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PaxLair Meeting November 6? Cancel or not?

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Hail my friends.


There is still a great amount of fighting in Magincia. Troops continue to bash back the enemies with unrelenting courage.


On Tuesday, November 6th, do you think we should:


1) Hold a Regular PaxLair Statehood meeting (minister & city reports, announcements)?


2) Hold a Call to Arms meeting (gather forces or discuss tactics)?


3) Cancel the meeting (continue to fight in Magincia and beyond)?


Please make your vote.


If you voted to hold a PaxLair Statehood Meeting, go next to this poll and vote on where to have it.



Winfield, Governor of PaxLair Statehood

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While I have not attended a meeting in a while, and do not live in any of the Pax communities currently, I still feel it a good idea to have a meeting. From what I hear there are long breaks in the fighting. Maybe time could be taken while the battles are not raging and warriors who need to be at the battle can get there quickly. Maybe not a full meeting with all the reports, but just something which brings people together for a while. That's my vote and suggestion.


~ Lady Hester Tarian

Crest of Courageous Hearts

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