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The Sticky Magincia Invasion Thread - Tips & Tricks

- - - - - invasion magincia sticky thread tips tricks

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Senior News Adminastrator piotr,has put together a great thread of tips and tricks all about the Magincia invasion.

If you dont want to know,please DO NOT READ ,thanks.

Connor Graham wrote:

Where To Go:

Far South/East Trinsic Docks

The Teleporter is the Boat docked at the pier with 2 guards standing in front of the gangway. Step onto boat and you will be teleported to Magincia.

Warning- Be in War mode and ready to fight before you teleport.

Corpses of both invaders and defenders have been seen lying on the Magincia docks at the teleport destination.

What You Will Find-

Depending on what stage the event is in, you will find the following creatures-

Dark Father, [along with the various summonable creatures the DF can create.]


Bone Daemon

Arcane Daemon

Chaos Daemon




Void Daemon

Light Daemon

Berserker Daemon

Devourer of Souls

What To Kill-

Specifically for drops, kill the following:

Dark Father- Possible multiple Cursed Doom artifacts. (backpack drop)

Berserker Daemon- Berserker Scythe (corpse looted drop)

Light Daemon- Staff of Pyros (corpse looted drop) and/or Cursed Doom artifact (backpack drop)

Void Daemon- Vorpal Blade (corpse looted drop) and/or Cursed Doom artifact (backpack drop)

Bone Daemon- Possible multiple Cursed Doom artifacts (backpack drop)

Possible multiple Cursed Doom artifacts (backpack drop)

Devourer of Souls- Cursed Doom artifact (backpack drop)

All demons have the chance to spawn after killing any of the non loot dropping creatures, so the more demons you kill that don't drop loot, the more demons will spawn that DO drop loot. I encourage everyone to kill anything that moves to up the loot dropping creatures' spawn rate.

Also Found-

Daemon Blood:

Daemon Blood tiles may be found at the corrupted moongate. A clear indication that they are about to spawn will be an increase in spawn around the gate. Once this rush of attackers slows, you will see the corpses disappear, and leave behind bright colored pools of blood. There will be darker pools also, that can be seen by using Ctl/Shift. These are lootable, but hurry to get them, as everyone else that is up at the gate area is after them also, including the stealthers that remained hidden waiting for the blood to spawn.

Lady Nico postet on Rare Collectors: [/B]

Posted Image

This *appears* to be the full set. I have about 15 or so with the "large splash" (at lower left) being the only one for which I don't have a duplicate.

As it's early days yet, it's pretty hard to say which (if any) might be more or less difficult to find than the others.:)


Helpful Hints-

Bring Orange Petals- Every loot dropping demon with the exception of the Berserker and Void Daemon has the ability to poison you, along with Rotting Corpses, Liches, Lich Lords, and other lesser spawn that the Dark Father summons. Orange Petals will be your best friend in the middle of a full on assault. Archers or Bushido swordsman/fencers using one handed weapons are encouraged to bring Greater Heal potions.

Bring Melisande's Wine or Greater Explosion potions- If you are a non melee/archer type class, these will up your damage to the loot dropping monsters, increasing your chance at a drop. Mel's Wine is recommended as it does more damage than the Greater Explosion potions.

Bring LOTS of bandages if you have healing, and I would also recommend a secondary method of healing. If you don't have one of the spell based methods of healing, or use only those, then bring Greater Heal potions.

Be prepared to make repairs frequently- Between the fire fields, spell casters, and physical damage you will take, keep a close eye on equipment durability, as it drops VERY quickly. The last thing you want is to lose the protection of a piece of armor.

Dark Fathers- If you find yourself one on one against a DF (or in a situation where you have multiple creatures attacking you and you are close to the docks), drag the DF behind you to the cannon area set up at the front of the docks. These cannons will one shot kill any creature that gets within range.

Berserker Daemons- To do the most damage to these, a Mythic weapon is required. Any of the Mystic, Vanquishing or Power weapons from the previous Desipse and Ophidian invasions will work, along with any that can be looted from the creatures that are currently spawning. In my experience, the normal Daemons seem to have the most of these drop, mainly because there are so many of them and they have a large item drop on each corpse.

Rezzing- There is a healer set up on the docks (along with a banker that wasn't scared off, I'm guessing they're getting hazard pay) that can rez you. If you see someone in the field that needs a rez, do so, as the person that you rez now, may be the same one that rezzes YOU 5 minutes later. It's much easier to get back and find your corpse if you're not having to run from the moongate to the docks and back.

Posted Image

Posted Image

That's about all I can think of atm, please feel free to add.


Lady Nico added some more useful info and pics.

Great post, Piotr!

It's been pointed out there is a sixth daemon blood tile and the full known set now looks like this:-

Posted Image


Important News for REDS:- There is an invulnerable Priest of Mondain/Red Healer also now permanently stationed along the coast North East of the island.


Next Connor was good enough to post some thing he forgot...

To add something I'd forgotten the first go round...


For mages, Earthquake and Earth Elementals are the way to go.

Physical damage ONLY for Berserkers if you want looting rights.

Sorry Tamers, pets aren't cutting it with them. Put the pets away and get the Earthies out.


Here's a picture of the staff

Posted Image


Rewrote the event doc here with a bunch of new hints and info (basically compiled everything into one place.)

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A break through at last! After much bitter fighting tonight I followed a rumour up that spellweavers could entice or drown the deamons with magical thunderstorms that had holed themselves up under the raised area in north Magincia. I'm yet to see if it works with those who do the same under the boughs of trees underground. But I remain hopeful.

OOC Spellweavers use Thunderstorm against stuck creatures.

Lord Mord Mhor

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wow, all the info i was wondering about....thx tab

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Thanks Tabbitha- good tips! :)

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