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im killing my golems?!?!?!

- - - - - golems killing

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so, made a new guy on another shard, archer.

went and got like 3k in arrows, got my golem, and started to plink away on it.
couple hours, got up to like 90 skill, went and reloaded arrows.

came back to my golem, and started training on it again, after about 10 minutes all of a sudden BOOM BOOM BOOM instead of hitting it for 1hp per shot i started to do 19, 25, 24 so i stopped.

thought that was kinda strange.

so i started again.
same thing, was hitting it for uber hard.
so i decided to pack it up for the night.

so next day now, went and got out my golem, same thing, still peeling chuncks off it.

so nothing has changed, just me shooting at it.
anyone else get this?


I'm guessing you're already 100% poison.

Check your quiver. It can change your damage type.


ok, ya.

never mind.
i had a brain ****.

i put on a quiver of the elements instead of just having it in my pack.

ill just tuck my tail and scamper back out of here.


Thanks Poo ... refreshing change of pace ...
asked a question, with full situation .. got an answer as regards possible ...bing! caught error/applied fix
... tips hat and plays on ...

beauty ..


i put on a quiver of the elements instead of just having it in my pack.

Aw. Thats a shame. I was hoping the'd decided to put a stop to this disgraceful loophole.


* gah, theres always 1 *


Why is it disgraceful? I personally dont have time to spend making a character the old way...it took months to do it the "old fashioned way" Back when I was new to UO it was fun. Now its a pain in the butt as I work over 60+ hours a week and dont have alot of time to sit in front of the pc and work skills. Instead i can build a char in just a fraction of the time.

Does it really bother you that much? Does it really affect your game play? Does it affect your play style? Im just curious why you have such a distaste for it.


Granted, Poo's problem has been solved.
(No, I do not agree with golem weapon skill 'training' either. But it is a legal option & 'training' while unattended remains to be illegal; is cheating.)

Yet, I am surprised you would be one to suggest paying $ for UO skill gain.
As you are so against $ for UO items, and considering that both are just as legal, as per UO's rules.
As well, Darkscribe had stated that spending $ for items was good for UO because they had found that a lot of the money made goes back to support UO.

Just a thought I wanted to try to understand better.


Paying EA for an advanced char token if you are to busy to actually play UO says to EA: MONEY, UO GOOD, KEEP UO LONG TIME.


Surprise! That hack website spammer at Luna bank recently wasn't some nefarious stranger from Outer Mongolia intent on hacking your account and stealing your items, it was the same guy you bought 10 mill gold off of last week, the same guy who hacked your guildie's account yesterday (where do you think he gets all that gold he sells for $2 per mill). UO gold sellers are the worst cheaters in the game, a little research right here in UO Hall (archives by now), will prove that most have admitted that they have either sold dupes (because the price of gold fell so low they felt they had no choice, but they promise that if you continue to do business with them, they'll never do it again, although EA banned ALL their accounts for selling the dupes), or sold stolen tokens (this guy blogged about Blizzard taking cheaters to court and admitted he himself had 25 Wow accounts banned (course he'd never dream of cheating in UO like he was trying so hard to do when he got banned in Wow), or posted a screenshot of their main UO character running an illegal 3rd party program on their toolbar.

There's a big difference between paying some hacker/exploiter UO gold sellers for UO items and paying THE COMPANY WHO CAN PULL THE PLUG IF UO DOES NOT EARN A PROFIT for items like advanced char tokens. Big difference.


That's one of the most frustrating things about gold/account/item selling by third parties - they tend to be the exact same people that script, dupe, hack, steal accounts, etc. Not all of them, certainly, but whenever there is money involved, people will do unscrupulous things to get it.

UO has a different culture, because it's not actually illegal to sell these things, so legit individual players are much more likely to sell their gold/house/acct etc, and legit business *can* operate without breaking the rules, but it's still a problem.

E. Jeremy Dalberg
UO Community Coordinator
EA Mythic


Paris, thx for the reply. I'll get back to this later on tonight.

I just wanted to see if I was reading Jeremy correctly when she said, "but it's still a problem."
Well, I'm not sure if that means that selling items for cash is still a problem, or that cheating to do so is still a problem.


The only problem I see is that regardless of the rules of the game people still sell items for cash. It is quite apparent this is an universal issure, regardless of game rules.
Yet when the rules prevent it then it is turning honest people who want to play the game, but can't afford the time, into illegal players; into cheaters.
In fact, when the rules disallow honest players from participating in a segment that cheaters can & do easily participate in, I feel all that is being accomplished is the game rules are creating an advantage for those willing to cheat in that particular game.

The only solution I see to any of it, regardless of particular game rules, is to better enforce the rules, better program the game & such, to better limit &/or prevent cheater's progress.


I meant that cheating is still a problem.

Making the behavior illegal overall makes it easier to just ban people, and saves some CS hassles ("What, you say you bought this account but now the password and billing info has been changed back? Well, sorry, accounts are non-transferable - you never owned it at all, far as we're concerned.") but it doesn't actually solve the problem, because the people who are making fat stacks of cash don't care what the rules are anyway.

E. Jeremy Dalberg
UO Community Coordinator
EA Mythic



because the people who are making fat stacks of cash don't care what the rules are anyway.

because the CHEATERS who are making fat stacks of cash don't care what the rules are anyway.

Other than that... spot on. Which is also why simply making selling in game items against the rules does nothing to slow down much less stop the practice.


- Aye, thanks for the clarification.
I agree, cheaters will still be a problem.

I've heard the notion that it makes things easier on CS to keep this illegal; and I agree that this rule doesn't solve the problem, nor do any other rules meant to keep CS hassles low...

I am sorry but I cannot help thee with that. This account was not officially transferred. Please visit our EA Support article for more info. We are very sorry but we cannot assist you any further on this issue. Thank you for playing UO. Have a great day.

People that don't follow rules/guidelines will complain regardless of the rules, imo.

I honestly feel that all this type of rule accomplishes in MMOs is a false sense of security for some honest players, while also creating an unfair advantage for those willing to cheat; & it can even persuade otherwise wholly rule-abiding players to consider cheating themselves.
I really dislike that some legitimate players would consider cheating because of some arbitrary and unenforceable (to any realistic degree) rule.
Luckily UO does not have this problem.



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