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All Citizens living within the VirtueWind District of PaxOku shall be required to pay City local tax effective 10/26/07. Time of collection shall be 8pm 10/26/07 and continue until 12am 10/27/07 for the VirtueWind District. This shall re-occur every Friday and Saturday between those allotted times.


All Citizens are required to have a City Mail box up before 10/26/07, labeled with their appropriate District Address...(more info below). District members may also drop a bag, containing the gold and a book titled the property address. Inside please note the house tax and the separate safety tax for each individual at the home, placing a total. Drop this in the mail box at the Museum of the Virtues-PaxOku Annex. Also, it is the responsibility of the Citizen to contact me regarding access to this Box. I may be reached via pigeon : 8-080-117.


All Taxes are to be paid promptly. There will be no Grace period allowed for late payment. Failure to meet this requirement shall incur a Late Fee to be added to the following weeks Taxes. Further failure to pay could mean incarceration.


Below you will find the Assessment of property for PaxOku. If you do not know your property size, please contact the PaxOku City Assessor for further assistance.




PaxOku Property Tax-


Each citizen owning property in PaxOku will have a weekly tax. Depending on the property size, taxes will very.


7x7 to 13x7- 25gp per week

13x18 to 15x12- 50gp per week

15x13 to 16x18 75gp per week

17x12 to 18x18 100gp per week


Property Taxes will go to the city to provide for: Emergency Situations, City Guards, Public City Building Renovations etc.


PaxOku VirtueWind District Mailing Addresses - Owners:


1600 Silverfoot's house

1700 Museum Annex - Lady Katherine

1800 Tower of Hythloth - Fignut the Elder

2000 House of Mo



The City of PaxOku thanks you for your support. If you have any further questions, please direct them to the PaxOku City Council.



Lady Katherine, PaxOku Council ~ VirtueWind District

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