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Guest PAlexandria

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Guest PAlexandria

Hail to all:


Last eve, Milord Sibelius entrusted me with the honor and privilege of maintaining the home named: "The Mages of Infinity Memorial" for the town of PaxLane and keeping it ready and available for guild use. All the property and belongings were bequeathed to me but I would like to share with my new community (both PaxLane and all the Pax communities). I also need to make room for all the belongings that I must move from my old dwelling.


Therefore, I shall be placing items that I do not need to keep in some chests at the front of my new property. The chests will automatically be open to my guild members initially but as people come by, I will change the access to "friends". Please send magical message by ICQ 4810959 to meet me and be friended.


Presently, I am member of PaxOku [PaxO] guild so anyone in that guild will have immediate access at present.


Be aware that there will items of war made available to any takers meant to aid those brave souls who prepare to defend our fair city of Magincia.


I also look forward to meeting all who would care to come and introduce themselves.


The house will also be available, as before, to community and guild events of any and all kinds.


Note: Milord Sibelius sends his goodbyes and regrets that he must attend to pressing matters in another realm and looks forward to his return in an unspecified number of weeks.




Added: The house may be unavailable at times due to redecorating.


(Anything left in two days will be donated to charity or recycled).

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Mayor Sibelius also reached me.


PaxLane has a history that goes beyond PaxLane. Sibelius, Winmere and I are the three last remaining members of The Band in this Realm, the guild that Founded PaxLair so many years ago. Now only Winmere and I remain with hopes Sibelius will be able to find his way back to us one day.


Thank you so much Alexandria for helping use maintain our history and helping all of PaxLair and the Shard today. It is people like you who connect "old with the new" that keep us going, faithful, and motivated.




Winfield, Governor of PaxLair Statehood



PaxLane, October 30, 2005


(entry about PaxLane is here)

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