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[i have a collection of posts from years gone by. A lot of years gone by. I'll post a few of them as I find them.]


Trinsic: City of Shame



Posted by The Shadow ( on January 26, 1999 at 03:01 am:

"It has begun," the Shadow says looking down from the guard tower in Trinsic. Bodies of orcs and Loyalist soldiers littered the streets. A small grin forms across the Shadow's face and he turns to the blue-robed Counselor.

The Counselor looks out the window and frowns, "They will stop you, you know that. Their armies outnumber your own two to one." The Shadow nods, "Yes. They do, don't they?" He runs his fingers along the spine of the book in his hands. "The Book of Despise has done wonders. Watch them, do you feel their hatred for each other?" The Shadow faces the Counselor and snarls, "I feel it! And it feels good! Oh yes! It feels great! The Loyalists will win back this city. I have done what I have set out to do." A diabolical laughter with a hint of insanity echoes throughout the room. The Counselor watches the Shadow in horror. "You want the Loyalists to win?"



The Shadow composes himself and his snarl is reduced to a smile. "They hold the land, but I hold the souls. Look at them." He points to McGavin. "He has already chosen the paths of Despise and Wrong." He then points to Garid. "Do you see the Shame in that one? His friends have all deserted him. He has slain the Hawke childe and has earned the animosity of others. I would not be surprised to see him succumb to Hythloth as well. Sin, Counselor, its all about Sin!!" He laughs again before continuing, "Even Ged is beginning to feel it, he has made moves against me on my playing field. Deceit and Destard are soon for him."


The Counselor shakes his head, "You are wrong, Shadow. Where you see Sins, I see Virtues. What McGavin does, he does in the name of Justice. Garid may have lost his friends, but he retains his Honor. Ged does play your game, but he uses Honesty and Compassion as his weapons. The city of Trinsic has lost its Honor, in that you are correct. However I see the city fighting to reclaim its lost Honor."

The Shadow's smile turns to a frown and anger is seen in his eyes, "Begone from here Counselor. You are the one that is wrong!"


The Counselor bows, "Very well, Shadow. Farewell"

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Crimes of the Loyalists!

Posted by The Shadow ( on September 15, 1998 at 10:59 am:

The Shadow arrived at the Orc Fort late Sunday evening. Orc bodies were littered everywhere. He gasped at the sight.

"My..god.." It was then that he heard a cough. He quickly went over to the body of one of the orcs. It slowly stirred. "Shadow.." The Shadow held his hand, "Be strong, Orc. You will be well." A look of concern was seen in his face. "Who could do such a thing?" He shook his head. Often the Orcs were attacked by their human oppressors. The orc began coughing up blood and began to speak,

"Shadow..me sorry. Orcies fail master. Dem come and clomp us all gud." The Shadow frowned, "What happened, friend?" He wrapped a bandage around the orc's chest. "Dem Loyallies come. Dey tink we have elf girl prisoner here at Fort." The Shadow shook his head, "Why? We are not kidnappers. What would the elf woman be doing here? They always believe the worse of us." A small tear dropped from the Shadow's face. The orc was sad that the tale made Shadow cry. "Anoc'Tar tell dem elfie not in Fort. Dey nub listen. He say he let dem come in and search one at time. Orcs hab nothin to hide." The Orc started crying, "Dey nub listen! Dey start clompin us. Dey kill our pets, dey kill our friends, dey kill Orcs. Nox Ordo here wit dem, dey laugh at us while we die." The Shadow held the orc closer to him, "All will be better. I am here to protect you." The orc smiled and then his eyes rolled back.


"NO!! Please no more deaths!" The Shadow cried while looking up towards the heavens. "How can you be so cruel?" The gods above did not reply.


The Shadow slowly stood up. He looked around and saw the dead bodies of orcs and orc children. He began gathering up their bodies and started a funeral pyre for them.



The Angels from the other realms appeared before the Shadow. "Our liege is not well?" He shook his head, "Nominus Aprobus..you have been a gift from the heavens. I need you to help right a grave wrong."

"We live to serve the virtues, m'lord. If the virtues will be served, then we shall serve thee," said the Nominus Aprobus in unison. "They will. Justice is a virtue. The Loyalists barged into the Orc Home without cause and slaughtered them for defending their home. Their leader is a vampire who serves the cause of evil. They will be brought to justice. This I swear."


* * * * * * * * * *

The scribe looked up at the Shadow, "Is that all, sir?" He nodded, "Yes..I want the battle remembered that way." He smiles smugly to himself. He walks out of the chamber. "Centuries from now, I wish to read this story again. It shall be as amusing then as it is now."


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And oddly enough, 9 years later it is as amusing to me now as it was then...


But here's a little bit closer to what really happened.


Massacre at the Orc Fort



Posted by Rhuian of Nox Ordo ( on September 15, 1998 at 12:53 pm:


Late Sunday eve, whilst I was lounging in the tower hovering over a tome or two. I did nay notice my comm crystal flashing furiously. Finally I looked up to wave away a fly that had been alighted on my nose for some time and noticed its activity, that is, the crystal's activity not the fly's. From it came a message from Leairn, 'Where art thou addlepated bafoon? If forgetfulness were a virtue, all praise would be to Rhuian! Supernus Magus indeed . . .' Swearing silently to myself for forgetting yet another meeting, I made mental note to research something that would aid my memory in regards to insignificant matters.


Donning my cape and hat I called out the words Kal Ort Por and found myself standing inside the Abby, cursing again to myself that I must walk, yes walk, all the way to the Court of Truth, I set out at a trot.


I arrived just in time to speak briefly to Ged, greet the loyals and cast a Gate for Leairn and mine's journey to the Orc Fort.


Upon stepping from the gate immediately I reached into my pouch and rubbed a sweet smelling ointment under my nostrils, for centuries We have battled The Shadow and always he allows his minions to reek. Sorry, I fear this is not important to my story. Where was I? oh yes, We stepped from the Gate and could sense the orc's presence. A few moments later Anoc'tar appeared from inside the fort and spoke with Ged and one of the Loyals. Tlazad, I believe was his name. Anyway, they debated for a bit and it appears the orc lost, which is as it should be, the foul creature should not have been allowed to speak.


The next words I heard were TAKE THE FORT! so I stepped up with the other mages, YoSmith, Odysseus and Grimsword, if memory serves, and began to flame the beasts which blocked our forces entry. As the creatures began to fall Leairn cried out for me to follow him around back. We approached the rear entry and there were a few Guardians back there that were set to make sure no orc escaped.


At that point Leairn began to pin cushion Anoc'tar and I sat and watched waiting till I could be most effective. At the precise moment, I let fly an electrified bolt of energy and then Anoc'tar fell in a heap of crimson flesh. We moved further into the fort and were soon surround by the fiendish beasts. I know not which orcs fell as Leairn, Thor and I were back to back fighting for our lives and desperately seeking Wisper. Many orcs fell to the combined efforts of our armor piercing arrows, bone crushing hammer blows and flesh crisping energies. Before long there were orc bodies everywhere and soon I noticed that the three of us were not alone in the fort. The Loyalists had penetrated the front gate and the enemy troops were in rout.


The orcs were defeated soundly unfortunately we had not found Wisper. Now I understand that was our mission but considering the blow we dealt to the forces of darkness it cannot be considered all for naught.

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