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As the day begin its awakening across the city of Trinsic, there was a small disturbance within the Valorstone manor. Some series of rummaging and rustling within its contents could be easily heard, the townspeople knew this day would come, but yet they were sad to see yet another Paladin leave the city for good. Arexx Valorstone, the son of the late Steven Valorstone, had finally peaked to the age of adulthood. Likewise, He had finally been initiated within the Chambers of the Virtues, and dubbed a Paladin in service to the people of Britainia.


Arexx was a special case within even the hallowed halls of the chivalrous knights, due to the fact that Arexx possessed merely the gift of swordsmanship, he had no aptitude in channeling the energies of the divine and definitely did not serve the cause or heritage befitting of a typical paladin. While his father, somewhat well known for waging battle against many foes of the past such as the Lich Lord Jou’nar and the vile Minax, could channel divine energies to such a precision that it is near the epitomy of all who study the disciplines of the virtues. There were many times where fights were fought across many different lands and cities in order to fend off these creatures, Steven Valorstone was gladly among their ranks. Unfortunately, like with all warriors of their time, they are inevitably defeated whether through a blade of a foe or the long winding decay of their inner existence. The few warriors that survive the test of time hardly have the legacy left to show it. Much like Steven wound up, his only remaining legacy save for his son's existence, would be resting within the depths of the Valorstone house in Trinsic. Arcadium, the holy sword which chose Steven many years ago as his ally, will yet again find his next partner in the paladin’s son.



Chapter 1 – Prelude to Rebirth



“Damn house keepers…” Arexx muttered to himself as he continued rummaging through his room in search of necessary traveling equipment. It had been the first time he had set foot in the house in nearly two years due to the rigorous swordsmanship training and the requirement that all squires of Trinsic live within the barracks. As a friendly gesture, the order had sent house keepers to help maintain Arexx’s estate while he was in training, however, such friendly gestures are wasted on the eager, and Arexx was hastily searching for items he stowed away years ago.


Arexx pondered for a moment and left to search another room, eventually getting aggravated with the fact that things were not in the places they should be. “Damnit!” He exclaimed as he banged his fist against a bookshelf. Ironically enough, some of the articles he was looking for came tumbling down from the top comically landing upon the poor boy.


“U-..ghh..” He groaned as he felt the lump on his head from the resulting lantern landing on it. Nevertheless, he had found some of what he had been looking for. A few more minutes went by and Arexx had amassed a complete backpack full of everything he would need for his journey. Satisfied with what he had put together, he donned his chainmail and took hold of his two runeblades locking them into the sides of his armor. “Alright… that should be everything.” Arexx sighed to himself as he looked over the open rooms of the manor. “I guess you win this time around, Father…” He chuckled a bit.


Arexx never knew much of his father as the paladin spent most of his time away and in battle, what little he did know was that Steven became a maniacal yet broken man. He could only find enough reasoning to believe that it is about the time when Arexx’s mother, an ice princess by the name of Missi from the far northern lands had eventually deserted Steven and their son. Secretly, Arexx despised his father for letting something like that destroy what remained of the empty shell of a man he saw. Steven had only found solace from pain by zealously throwing his life into the fray, proclaiming and righteously defending the cause of valor and yet at the same time, fighting simply because it was the only thing in life that could sustain him. Even fighting eventually led to his inevitable death at the hands of a necromancer. Though it was an empty, unfulfilling death as the real man that Arexx never knew had died long ago, far before his body went with him.


Arexx, despite such disgust at the frailty of his father, still longed to know and understand the world he lived in. These incredible stories of dragon slaying, defending the prized city of Paxlair, and even finding the most noble of brethren within the midst of chaos among the battlefield. It was a romantic warriors fantasy and nothing less of it, but it was a world Arexx never was a part of, he was forced to listen and recollect other peoples experiences and stories. It was time he went to seek the truths that lie within such events, hopefully finding such a fulfilled life as his father once lived far before his heart became more tarnished than his blade.


A cold wind covered the manor as Arexx walked about the house one last time, this may be the last time he ever sets foot in this house, hell, it may be the last time he ever sets foot in this city. He was dubbed a paladin through swordsmanship alone, but it was never his intentions to serve Trinsic, no, his desire for adventure and understanding far surpassed anything these sheltered walls could ever offer him. As he began to focus himself on the journey ahead, a strange rocking noise could be heard from within the halls.


“What is that?” He questioned to himself as he quickly rushed to the source of the noise, to see before him what appears to be a small encasing of some sort. He took hold of it only to become overwhelmed with a powerful surge of energy, the lights shimmering from within its contents blinding the boy to the point he found himself stumbling backwards into a wall. “Ga…hh… what kind of sword is this?” He exclaimed as he shielded his eyes to a degree and slowly unveiled a finely designed sword of pure white. Arexx grabbed hold of the sword and noticed finely inscribed ornate runes along its side reading,


“Valor gives strength only to those who stand for what they truly believe in.”


A pause of thought took over the boy as he gripped the hilt of the sword tightly. “My father’s sword…” were the only words to escape Arexx’s lips. “Perhaps you can show me the way to where it all began.” He commented after yet another pause, slowly sheathing the white sword and placing it along his waist. “Nevertheless… my time has come…” Arexx thought to himself, nodding his head in self assurance. He would go gather his prepared belongings and head outside of the manor, heading off in the direction of the nearest moongate. His first destination would first be the isles of Haven, where he was to meet someone who knew far more about his father than many of the paladins in Trinsic.


From there… he would have to hope that fate and his father’s legacy would guide him through the rest.

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