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I would like to Thank everyone who came out and participated in last nights event....Mayor Gareth, Xix, Angus, Crystal and Cat. Also, a Thank you to Se'an Silverfoot who arrived toward the end of the battle to help us gather our troops and fall back to my home. A special Thank you to Lady Katherine, who crafted the fine weapons that were used in the event.


Although we fought with Honor and Bravery, we were sadly out numbered, and could not hold the Bushido Dojo without many deaths. The Ronin and Ninja are ruthless warriors, and at points in the fray we would engage them in waves of 4 or more to 1.


With that said, Daimyo Okimoto's forces succeeded in pushing their way past our lines, and into the bordering homes of PaxOku. My home, as well as homes in the PaxOku Heights District, and some of the inner City TeaRose district, have been claimed by Okimoto. I hope, for the Citizens of PaxOku, that this action will not go unchecked, and that the Citizens will retaliate to once again drive Okimoto and his forces back into the Northern Territory.


I suspect that plans are in the works for a Southern invasion from the Yomotsu warriors. A book found by Lady Crystal during the battle last night, hints to a meeting between Okimoto and the Yomotsu sometime in the near future.


I suggest that all Citizens be aware of this threat, and ready at anytime for another attack.



Lord Xavier Reed, PaxOku Councilman

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