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Potentially Good Event - Going Bad!

- - - - - bad event good potentially

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source taken from UO U.Hall


I don't know what it's like on other shards, but right now on Oceania, this event is a total farce.
Balrons everywhere, every other one dropping up to 4 Cursed Arties each, far too much spawn of Imps & Hellcats...you get targeted by up to 20 of them everywhere you go making it almost impossible to loot or recover corpses when you inevitably die. Just a complete Overdone job here.
Devs you have seriously gone overboard on a low population shard, this spawn might work on other shards, but for Oceania, it's too much.

Oh, and there has still not been ONE single Daemon Berserker for over a week on the shard!!!

Please have a look at the event for Oceania and make a few adjustments.


Daemon Berserkers only spawn when a wave of the invasion is pushed back. They will always spawn when the last wave (at the moongate) is temporarily defeated, and occasionally when any of the others are.

Although, just a warning, I did notice one behind your lines killing the townsfolk earlier. You might want to take care of that.

Tim "Draconi" Cotten - UO Designer - EA Mythic


Well, thanks for that comment Draconi....the problem really is the chances 5 or so players have to drive any invasion of this scale back is pretty low. We had the same problem with the Ophidian Invasion, Papua is still overun on Oce, and almost every other event of this type.
Ok, it's a fact there's just not a lot of us there, but it seems that's never taken into consideration.
The same 5 or 6 players , myself included, are there hour after hour fighting and dying, rinse and repeat...others come now and then, lose heart after a short while and leave, thinking it's basically an impossible task to defeat the horde. Being killed is one thing, and we fight on, but when you see no dent in the strength of the forces against you, it is disheartening.
One player can only kill so much spawn, and it becomes questionable whether there ever likely to be a time when spawn numbers this high, on a ratio compared to the size of the defending force, will ever be driven back. It hasn't happened yet on Oce, we are constantly overwhelmed despite our valiant efforts, I think we need a hand.


Well, you have to keep in mind that the invasion will also adjust itself to the shard, but it takes a little time (starting yesterday). Also, make sure you fight from the borders of spawn inwards, defeating the spawn in order. The north part of the city is the middle group of six total, going out from the moongate, through the forest, and north to south through the city.

Tim "Draconi" Cotten - UO Designer - EA Mythic


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