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Crypt Keeper stifled a yawn as he opened the door to his office and entered. He had to admit that he was happy to be doing work again but he sure wasn’t used to getting up early. He set to work brewing some tea and as soon as that was under way he slide behind his desk and started shuffling through notes and letters among other things. He had been out of the office for a while and it showed!


As he looked through the pile of papers one sealed note caught his attention, it was addressed not to him or his branch office, it only said “Paxlair City” in elegant writing on the front. He was utterly confused at first but his interest picked up when he realized that the letter was from the Gargoyle city located in central Ilshenar. It was more of a plea for help then anything else and after reading it again and jotting down notes CK did as the letter ask and destroyed it. After getting up to pour himself a cup of tea he set to work on a memo….





It has come to my attention that trouble may be brewing with in the land known as Ilshenar, though I am not certain what at this time I am sure that the Gargoyles in the their city near Compassion feel the strain of whatever is about to happen.


I have received a letter from Wiselom and Inwis the Gargoyle blacksmiths and they wish to place an order. It seems their wares are growing thin and the gypsy blacksmiths haven’t delivered to them in quite a while.


The catch is that they do not wish for this delivery to stand out, most creatures and people in the land of Ilshenar know of the trade between gypsy and Gargoyle and a delivery from unknown travelers may put the controllers and mages in Blackthorn castle on alert. The Gargoyles wish for no such thing to happen seeing as the castle is so close to their city.


Below are the guidelines for the trip that is to be made and the items to be delivered. Those wishing to make this journey must heed to the rules and regulations of the this mission or it can not be carried out.


Items to be delivered


50 Chain mail Coifs

100 Bucklers

75 Daggers

200 Cutlasses







The above items (in the memo) are to be delivered to Wiselem and Inwis in Gargoyle city.


The Gargoyles do not wish to anger the gypsy traders in compassion nor cause alarm to Blackthorn castle so they have sent a strict set of rules. To settle this problem the small group of no more then five members are to enter Ilshenar through the Sacrifice moongate and travel north into compassion, this is a long and dangerous route but it will ease the minds of the gypsy traders for they will think the group another gypsy merchant group from the south. The group is to dress as gypsies and not flaunt any good and magic armor about. The mission statement is as follows:




Party members: no more then five


Party restrictions: Two of the members must be crafter types


Armor restrictions: Gm or lesser armor only, colorful clothing as a gypsy would wear.


Weapon restriction: None


Misc Restrictions: None





Enter the moongate at sacrifice and travel north along the road into compassion, once in compassion you are to deliver [sell] the items noted above to the Gargoyle Blacksmiths Wiselem and Inwis, they will deal only with crafters; the other three party members for escort only. They have offered to pay the going rate. The gold may be split among party members or paid to each the guilds coffers.






Mission Failure: If two of the protecting members die more then three times. The mission fails and may be tried once more but with further restrictions that will be posted if failure occurs.


Special Rules: If either of the crafter types die before entering Gargoyle City the mission fails and can not be repeated.


Important Notes:

If the following mission is a success this may open further trade between Paxlair and the Gargoyle City, we may also learn in time why the Gargoyles are in edge and why trade has slowed between them and the Gypsy group. Upon failure or success the party leader will send a letter briefing of the mission(posted here in this thread) so I can further continue my communication with the Gargoyles. Please let me know when the mission is to begin and brief me when it is complete.



Unlocks the next mission, lighter restrictions perhaps.



Unlocks a darker and harder mission with deeper restrictions.


NOTE: This is a mission to be performed at any time. Report results of the mission here.

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