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Draconi--Faction Follow-Up Items Thread (*Bump of Last Week's Thread About COM Base*)

- - - - - base bump draconifaction followup items thread week

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    The Couch Hottie

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Posted on UO U.Hall


Draconi, I think something is messed up. I was able to stroll into the COM base on Baja tonight with a nonfaction character, although she was unable to cast spells inside the base and could not exit via the northernmost bridge.

It appears that the wall that should be in place on the lower west side of the base to prevent access via the southernmost bridge has disappeared. Also missing is the wall that wraps around the corner on the northern side of the base, at the east end of the northern bridge. With this wall now gone, it looks as if anyone that wanted to do so could pull up in a boat and disembark and go into the base.

Here's a screenshot of the bottom part of the base. You can see that the wall that should be there to close off access via the bottom bridge is just gone. (Gemma is NOT in factions; it should be impossible for her to be standing where she was in this shot.)

Posted Image

Here's a shot of how the north corner looked tonight and an old screenshot that kind of shows how the wall around that corner used to look.

Posted Image

Posted Image

The invisible barrier on the north bridge that keeps nonfaction characters out of the base appears to still be functioning correctly. These screen shots show where that barrier begins and ends.

Posted Image

Posted Image


Draconi, if you're taking a look at this, Sergul'zan_SP also asked on the Factions forum if you could also look at the issue of fields falling through the COM bridge (most likely the one to the north).

Folks in COM on the various shards should probably also double check things like whether their sign-up stone and their faction stone in the base are still functional, and sigils can still be placed and taken off the posts in the base.

Also, need to check, if possible, whether the Magincia town sigil is still stealable, is the town stone still functional, can you place vendors and guards in Magincia, and so on. I somehow doubt that all of these things were player-checked on Test Center.


Wow, okay, I've started fixing this right now on all shards.

Definitely my fault - it looks like when I was specifically exempting the CoM base from the destruction that the "extra tiles" added over the years were removed entirely in the last round. Sorry :/

It should take approximately two or three hours to resolve.

UO Designer
Daemon Summoner

10/20/07 02:27 AM

That is not the only issue facing CoM. These things need fixing immediately:

On LS, the sheriff of Magincia cannot place guards. Can't even get a menu.

On LS, the finance minister cannot place vendors, or move the tax rate. She just gets a message about "you must control the town, blah blah blah.." and with the title of FINANCE MINISTER OF MAGINCIA.. I think the town is pretty well controlled.

On LS CoM trap setters cannot place explosion traps in the city itself. (Gas traps still work inside the stronghold.)

I mean.. come on. Magincia is picked for invasion.. and it's good and well known it's a faction stronghold town. Changing the moongate was a little bad. The rest of this stuff is a LOT bad.

Help a red-headed stepchild out here. We're already running characters that are crippled as far as doing non-faction activities. Please fix this stuff so that at least the few things our faction characters do will work decently.


Speaking of, all shards should now have a repaired stronghold in Felucca.
If we missed one, please let us know in this thread.

Just to note, the windows are back, but they can't be teleported/attacked through. The view was too good to pass up.

Also, faction issues in general like not being able to do Sheriff activities should be fixed in another hour.

UO Designer
Daemon Summoner
10/20/07 03:44 AM


All faction controls should now be available in Magincia. Please let us know if there are any shards that still aren't functioning correctly.


UO Designer
Daemon Summoner
10/20/07 04:31 AM


Awesome job, everyone! Kudos to all of you for running around and checking stuff and reporting back. I know it's gotta be a bit of a pain to round up the necessary folks to get it done, especially if you're doing it in Magincia.

Draconi, I knew you'd come through after seeing your posts last weekend. I'm getting the feeling maybe you like to save some of your best work for the weekends???

Did you get a chance to look at the issue of fields falling through the COM bridge? Someone mentioned that somewhere and now seems like a good time to fix it, if you can.


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