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Masked Ball at Mistress Sin's!!!

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You are all invited to a Masked Ball at Mistress Sin's Town House.


Date: December 1, 2007

Time: 8pm est

Location: Mistress Sin's Townhouse


Invitations are currently being handed out with a rune to the location. It is recommended that you try to obtain one from a source in Paxoku government since there might be gift bags with great prizes handed out if you can produce one when asked by the Host and Hostess.


There will be prizes for best costume, as well as other games. The top prize will be 5 million gold. Other prizes will range from Rares to mini rares, arties to mini arties and so on.


Gift bags will be handed out at the whim of the Host and Hostess. As i said before, ALL are welcome, however if you have an invitation when asked you are more likely to recieve a gift bag and other prizes!


Any questions you can pm me or contact me via icq at 29190956.

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I have had much interest from pvp'rs, so to entice you so to speak some other prizes will be a 120 parry, totem of the void, some excellent armor pieces, and more.


Bring all your friends or even your guild! And again, those who have invitations in hand and can show them when asked will be more likely to recieve a better prize!


Hope to see you all there tonight!

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