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Custom UI issue (since patch)

- - - - - custom issue patch ui

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Issues some players have been having were discussed and worked out by the folk who have been good enough to work on CUI's they provided for the rest of the players.Some of the solutions are posted below

Just a general heads-up..

Certain custom interfaces aren't correctly displaying the graphics tab options. I gather the devs have tweaked the base code for the User Settings gump & we'll need to work from that again.

The workaround for the moment is to load the default skin at login, make your settings & reload your custom skin. I'll otherwise try to turn out a fix for mine as soon as possible.

I've also reported it as a bug as it seems to be affecting several skins at the moment, at least those that alter the appearance of the User Settings gump.


i can't change to default UI the okay and apply buttons don't work,
no text shows up on the graphix window and drop boxes don't work,
also on a side note could you add the cursor to the custom UI items
i like the old ones better then the plain gold and silver


Sweeet, Just what I needed to hear..

That Silver UI took 3 weeks to get done..
Guess I have to run and redo it..
Unless they fix it..
All the custom UI did was change the color of it..

Again, did this go thru Q&A?????

fr:- Kurgan


Sorry to hear that, but I think it is technically simply not possible for EA/Mythic to check all skins/customized UI's. While there are currently just a few published (and yes, I do use yours), there can be logically as many different customized ones as there are UO player.
Customized UI's fall in the "approved third party" region, like UOAssist. You created it, you offered it, you have to update it.

It's the same with addons in World of Warcraft.. New patch and they might be broken.


If I have enough time, and nobody beats me to it, I'll give a run-down of the changes I can find that might be causing this when I get home.

(and Gildar did )

The reason is because the graphics tab, as well as the filters tab, are now scrollable by default (because they both have the potential of being too large for the options window).



Okay, the quick fix for "Fink's Nautical" skin is to locate this file..


..and simply delete it. I double-checked and there's nothing in the file from my .zip installer that is critical to the skin. I'll weed out any unmodified files for the next update & be sure to watch the patches carefully for any future conflicts. I also have a few other minor improvements on the skin coming out soon.


Thank you Fink! The deleting of the "settingswindow.xml" line fixes yours as well as other cutom UI's. So we're back where we belong :P


I followed Fink's advice and deleted the settingswindow.xml, and the Silver theme now works just fine.


I didn't see this problem, but I did run into a problem with the new face menu not working. If anyone is running into this problem with a custom UI, you simply need to add the following line to the "<!-- Windows -->" section of the Interface.xml file in the root directory of your custom UI:

<Include file="Source/FaceSelectionWindow.xml" />

...Zym Dragon


The Interface.xml, InterfaceCore.xml, Textures/*.xml, and Icons/icons.xml files should not be included in any custom UI. You should change other files to get the effects you would want from changing them, otherwise you're at high risk of being unable to see new interfaces, textures, and icons...Gildar


That makes sense, thanks...Zym Dragon :o


Ah okay, I'll strip those out of mine. I left them in because I thought they needed to be in place. Figures that they're already there from the default set, of course..



Pretty much anything you don't change should be left out. Anything not found in your custom UI will be pulled from the default UI (as long as it's being referenced somewhere)...Gildar


This is one of the problems with allowing the users to make changes to the UI. Many times changes that the devs make do no play nice with the changes players have made. This is a problem in all MMO’s that allow UI modification.

Gildar is correct in that you should not include any files that you have not directly made changes to.

Also, the developers of each UI should check to see if their UI’s are still working after each patch and make modifications if necessary. There are tools that can be used to check for differences between files. Kdiff is a good free one: http://kdiff3.sourceforge.net/. Use this to compare your files to the ones included in the default.zip to look for potential problem areas.

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