitha...thanks for the info
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I just wonder if its going to bring up any new server rares ............hmmmm

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