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CK took off his hat as he entered the door on the bottom floor of the home and frowned at the scene before him as Etheny busied herself cleaning the huge room. He and Val had planned to turn the bottom floor into a mead hall of sorts for the town, while he was out running errands it seems that Val had talked the woman into to doing his work for him. CK had taken Ethney in when her brother had died saving his life in a faction battle that seemed like ages ago, she was around his age, perhaps a couple of years younger. She had long blond hair that flowed over her shoulders and her bright blue eyes often seemed to glow. Her chosen path of a ranger showed at all times because she was a very spiritual and strong willed woman, he respected her advice even if he didn’t share her views on religion and the world and she was nice to talk with, by Val’s terms she was very beautiful and he thought so as well but he would never admit it to anyone.


“I see that Val has talked you right into doing his work for him” CK told her as he dropped a box of things he had picked up in Luna on the floor.


“It’s no trouble at all. I rather got tired of his complaining so I sent him out to find me some herbs. It was nice to have the house to myself.” She smiled.


He reached for a broom that was leaning against the wall and at the same time without noticing him Ethney reached for it as well, their hands touched and they both jerked their hands back and stared at each other in awkward silence. It was a rare moment; the house was not often as quiet as this and the deep silence that seemed to want to swallow them was soon broken by an angry scream. The house shook when the front gate slammed and then the door burst open and Keira stalked into the room with nothing but a towel wrapped around her. Her red hair hung loose on her shoulders, a rare site since she usually kept it up in a bun because of her trade. Training as a blacksmith she was very toned and the fires from her smithy had given her skin a golden tan, her green eyes burned as hot as her forge and her tongue was just as sharp as the blades she crafted.


“ The bloody fool better not sleep tonight, I swear to what ever god you wish to pray to. I will stab his damn eyes out” She yelled at them as Val entered the room behind her


“No, no. She told me to go pick herbs for her so she could have some when she cooked dinner tonight. I had no clue you were in the water when I walked behind the house.” Val said to her as he pointed at Ethney


“Well, I wasn’t in the house were else would you think I would be and it sure is funny you of all people walked behind the house” Her tone was as hard as stone as she clinched her teeth


“Yes your right, I’m sorry. Because out of all the things I plan when I wake up, the top thing on the list is to make sure I know were you are ALL THE LIVE LONG DAY!” He ended his remark in a scream

“YOU JUST WANTED TO SEE ME NAKED!” She screamed back





Keira turned away from him and gave Ethney a heated glare. “I was hot from working on my blacksmithing. I decided to cool off with a swim when this perv here came and ruined it.”


She turned just in time to notice Val mocking her. She gave him no warning and when her fist connected with his jaw he saw flashes of light dance before his eyes.


“ I dare you to go to sleep tonight” she run her finger across her throat to show him what would happen and stalked out of the room.


Ethney and CK gave each other a knowing look and she followed the angry woman to try and calm her down. CK on the other hand just stood and looked at Val as he rubbed his jaw, he couldn’t help but to burst out laughing at his friend.


“Don’t laugh, I think she really wants to kill me,” He said trying to contain his own smile


“She has threatened your life ever since Ethney brought her here” CK replied, “I think it makes her feel better knowing you wont sleep tonight”


“I really didn’t mean to walk up on her like that…but I am not ashamed to admit that I’m glad I did. She is a rather good looking woman, to bad we hate each other.” He chuckled “ I’m going over to the tavern, be back in a bit”


CK watched his friend leave and stood looking around the empty room. The muffled sound of Ethneys and Keiras voices came from upstairs but other then that the house was quiet again. He had never shared a living area with anyone until he had moved into Dragons Watch. He preferred the silence but he had to admit that there was never a dull moment. Taking up the broom and began to sweep the floor and soon the sound of hot metal rang out into the evening. He was glad that Keira was taking her anger out on a blade rather then Val’s face. He was often amazed at how Ethney could calm even the angriest of beast.


Without realizing it he was doing another first in his life, he often set many hours and thought about many things, but right now as he worked the broom across the already clean floor the only picture that was set in his mind was that of a pair of bright blue eyes.

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