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[News] A report from Magincia and Trinsic - preparation for battle

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Governor Winfield met with Mayor Garrett of Magincia last night in Magincia. Mayor NANOC and Deputy Mayor Phoenix also arrived from Dragons Watch, along with several others getting situated at Mayor Garrett's house.


Below is a 10-point report from Governor Winfield. Observations and recommendations are made for all those planning for defense of Magincia. Discussion about these observations and other planning (across Chesapeake Shard) is on UO Stratics Chesapeake Forum thread here.

There were some scouting and preparation last night in Magincia. Mayor Garrett of Magincia added several "vendors" to his home on the northern shores. Here are some of my observations from last night.


All areas of the city of Magincia appear to be intact, but areas of it may easily fall.
I examined some of the nails on planks and mortar on stonework; they appear to have been loosened. I fear even the docks could crumble if not defended, thus making travel to Magincia via the Trinsic Shipping Lane virtually impossible. We examined the forest too, and found the trees and grasses to be similarly loosened.


[OOC: go to Magincia and do ctrl-shift to bring up item bars... you will see all things are now items... and finding your corpse or attempting to loot a dead monster may be extremely difficult to do. Perhaps some guilds or alliances may practice some combat and death on Magincia and see this effect first-hand, and report the results or work-arounds. This apparent 'item-based' re-creation of Magincia Island might also cause extreme lag, especially when moving around quickly; another situation to be tested before the battles start.]


Mayor Garrett's house is on the north end of the city on the beach and may be hard to get to during battle.
The docks are on the south end. If we are to use his house for resupply, healing, and coordination, we may have a difficult time getting there from the southern docks. Ships may be needed to shuttle people to the northern beach.


A Call to Arms HQs should be established as soon as possible
, and people start to frequently hold preparation discussions there. I suggest this HQs to be in Trinsic right near the docks. A perfect house is the "Sons of the Sea", the fishing establishment a half block west of the Trinsic Docks. This HQs can be manned throughout the Call to Arms periods so people may get latest information and even supplies before they cross the Shipping Lane into battle.


An Inn is just one block NW of the Trinsic Docks
, making a perfect location for tired warriors. Major Garrett has also offered his house on the north beach of Magincia as a resting place [if friended there] and the house is not overrun with the enemy.


5. While the Trinsic to Magincia shipping lane is open, and could be for the entire invasion period,
attack strategies could require the use of other ship landings on Magincia
. There could be a place of less intense fighting in some areas or could place warriors "behind enemy lines". Recommend the USN and other fleets stay prepared and plan their off-shore routes.


We will need more leaders stepping up very, very soon.
Some already have, and now it is time for them to work together.


We will need streamlined communications services ready and enabled
for leaders to quickly communicate and people to stay informed. [OOC: who has a Ventrilo or TeamSpeak system for this, or an IRC Chat Channel??]


To help a bit from my position as Governor of the PaxLair Statehood
, I plan for our next weekly PaxLair Statehood meeting on Tuesday, October 23, to extend into battle preparation discussions. ALL ARE INVITED. This specific discussion would be at 10 PM ET after our regular 9 PM ET meeting. We may hold the discussion in Trinsic, Magincia, or Queen Zen's RivenMyst Museum north of Minoc, Trammel (where our Oct 23 meeting is being held).


Depending on how things go in early battles, there may be a need for daily Call to Arms times.
We experienced this in some previous invasions. Normally, we were able to have Call to Arms at 9 PM ET each weeknight, and more times on the weekends. It has proven very useful to gather as much strength as possible during pre-defined periods, rather than random assaults. Leaders and people should be willing to support all Calls to Arms times if possible.


Of special note, there may be a need for a "knock-off call" or "retreat call" at a specified time too.
We experienced this in the Void Shadow war where we were making little progress in an hour or more, despite our rallied forces. Too many people were dying and having no effect. If this type of thing happens again, each Call to Arms should have a leader or leaders to help people know when the main forces are not having an effect, and call a "retreat" of the main forces.


This is my 10-point report. Now, back to some fishing!


Winfield, Old Man and Governor of PaxLair Statehood

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