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"Elf Only" Property

- - - - - elf only property

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    The Anti-Adam (which means I'm cool)

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Then you probably want your male warriors to wear the Violet Courage too, right? If not, then "elf only" will apply. Hell, fencing weapons can be considered "swords" so I want to be able to use all fencing weapons with my 120 Swordsmanship skill. I can also swing a club the same way I do my sword, so let me use that too.

We do not pay a mothly fee to have the luxury of getting what we want, we pay a monthly fee for the content they provide.

Ok, ok, you got me, nothing is free, but like I said, the general UO crowd WANTS everything for free, once again, you said it...

To continue to use these items as a way to force you to upgrade or not be able to use certain items or access certain areas is a slap in the face.



    El Mero Mero

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No you are losing the context of the argument. It takes no skill to use a belt. You have to train to swing a sword. However, in the desire to keep arguing (fun isn't it?):

We pay a fee for service, not content. Content is a given. It is the customer who drives business, but in this case the business is more concerned with adding more content than fixing issues that already exist and customer first is pushed to the side...in the end reduced service. One good thing I have seen is their campaign to punish scripters (there are more good things, I know).

Why can't a male character wear the violet courage? It is a garment, nothing more. Why can't he wear a dress? A female character can wear male armor...maybe someone want's to role play Klinger from MASH.

In reality, an accomplished swordsman could conceivable adapt to the use of a fencing weapon as well as the club. But, then why don't we change that too? Wielding a long sword is considerably different than swinging a viking sword, which is different from swinging a battle axe. So, why not add more confusion to skills by forcing more complex levels of specialization?

You quoted one of my lines and say I said that UO fans want it everything for free. I have ML and everyone else that has done this too fall into this category...can't use Elf clothing because they are not elves. I upgraded. That cost some money. Why use it as a tool to force sales and upgrades? It is a marketing ploy because you have read that an alternative to the originally posted interesting idea was to allow others to wear with penalties. It is an article of clothing and should not have any penalties even if an orc were wearing it, and there should not be any race specific items...it can all be brought to the market and used by anyone that can afford to buy it...and the use of real life examples enhances our ability to associate arguments and clarify points. This is a game based on fantasy and reality...if that were not the case, remove the humans altogether and have some new alien race running around in game.

1. Nothing should be race specific
2. Nothing should be gender specific
3. Service is what we pay for
4. Content is what lured us to pay for the service
5. Having to upgrade to use a new line of clothing is not good.
6. Upgrading is done by the majority of players.
7. This space left intentionally blank :)

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