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Read This Before Posting On This Forum!!

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Have a story to tell? Want to give your [character] a more in-depth background? This is the Place!


Here's a few "Rules" for this forum.

  1. In-character stories ONLY (Role-playing).
  2. Stories can be fictional or actual in-game situations.
  3. This is NOT a news forum.
  4. Don't create unrealistic fiction about other people's characters, but you can use them within reason by knowing what those people's characters are like.
  5. Try to keep the threads clean for the Chapters. No need for "Great Story!!" comments. PM the author with praise.
  6. Two types of Story threads:
    • Single (or few) Authors - Mainly for authors to write their own stories and add chapters.
    • Any Authors (Interactive Fiction) - If interactive, add something that says "Anyone can add to this story". See an example of this here.

[*]Stories can be Long or Short - Make chapters in the same thread if you can. If the story is over, put THE END at the bottom of the last page.

[*]Moderators may edit stories at times for grammar, spelling, and formatting - Authors: Don't write a story in one big paragraph please. Use multiple paragraphs and DO a spell check on your story before posting.

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