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How to properly transfer items between your chars.

- - - - - chars items properly transfer

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    Lil' Scamp

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I posted this in stratics, but I'll post it here, too.

First thing's first. (2d Client instructions.) Open paperdoll, hit OPTIONS tab, hit the lower-left tab to set a macro. I prefer to have "-" set as the button usage. This is the button on the extreme upper-right of you keyboard, next to the number keys on the right side. Scroll down in the menu until you get "CircleTrans." APPLY, Okay. Open Options again, hit the "UO" symbol on the left side, under "Misscelaneous" you get the option for "Set radius of transparency." Turn this up to max. APPLY, OKAY.

Second step, buy a backpack from the inn keeper or provisoner NPC. It only costs 15gp in Tram. Go to an city inn that you scouted out earlier and have found out for a fact that very few people if anyone goes there. Turn on circle transparency macro so you can see through the walls. Drop the bag in a spot which might be obscured by a wall. Turn off the circle transparency. Did the bag "disappear" from normal sight? If not, try again. Make sure nobody sees you doing this. Tell no one what you're doing. If the bag "disappears," you've found a sweet spot. Now turn on circle transparency again. Pick up the bag. Logout.

Login your other character. Park him/ her in the same inn area as the first one. Login the first char. Put whatever you want to transfer in the hiding bag. Hide it as instructed above. Log out. Login the recipient character. Take the bag. Congratulations, you've just learned the most important skill in the game!

Places to NEVER do this: Britain City West. Too many idiots in this city. If you must transfer in Britain, go to EAST Britain, find an inn there. Try it in a top secret location that only you know about. Never tell other players your hiding spots.

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Figuered this out years ago, but thanks for posting this for the newbies!



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I am copying this and moving a copy to the Common FAQ thread as well. Thank yu very much for taking the time to do this!

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Oh thats good to know=)
Thanks for posting how to do that, I would usually just go behind a building drop the item and logg back in to try and get back in time before some one snatched it. This is going to work much better thanks:)



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Figuered this out years ago, but thanks for posting this for the newbies!

Well hehehe =) Been playing since 1999 :P



    UOForums Price-checker

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Some additional security:

I have picked up the odd 'lost' million gp check just by being bored and running around looking for people doing exactly this. As a raider, I can recommend some additional security:

Pick a location that has usable containers which are part of the architecture!

There are hundreds of unlocked, unused containers around Sosaria. I highly recommend you put your bag in one of these instead of leaving it on the ground, since an untimely 'all names' could result in your prized items being stolen by...well...me?

Some examples of useable containers:
- The white chests at Luna (but NEVER use these)
- Any NPC shop, particularly carpenters

Always make sure that the container you want to use cannot be moved! Try picking it up a couple times.

Try looking for spots in New Haven. The player traffic is low and young chars are probably there for non-nefarious reasons. Alternatively, I like Delucia or Papau.

Some other containers/locations to avoid:
- NPC shops where semi-rares are stealable. You don't want to drop your horde in the same box or near where dried flowers spawn, because someone's going to catch you at it eventually.
- Containers that 'respawn' items. I'm not 100% sure, but I think if you happen to get caught with your stuff in one of these when it respawns, you lose it.

Some well known techniques to avoid:
- Using boats. Piling your stuff into the hold of a ship anchored in the middle of nowhere is a good idea...right up until you leave the boat key on the ground for the second character. I make a habit of recalling off every key I find. Not only do you get a chance to swipe some loot, but hey! Free boat!
- Trusting random people. Yes, I occaisionally do a favor and hold an item for people at the bank, but I'm the exception. I could just as easily have walked off with that swag muttering 'Arr, matey.' Don't do it.
- Buying a pack horse, loading it up, releasing it then retaming it on another char. Anytime you see a wild packhorse with more than 13 stones under its name, cash registers should be going off in your head. I never personally benefitted from this one, but fortunes were made and lost with rubble in this manner.

Good Luck!


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